What Flavor is VooDEW? List of VooDEW Flavors (2019-2022)

Mtn Dew keeps bringing various flavors, and we love that, especially the Halloween-themed, VooDEW flavor. 

Mtn Dew VooDEW has become a holiday flavor of every Halloween season. VooDEW releases can be a bit of a hit or miss. Unlike other sodas, this classic drink shines throughout the Halloween season. 

Some folks enjoy the classic taste. This spooky soda has several other flavor collections, each with a loyal fan following. In this article, we’ve discussed what flavor VooDEW is and how each flavor differs from the other. 

Little about the History of VooDEW

The life of Mtn Dew VooDEW started in 2019 when Mountain Dew brought back this exciting soft drink every Halloween season 2019. The different versions of VooDEW came with little flavor variations, and alterations in soda color and artwork. PepsiCo keeps the flavor mystery for fans to assume until the brand announces it on Halloween night. 

Until now, the VooDEW flavor has gained popularity, and the brand is bringing it back for the fourth year. 

Let’s discuss how each VooDEW flavor tastes and what will be the mystery flavor of the 2022 VooDEW version.

All Flavors of VooDEW 2019-2022

Since VooDEW arrived in 2019, the Pepsi-Cola company has introduced a unique flavor each Halloween. Here is a complete list of the mystery flavors from 2019-2022.

VooDEW 2019

This VooDEW flavor is a crowd favorite. The Mtn Dew VooDEW appeared first on grocery shelves during the 2019 Halloween. The VooDEW 2019 is the third Halloween-inspired soda flavor the brand released, along with pitch black and pitch black 2 tins. VooDEW 2019 and rise black 2 resemble the design of their other versions.

This fruit-flavor soda has a cloudy white color. 


The brand released it across the US in late August, and while it was there for a limited time, it had got many followers. The company discontinued the supply on October 31st.


Before PepsiCo announced the flavor, many people guessed the taste was Skittles, Starburst, or other fruit tangs. The flavor turned out to be candy corn when the brand revealed it a day before Halloween.

This soda gained major popularity, and the brand made another version: VooDEW 2020.

VooDEW 2020

The Halloween-themed Mtn Dew variant enjoyed its second release in early September 2020. Like other versions of VooDEW, this foggy white color drink didn’t disappoint. 


The 2020 VooDEW version appeared in the market in the US in September 2020. It was a limited edition and stayed until the end of October. 


Like its predecessors/successors, the flavor was unknown. Many citizens who tried it had different opinions about the flavor, such as fruit-flavored candy or candy apple. 

The brand announced VooDEW’s 2020 official mystery flavor on Halloween night as a fruit candy explosion.

With everything going on in the world in 2022, there’s a good chance you didn’t hear that Mtn Dew was bringing back the VooDEW 2020 version. And by the time you got the news, it might have gone away. If you loved the 2020 version or missed it out, we have got a piece of good news: it has brought you third and fourth versions of it as well. 

VooDEW 2021

VooDEW 2021 Mystery might not be the greatest VooDEW flavor Mtn Dew has ever released. Yet, this foggy white soda could cast a charm on your taste buds.

You’ll see a variety of responses and get some passionate arguments made for why the VooDEW 2021 version is less promising than others. But it’s a nice and smooth option not to offend your taste buds.


The brand released the third version of the Mountain Dew VooDEW series in 2021. 

The 2021 version release of VooDEW marked the first series of Halloween-inspired flavors to hit three OUTS in a row. PepsiCo released it in marts in August across the US for a limited time and stayed until the end of the Halloween season. 


People made various assumptions about the 2021 version, such as sweet tarts, fruit candies, and starburst. The brand’s official Twitter account revealed the mystery flavor on October 31st, which turned out to be Fruit Candy Chews.

While more customers seem to favor the previous versions, this VooDEW soda also has thousands of fans.

VooDEW 2022

The fall season is around, and Halloween is near. Mountain Dew VooDEW is back with a new mystery flavor. So, if you’ve done any shopping recently, you might have seen display cases of Mtn Dew VooDEW. What does this carbonated soda taste like?

VooDEW 2022 is the 4th iteration, and it is a neutral white color, so it doesn’t give you any hints about the flavor. This year, the brand has released the zero-sugar flavor as well. 

This limited edition unidentified flavor tastes like some candy, yet, many have insisted it’s a sour patch kid. This flavor has zero percent juice; it’s going to be healthy.  

It tastes sour, and it has tartaric acid in it. Let’s see what will be the mystery flavor this year.


It smells very citrusy but also fruity. Many say it’s sour patch kids, but the aftertaste is a dead ringer for nerds’ candy—the sour crystals of soda smell like sour patch kids.  


Several opinions include taffy sour, tangy, sour gummy worms, sweet tarts, and fruity.

Citizens say it has a citrus flavor and tastes like citrus soda. You might get the grapefruit citric taste first, but cotton candy is the aftertaste that hits you.

For some, it is sweet and a bunch of berries. Some fans go with white mystery airheads. You may feel it’s a sour raspberry. Some believe it’s a blast of sour.

Zero Sugar VooDEW 2022

For the zero sugar VooDEW released this year, citizens say sour Skittles sound about right.

The company will most likely unveil the flavor on Halloween night as they do yearly.

To get a jump start on Halloween, as with all special editions, this version will likely sell out fast. 

This spooky soda is an excellent addition to enjoying the temperament of Halloween scares. There’s no price for assuming the mystery flavors, so grab a few cans from your nearby store and serve yourself some delicious soda. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what flavor or VooDEW you find people talking about on social media or the internet, each has proven astonishing and winning simultaneously. If you want to know “how much,” just give the VooDew bottle a try!

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