Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II – What Makes them Different, in 2024?

BBQ lovers always find difficulty in choosing the best grill especially when it’s about Weber Spirit vs Spirit II lineups. Most people think that there’s no significant difference between the Weber Spirit and Spirit II except their style: open or enclosed cart. 

Truth is, despite the fact all Weber grills are quite similar in design and features since the company is the same. But, there’s a catch that it’s all a misunderstanding. 

Yes, the Weber Spirit II is the upgraded version of Weber Spirit lineups. And the main design and features are similar still, there are significant upgrades that we can’t ignore. 

So be ready, because below we’ll discuss Weber Spirit vs Spirit II; which one has more to offer? Let’s head towards the topic. 

Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II Lineage – What are Different Models?

You certainly want to know the exact answer right now, but believe us, haste isn’t the right thing, particularly for this situation. It’s important to understand both lineups before moving toward the main part of the review. Otherwise, you’ll only get confused by answers. 

So the crucial thing you should know is Weber Spirit, and Spirit II are two famous groups of Weber’s grills. These grills look quite similar, leaving the customer confused. Don’t worry; you won’t face this situation. 

The first group, known as Weber Spirit, was introduced in 1990. The Weber Spirit grills were successful in their time, and that is why we are still talking about them after more than 20 years. But as they said, there’s nothing perfect in the world; the same goes for the Weber Spirit lineup.

That’s the reason the company Weber launched the second version of spirit models, the Spirit II grills, in 2018. In these grills, the company upgraded their features and also addressed the flaws in the Weber Spirit grills. Below you can see the names of Weber Spirit and Spirit II grills models.

Weber Spirit Models list

  • Weber Spirit E-210
  • Weber Spirit E-310
  • Weber Spirit SX 315
  • Weber Spirit E-330
  • Weber Spirit S-315

Weber Spirit II Models List

  • Weber Spirit II E-210
  • Weber Spirit II E-310

As you can see above, the Weber Spirit II lineup consists of two grills (Spirit II E-210 and Spirit II E-310). Both grills are the upgraded version of the previous most famous Weber Spirit models (Spirit E-210 and Spirit E-310). Apart from these grills, the other Weber Spirit models are Spirit SX-315, Spirit E-330, and Spirit S-315. 

Main Differences of All Weber Spirit and Spirit II Grills – A Quick Overview

Remembering all significant differences is quite difficult, right? Heave a sigh of relief because we’ll share an easy-peasy way so you can remember the main features of the grills. 

An Explanation of Weber Terminology

In Weber’s terminology, the numbers and alphabets in the model name describe the grill’s main feature. For instance, If a grill has an “S” alphabet in the model, it means it’s made of stainless steel grates. 

While “E” represents that the cooking grates are made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. You can see the “X” in one grill’s name (Spirit SX-315 Smart Grill), representing that it’s a smart grill. 

At the same time, if we talk about the number, then always remember that the first number in the model name is the number of burners. Like in Spirit E-210, the first number is “2,” which means it’s a two-burner grill. Spirit E-310 has three burners. 

So it’s not complicated at all. Just understand Weber’s name terminology, and you’re good to go. For better understanding, please have a look at the quick overview.

Weber Spirit vs Weber Spirit II Features Comparison Chart

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What’s the GS4 Grilling System and iGrill 3 Configuration? 

You must have thought of “GS4 system and iGrill three configurations”? These two terms are the main upgrade of Weber Spirit II models. GS4 means a system with four key technologies consisting of:

  • Infinity™ Ignition
  • Flavorizer bars
  • Stainless steel burners
  • A grease management system  

Infinity Ignition System

In Weber Spirit II, the company offers an Infinity™ Ignition system that allows you to light up the grill by just turning the knob a single time. 

Flavorizer Bars

Another best thing about this GS4 system is the flavorizer bars. First of all, these bars will protect burners. The V-shape flavorizer bars are the exact above from the burners.

The food drips will go towards the bars when you cook, not in the burners. Second, the bars will evaporate the food drippings and recirculate the flavor that maximizes food taste.

Stainless Steel Burners

The Weber grills have burners made of 304 stainless steel, known for being incredibly corrosion-resistant. In addition, the ports of burners are more prominent, so there won’t be any issue of clogging.

Grease Management System
The fourth feature of this GS4 system is grease management. The excessive juices and food drippings will go down automatically in the grease tray. After cooking, you only need to pull out the tray for cleaning; that’s it. 

iGrill3 Bluetooth Thermometer Integration

Apart from all of these things, there’s one more feature, “iGrill3 Bluetooth thermometer”“. It’s not part of the GS4 system. Instead, it allows you to do the smart grilling. With this, you can monitor the temperature and food on your mobile by connecting it wirelessly through Bluetooth. 

Weber Spirit Vs. Spirit II Grills Similarities and Differences in Features

As you can see, there are only two models that Weber updated in the Spirit II lineup, which are E-210 and E310. So we’ll only compare the features of these two models in the Weber Spirit and Weber Spirit II lineups. 

Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 (Gas Grills)

Here we begin with the Weber Spirit E-210 vs. Spirit II E-210 review. 


Burners are one of the essential features of a grill. Without having high-quality burners, we can’t cook anything. That’s why it’s an important point to check. 

In Weber’s spirit E-210, there are two burners. Both burners are made of stainless steel, which is good if we consider the quality and rust-resistant features. 

However, the Weber Spirit II E-210 comes with a GS4 system. The quality is better; the two burners are made of 304 stainless steel, which means you won’t face any problems due to quality issues. 

Does that mean these grills have no difference? It looks like they’re 100% similar. Even the BTUs of the Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 are the same at about 26,500. But there’s a problem: 

Spirit E-210 isn’t good at providing consistent and high heat as Spirit II E-210 delivers.
The reason is it features a GS4 system which means high-tech burners. 

That’s why we think it’s more reliable since no one wants to compromise on quality. In addition, the feature flavorizer bar and easy one-time ignition in Spirit II E-210 are also deal makers. 

Cleanup System 

The next main point is the cleanup system. After all, you wouldn’t want to spend hours cleaning a grill, right? So it’s better to understand the difference between the cleaning system of Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210. 

We notice that both grills come with iron cast cooking grates, which is the best material but has some cons. Iron cast rust quickly as compared to stainless steel. So, you need to put a little extra effort into cleaning and maintenance. 

However, the cleaning system is good; you’ll get a grease catch tray with the grill. Once you’re done cleaning grates, you can pull out the tray and wash it thoroughly. Afterward; you’re good to go for another BBQ round. 

Design and Size 

Burners and cleanup systems are the same, and we’ve discussed them above. But at this point, you can clearly see the difference. So first, let’s talk about the dimensions. 

The dimension of Spirit E-210 is 45.5 “H x 50 “W x 24” D, and Spirit II E-210 is 44.5 “H x 48 “W x 27” D. No doubt the difference in height and width isn’t too much, but the design is different. 

Weber Spirit E-210 comes in an enclosed cart style. It has two side racks and a cabinet that you can see beneath the cooking space. Plus, it has four wheels; two of them are lockable, making it easy for you to move the grill anywhere in the home. 

While Weber Spirit II E-210 doesn’t come in enclosed cart style. It has a cart style, but there’s no cabinet. And it comes with two wheels, but they’re durable. 

Cooking Surface Dimensions and Grates Quality 

Another main difference between Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 models is their cooking surface and grates. Both things play an important role in the time of cooking. 

If you have a grill with a small cooking rack and the material is not good, it simply means the grill is of no use. However, that’s not the case with the grill grates’ material.

They’re cast iron but heave a sigh of relief because the grates are porcelain-coated. So there’s no way the food will stick to the grates, yet they need proper maintenance. 

The Weber Spirit E-210 has 360 sq inches of primary cooking surface area. And it’s the same for the Weber Spirit II E-210 model. 

Both models also come with a warming rack of 90 square inches. In short, they’re the same in terms of cooking surfaces and grates. 

Fuel Type and iGrill3 Configuration

The next thing common in Weber’s grill is both give options. You can find various grills in Weber’s spirit and spirit II series that can be used with liquid propane gas and natural gas. 

Unfortunately, this option isn’t available in Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210, which is a big difference. They’re liquid propane gas grills. 

Apart from that, there’s a feature named iGrill3 Bluetooth thermometer in the Weber Spirit II E-210 model. With this, you can monitor the grill temperature easily through Bluetooth. 

This feature isn’t available in Spirit E-210 but in Spirit II E-210. It’s one of the main differences between Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 grills. 

Price and Warranty 

Even though Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 grills are from the same brand still, their warranty policy is different. 

Like, Weber Spirit E-210 grill has a 10-year warranty on the cook box, burners tubes, five-year warranty for cooking grates. And for the rest of the grill parts, you’ll get a two-year warranty. In contrast, if we consider the Weber Spirit II E-210, it’s a more suitable option with a 10 years warranty on all parts.
Aside from the warranty policy, Weber Spirit II E-210 also wins in terms of price. Despite being a new and updated version, it’s more affordable than the Weber Spirit E-210.  

Who’s the Winner?

Selecting which one is the best or winner between Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 is difficult. The main features like burners, BTUs, grates and fuel types are quite similar. However, it doesn’t mean there’s no difference. 

The Weber Spirit II E-210 comes with an iGrill3 configuration and GS4 system; the design is different, and how can we forget about the low-price and 10 years warranty policy. So Weber Spirit II E-210 is a clear winner. 

Spirit E-310 vs Spirit II E-310: How are They Comparable?

The next grill that needs to be discussed next in Weber’s Spirit and Spirit II lineups is E-310. It’s a famous grill of both lineups, and often people get confused about which one is for them. Hence, don’t worry; we’re here to discuss the features so you can choose the best grill for your home. 

Burners and BTUs

The first thing we’re going to discuss is Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310 burners and BTUs. It’s a crucial point if one grill doesn’t have good quality burners, then forget about the delicious food.

The reason is the food needs consistent and high heat that only good burners can provide. So let’s see which one has high-quality burners. 

The Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310 both come with three burners. These burners are made of stainless steel, which is considered the best material for burners. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about the quality of the grill and food. Both grills are fantastic in terms of providing heat evenly. 

Yet, we think Spirit II E-310 is more suitable thanks to the GS4 system. The burners, ignition system, and high-quality flavorizer bars will make your grilling experience more accessible and enjoyable. 

However, in terms of BTU, it’s a win-win situation for the Weber Spirit E-310 with 32,000 BTU (per hour input). In contrast, Weber Spirit II E-310 delivers 30,000 BTU (per hour input).

Cleanup System 

The next-in-line feature that needs to be discussed most is the cleanup system of Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310. In the Weber Spirit E-310 design, the drip tray is inside the cabinet. For example, you can clean the grates, inside the area with the scraper, and all excess will go down to the drip pan. 

Once you’re done cleaning, you can take out the grease tray and clean it thoroughly. So it’s a simple procedure since you don’t have to take out the grates and other things for cleaning. 

While in Weber Spirit II E-310, the drip tray is visible as this model doesn’t have a cabinet. After cleaning, you can easily pull out the tray; it’s quite similar. The only difference is in one model, the grease tray is in a cabinet, and in the other Spirit II E-310, it’s not. 

Design and Size 

There’s a clear difference between the Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310  design. The Weber Spirit E-310 comes in enclosed cart style with cabinets. You can place the tank and some accessories in the cabinets, which is indeed a good feature. 

At the same time, Weber Spirit II E-310 also has a cart style, but it’s not enclosed. There’s no storage space, but we like its sturdy wheels. Apart from this, in terms of dimensions, there’s a slight difference. 

The size of the Weber Spirit II E-310 is 44.5 “H x 52 “W x 27” D, and the Weber Spirit E-310 is 45.5 “H x 52 “W x 24” D. 

Both grills have two side tables with a lid integrated temp gauge, but Weber Spirit E-310 comes with 4 wheels; two of them are lockable, and Spirit II E-310 with only two wheels. 

Cooking Surface and Grates 

The cooking surface of the Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310 is the same. These grills come with 424 sq inches porcelain-coated iron cast grates and a 105 sq inches warming rack. 

That means the total cooking area you’ll get is 529 sq inches which is enough to cook a sufficient amount of food for several people.  

Fuel Type and iGrill3 Configuration 

Like the Weber Spirit E-210 model, the Spirit E-310 grill doesn’t come with an iGrill3 configuration. So if you’re a person who loves to work smartly and wants to monitor the temperature with a mobile phone, then go with the Weber Spirit II E-310 grill. 

Other than that, both grills are equal in terms of fuel support systems. You can choose liquid propane gas or natural gas grill; it’s totally up to you. 

Price and Warranty 

In terms of price, the Weber Spirit E-310 is an economical option compared to the Weber Spirit E-310 grill. And considering the warranty, then Weber Spirit II E-310 is best. You’ll get 10 years of warranty on all parts. 

While in Weber Spirit E-310, the warranty policy is different. Like 2 years warranty for all parts except grates, flavor bars that come with 5 years warranty, and cook box, lid, burner tubes for which you’ll get 10 years warranty. 

Who’s the Winner?   

Now the question might be ringing the bell to your mind: which one should you choose among the Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310? The simple answer is the grill that caters to your needs. For instance, for smart controlling and upgraded features Spirit II, E-310 is better, and it’s affordable too. 

At the same time, for a person who wants space to store accessories and place a propane tank, then Spirit E-310 is best. It also delivers 32,000 BTU of heat per hour, but it’s expensive compared to the Spirit II E-310. 

Weber Spirit Vs. Spirit II: Key-Takeaways 

In case you’re still confused, then please read the key takeaways below. This will help you understand the main difference between Weber’s Spirit vs. Spirit II. 

  • The Weber Spirit II grills are more affordable than Weber Spirit grills. 
  • Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310 come with three burners. 
  • Both gas grills: Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 have two burners. 
  • Weber Spirit II models (E-210 and E-310) are equipped with iGrill3 technology, GS4 system and have an open cart design. 
  • The cooking space of Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310 is better than the E-210 model. 
  • Weber E-210 (Spirit and Spirit II) and E-310 (Spirit and Spirit II) come with porcelain-coated iron cast grates. 
  • Weber Spirit SX 315 provides smart access to grill’s status: temperature and fuel

Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II – How to Choose Yours? 

Here are some essential points that are needed to be considered while choosing the grill. 

Think What You Want? 

One of the biggest mistakes people make is they never consider what they want. Instead, we always look for the girl who comes with the best features. 

Regardless of whether we need the feature or not. And that’s the problem. So think about what you want in a grill. A person who lives in a small apartment needs a portable grill because a large grill will only cause problems. 

The same thing is for burners. Having a three to four-burner grill will only help you if you have a large circle of friends and family. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of money because two-burner grills can help the same way, and it’s budget-friendly.

Check the Features of the Grill 

Once you’ve decided what you want in your grill, check out the features and think about which one caters to your needs. If you want a two-burner grill, then pay attention to the details of Weber Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 and decide what you want. And for a big grill that comes with large grates and three burners, compare the features of Weber Spirit E-310 and Spirit II E-310, then decide. 

Your Budget 

Lastly, don’t forget to think about your budget because, in the end, everything depends on it. We suggest investing in a good grill for the long-term instead of buying a poor quality grill. And also check about the warranty. It’ll help you in the future in case you face any problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Weber Spirit I and II?

Weber Spirit I and Spirit II are two different generations of the grill. The Weber Spirit (the first lineup) launched in 1990 and Spirit II in 2018. The first generation means Weber Spirit comes in the enclosed cart with cabinets and Spirit II in open cart design. 

Spirit II grills are equipped with iGrill3 technology. Additionally, the Spirit II grills are affordable compared to Weber Spirit I. 

Which Weber Spirit grill is the best?

After comparing Weber’s Spirit and Spirit II models (E-210, E-310), we’ve concluded that the E-310 model of both generations is better. It comes with three burners and delivers 30,000 BTU in Spirit II E-310 and 32,000 BTU in Spirit E-310 grill. 

The size of the grates is large, about a total of 529 sq inches. It’s also versatile. For instance, in E-310 models, you’ll get an option to choose between liquid propane and natural gas grill. And the Spirit II E-310 is affordable. 

What is the difference between Weber Spirit 310 and 210?

The main feature that creates a difference between Weber Spirit 310 vs 210 is the burners. The E-210 grill has two burners, and the E-310 grill has three. 

Spirit 310 is more efficient in providing a high-temperature minimum of 30,000 BTU. And E-310 has large-sized primary grates of about 424 sq inches. While E-210 only delivers 26,500 BTU and the grate size is only 360 sq inches. 

Weber’s Spirit 310 has two modes, liquid propane, and natural gas; you can go with the one you like. But this option isn’t available for you as in Spirit E 210; you can only use liquid propane as a fuel. 

Which Weber grill is better, 2 burner or 3 burner grill?

Overall, the three-burners grill is better since you can cook food for several people in one batch. But again it entirely depends on your requirements. 

In case you have a small family and friend circle, then go with the two-burner grill because they’re affordable as compared to the 3 burner grill. 

Does Weber Spirit E 210 come in natural gas?

No Weber Spirit E-210 doesn’t come or support natural gas as fuel. 

Does Weber Spirit E 310 come in natural gas?

Yes, Weber Spirit E-310 comes in two modes: liquid propane and natural gas. 

Final Thoughts about Weber Spirit Vs Spirit II

Both lineups, Weber Spirit and Spirit II, are best for grill lovers. All of Weber’s grills meet the user’s needs. However, we think that Weber Spirit II grills are more useful because they come with upgraded features and are affordable. 

Here comes the end of our guide; we hope you like it and found the answers to your question related to Weber Spirit vs Spirit II grills. Yet, if you have any questions in mind, please write them down below in the comment section; we would be happy to assist your further. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.