What Flavor is Superman Ice Cream? Mystery Solved? Yes…!

Do you want to know what flavor superman ice cream is?

This wonderful ice cream has accurate colors and not the right flavors. It’s a combo of the superhero’s signature hues with super sweet flavors — red, yellow, and blue are 3 primary colors of Superman’s tights.

Let’s discuss this ice cream–its creation, its exciting flavors, and the mystery of its taste in detail.  

So, What flavor is superman ice cream? 

The flavor of Michigan’s superman ice cream is a topic that Midwesterners discuss a lot.   

People are so keen to know about the flavors of their favorite childhood desserts. Like a superhero, the flavors of superman ice cream are a little elusive. 

Is the flavor of ice cream only vanilla with food coloring? Or does each hue of ice cream has a different taste? 

Yet, it’s hard to depict three flavors exactly because of their mix of flavors. However, the combination is mainly blue as the blue moon (sort of marshmallowy tastes, lemon or vanilla for yellow, and red as cherry or red pop.

Colors and Flavors of Superman Ice Cream in Michigan

The ice cream combines three signature hues, red, yellow, and blue, that work wonders every time we try it. The color scheme of ice cream is regular, but the flavors vary.

It’s good having one flavor of ice cream, but three flavors in one ice cream are super fun. It’s like the tri-color combo of Neapolitan ice cream. Yet, the flavors within the superman ice cream are a little murkier.

The superman ice cream tastes as good as it looks; you’d be nuts not to think so.

Each color of superman ice cream gives a unique flavor experience.

The flavor of the red part in Superman ice cream

The red part of the ice cream is often considered black cherry and red pop. Red pop is another Michigan original created by soda pop maker, Faygo. Its taste is something mixture of strawberry and cherry cream soda. 

The flavor of the yellow ice cream in Superman ice cream

Yellow is often vanilla. Yet, this flavor has variations too. It may taste like lemon to some people and even banana. 

The flavor of the blue part in Superman ice cream

The real mystery begins here. The blue color is a blue moon; for some people, it’s sweet marshmallow flavor, and for some others, it’s vanilla. Sometimes the whole superman ice cream tastes vanilla. 

The flavor of superman ice cream, among the other ice cream flavors, is matchless. The excellent fusion of blue moon ice cream and Faygo red pop has won over ice cream lovers since its creation. Hence, the flavors of superman ice cream are not consistent. The reason is the difference in the style of companies and brands to create this ice cream. They might be vanilla, blueberry, and so forth.  

Superman Ice Cream flavors in other States and Countries

Mostly, you can get Superman ice cream in Michigan. The states surrounding Michigan and Canada have also got it. Several brands and companies use their methods to make it. 

Some brands have flavors of blue as blueberry and blue raspberry, red as cherry and bubblegum, and so on. Sometimes, all three colors, yellow, red, and blue, are vanilla-flavored. 

Some brands add strawberry essence to the red flavor. Some use banana flavoring for yellow color, and finally, for blue, they might add bubblegum flavor. Some brands consider using caramel topping to replace the bubble gum flavor. This ice cream looks like a nice mixed marble effect. 

The variations in the flavor of superman ice cream are because of the different styles of making it. Here, we’ve listed some common variations in the superman ice cream’s flavors. 

  • Hershey’s version of ‘Superman’ is a mixture of banana, Strawberry, and Blue Moon.
  • Stroh’s “Super Rainbow” use a combination of lemon, Faygo’s red pop (strawberry candy), and blue moon.
  • Meijer creates “Scooperman” using a blue moon, vanilla, and black cherry.
  • As for the House of flavors, lemon for yellow, cherry for red, and blue moon for blue create the ice cream flavor.

Now you might wonder, what’s a blue moon flavor?

Blue Moon is another favorite ice cream of Michiganders. Just like superman ice cream, the true formula for the blue moon ice cream flavor is also a mystery.

Mystery of the blue moon flavor in Superman icecream

Blue moon ice cream is another Midwest classic treat ‌; no one knows its true flavor. It has a murkier taste, more like marshmallowy, sweety, and bubblegum. 

The flavor has a variety of ranges from almond to fruity cereals with extra sweetness. Some insist it’s a bubblegum taste. For some, it’s only food coloring and vanilla.

Where to get it?

You can usually get Blue Moon ice cream in Michigan, Ohio, and other nearby lands in Canada. It’s said that the origin is Midwest, particularly where it’s a secret.

What does it taste like? 

Unlike chocolate or vanilla ice creams, Blue Moon’s flavor is elusive. In the words of the Chicago Tribune, it’s a marshmallow and has the characteristics of Fruit Loops. The taste generally reflects that of almonds and fruity pebbles. 

Several brands use little lemon oil, raspberry, and vanilla pudding to create this Smurf-like hue ice cream.

Although the blue color is not natural, instead, it’s because of added color. 

Some say this complex character in its flavor is because of Castoreum, a typical natural food flavor.

The simplest way to know what a blue moon tastes like is by imagining fruity vanilla. It’s pretty much similar.

What Does Superman Ice Cream Taste Like?

Superman ice cream is perfectly icy with a heavy sweetness that defeats most ice cream stores, with good reason. This ice cream tastes like pure heaven.   

Though this ice cream tastes lots of flavors, one dominant taste is the sweetness of the flavor. Some argue it’s fruity pebbles in an ice cream texture. Unlike cookie dough and vanilla, this three-in-one ice cream is super kid-friendly. Every single bite of this frozen treat is delicious.


What is superman ice cream?

Superman ice cream is a Michigan-born and raised chilled dessert, which is the virtue of every Michgnader kiddo. It’s the heavenly cup of flavors you would love to inject into your veins; it’s part of every Michigander’s childhood sweet memories. 

Though Superman is not real, the flavors are original, thanks to Stroh’s Brewing for the creation. They call this dynamic tricolor ice cream Superman because it resembles the colors of DC comics’ superman’s steel suit. 

Where did Superman ice cream originate from? 

Historians associate the birthplace of this iconic flavor is Michigan. The credit for the invention of this ice cream is Stroh’s company in Detroit. Stroh’s brewing factory was known for its beer in Michigan. 

It was back in the 1920s, during the prohibition period when beer manufacturing got banned. So, like many other brewery companies, Stroh’s in Detroit had to stop selling alcohol. Meanwhile, ice cream stores were becoming popular spots in the country. 

The brewery factory in Detroit had to reoperate its sale. So, the company produced several other products, including malt products and birch beer. Even after the prohibition period in 1933, the company continued selling this delicacy because of its profitable sale.

With superman DC comic strips gaining popularity, ice cream flourished all over the Midwest. Later in 2005, the company got under Dean Foods, based in Dallas, which continued to make this treat under the brand name “Super Rainbow.” 

Does Superman ice cream have any association with DC Comics?

Superman ice cream has no affiliation with the DC comic’s Superman. It got its name because of its signature colors and not from its partnership with the dairy industry.

Surprisingly, superman ice cream originated in 1920, and Superman’s first detective comic strip showed up in the 1930s.

The treat became widely accepted because of its name, but no company has got official approval for DC comic strips yet. It’s why even the creation of the name is mysterious.

The producers often sell this chilled dessert under several names to prevent copyright concerns. Some include ‘superhero,’ ‘super kid,’ ‘super scoop,’ and ‘super rainbow.’

Why do people like Superman ice cream so much?

If you’re not from the Midwest, the chances are you’re not familiar with Superman ice cream flavor. While for kids who grew up in the Midwest, superman ice cream is a significant part of their childhood traditions. 

Michiganders love superman ice cream a lot. They served a part of their childhood in this nostalgic ice cream flavor. Some stores in Michigan used to add sprinkles for fun.

For Michiganders, ice cream brings back their childhood’s sweet, beautiful memories. This childhood-favorite delicacy of the Midwest is a distinct” Michigan thing.” 

In an article discussing this Michigan thing, they say that in a newspaper about the fame of this wonderful ice cream, a mother from Michigan writes: 

“Honestly, I can’t imagine raising a child in a world without Superman Ice Cream.” 

How do you eat Superman ice cream?

You can dare to relish all three colors at once, enjoy each flavor separately, like the blue moon ice cream or the excellent red pop section, and discover the mysterious flavor combination.

One spoonful of this treat will make it obvious why this flavor dominates the ice cream kingdom.


Regardless of its origin, this legendary flavor has grown to be every kid’s staple in Midwest ice cream stores, especially in Michigan. So, the next time you go to the mall, treat yourself to the dynamic taste of incredible superman ice cream. Have the tastiest of one local scoop of superman ice cream, and uncover the mystery for yourself.

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