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Want to know what’s the best butane torch? You’re at the right place.

Here, at, we’ll help you decide on the best butane torch through our ultimate buying guide and their reviews.

No matter if you want to use them in the kitchen for some day-to-day tasks like jewelry making, wood-burning, soldering, or welding, they’ll help you. 

Besides this, we’ve also included some torches with dual purposes: industrial and domestic, to get you more value.

Consequently, your ideal butane torch will be 20 mins read away. Let’s begin with our findings.

7 Best Butane Torch Lighters with Complete Review

Here we begin with our best butane torch reviews. We hope the article will help you learn about the essential elements of the package and help you make a better purchasing decision.

1. Bernzomatic St2200t Micro Butane Soldering Torch

To be the best butane torch, here comes the Bernzomatic St2200t torch as the winner among our best butane torches review. Should you rely on it? The answer is “yes.” But, “why?”

We begin with the body and design of this portable butane micro torch, which is pretty demonstrative. You can wonder why a user will need a product manual to use it.

It has a metal body with heat and humidity resistance. The red safety lock has an imprint indication of its usage. The button is fantastic for allowing hands-free burning without holding the button in hand. Just keep it on; it’ll remain burning.

The auto-ignition makes the use airy. In the same way, the unit comes with a hand attachment of a soldering tip to allow you to control the flame size. Thus, it’s a versatile torch to do light welding, brazing & heat treating.

The useful attachment of the sear further helps with the operation by creating an accurate flame temperature. The only downside of this torch is that it burns the butane faster.

Why love it?

  • The torch comes with extra safety through the lock.
  • You get complete control over the heat through an adjustable flame control knob.
  • The butane torch is lasting.
  • You can use this butane torch for many tasks.
  • It can also adapt to the 16.4 oz propane gas.
  • It’s easily refillable.

What are some cons?

  • The customer support is not helpful.
  • The torch has no fuel gauge.

2. Blazer GT8000 Big Shot – Best Refillable Butane Torch Lighter

The 2nd best butane torch is this Blazer GT8000 Big Shot with excellent user feedback. We call it a blast of heat. This versatile butane micro torch has been built to exceed your expectations. It’s equally helpful to color your meat in your professional or home kitchen, weld the jewelry o,r do other small-scale soldering tasks.

A single shot is enough to put the Big Shot butane torch to work based on a piezoelectric ignition system. Just turn the gas flow on and trigger the ignition button; the wonder will happen.

Did we talk about the dial button? How can we forget about its feel? 

Here it is at the dial button. This responsive dial allows you to control the flame up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ignition is super easy via a piezoelectric ignition system that uses pressurized molecular reactions without any electric connection. Once ignited, you can use the gas flow adjustment dial to determine the flame length.

The design of this Big Shot butane torch is optimized to access hard-to-reach spaces through the angled head in various positions. Similarly, the attachable tabletop base aids in hands-free usage.

This Blazer Gt8000 Big Shot is an excellent torch that is fuel-efficient. You have only to fill it when it’s’ fully empty, unlike other butane torches. Yet, there is a downside too. You can only use Blazer gas cans because the gas inlet is only compatible with the fuel by Blazer. Well, we can appreciate it, for the fuel quality reassurance ensures the longevity of the torch.

With a maximum heat of its wind-resistant flame of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, the torch burning time is over 35 minutes, which is excellent for small-scale usage. Besides this, the torch’s flame length is also perfect, ranging from 1.5-5 inches.

Why love it?

  • The micro torch is portable.
  • The design allows hand-free usage for beginner-level professional use.
  •  The locking mechanism adds a safety feature.
  • It is easily refillable with butane.

What are some cons?

  • The torch is not compatible with other butane cans except by Blazer.
  • The torch has no fuel gauge.

3. Power Probe MT – Most Powerful Butane Torch 

This Power Probe Mt best butane torch is a perfect pick for your kitchens, grilling, and jewelry making. This portable tool has been made to last for up to two hours with a maximum temperature of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit and a flame length of 0.5 to 2.5 inches.

The piezo ignition makes the lighting breezy. Likewise, the flame control knob lets you control the flame length to use the torch for soldering, culinary, or lighting wood pellets.

It’s a free-standing torch to be handy whenever you need it during soldering in electronics or welding. Not only this, but you can also use this Power Probe torch at a rest position because its self-ignition button doesn’t need to be kept pressed.

The refilling of this Power Probe torch is easier. Furthermore, it’s portable, being lightweight.

In a nutshell, it’s’ a great torch. Yet, its replacement parts are hard to find. So, you can only wish for it to stay alive without any demand for repair.

Why love it?

  • The burn time of the micro torch is longer.
  • It features an electronic ignition button.
  • It’s portable and can sit on the surface through the footrest.
  • You can use this torch for all-purpose beginner-level professional use.
  • The torch comes with a safety lock.
  • It has solid construction.

What are some cons?

  • It’s not a budget option.
  • It has no fuel gauge.

4. Authenzo BS-400 – the Best ButaneTorch for Culinary


Do you need a butane torch that explicitly matches your culinary needs? Here is the best torch by Authenzo that comes with an extended nozzle. It’s a versatile and multi-purpose torch for kitchen, soldering, and welding for DIY projects like jewelry making and glass crafts. 

The anti-flare torch offers a precise flame for your delicate projects through the flame adjustment knob, which is lockable. The piezo ignition also helps with quick lighting. 

The flame has a maximum temperature intensity of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1300 centigrade ma. Hence, the application of the tool is more comprehensive.

The ignited powerful flame is windproof – thanks to the brass nozzle. Thus, you can use it outdoors easily. If safety is your concern, put aside all worry, for it has a safety lock.

This torch has a wider bottom for hands-free operation during soldering. Besides all these, the non-slip mid-handle is also excellent for a firmer grip during challenging tasks.

Overall, it makes the best budget option. Yet, it has a shorter life.

Why love it?

  • You can refill and use this torch easily.
  • It has a firm, hands-free standing bottom.
  • The culinary butane torch has a safety lock and flame control system.
  • It’s pocket-friendly and the perfect value for money.

What are some cons?

  • The self-igniting button requires a break-in period. 
  • It might not last long.
  • It doesn’t come with a fuel gauge.

5. Iwatani PRO2 Culinary Torch- Best Mini Butane Torch Lighter

In our best butane torches review, the next comes the Iwatani Butane culinary torch for soldering, welding, and sneering your recipes. Featuring the adjustable anti-flare flame through an extended nozzle, and a control knob, this self-igniting torch is a compact and durable flame device.

This other best butane torch has an angled head and flame lock system to help you use the way you need. The flame of this butane micro torch is exact to offer versatility in indoor or outdoor usage.

If refilling frights you a lot, then have this torch. It has a torch head that you can fit on a butane canister.

But the ease costs you… How? 

You’ve to compromise on the aesthetic appeal that you miss with this torch. It looks more like a tank, not a torch.

But, when it’s about the performance, you again love this torch because of its adjustable flame and maximum flame temperature of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it brings you better applications for soldering, welding, campsite burning, and cooking. 

It’s more than a kitchen torch. We also liked the burning time of two hours. 

On the other hand, it has an adjustable flame control system, and the on/off lock button holds the flame freely without using a hand. 

Is it all because of the torch head? NO!!! 

The stabilizing stand is exceptional in keeping it standing when burning.

Unlike the ease of ignition, turning off the butane torch is a little complicated. You have to turn down the back knob at the back and release the trigger.

To cut a long story short, this multi-function butane torch can be a memorable choice despite having a non-impressive design.

Why love it?

  • The torch head is helpful for varying applications.
  • You need not refill it.
  • It has a standing bottom.
  • It has the hottest flame.
  • It’s pocket-friendly and has perfect value for money.

What are some cons?

  • The torch head on a butane canister doesn’t look nice.
  • Turning off the torch is not simple.
  • The powerful flame is not precise.
  • The torch head is not durable.
  • It has no fuel gauge.

6. Blovec Butane Torch – Refillable DIY Projects Torch 

The best cheap butane torch here is the butane torch by Blovec. With the flame heat from 860-2372 degrees Fahrenheit, this mini torch lighter is an excellent choice for beginner-level flame treatment. 

The clean design of this torch offers you an adjustable flame through the control button for DIY soldering and BBQing. The continuous flame is also possible through the flame lock button.

The torch is more of an aesthetic thing to add beauty to your work table. The expanded base helps with hand-free usage. In the same way, the midsection is an anti-slip formation for safer handling. The security lock helps with preventing any accidental ignition. 

Besides having all the qualities of a competitor troches, it also brings you the ease of usage through additional accessories like a screwdriver and cleaning brush. Is it all about good? No, this cheap torch also has some downsides too. Despite being lightweight, it’s not very sturdy. So, overall for the money, it gets you the value.

Why love it?

  • It’s cost-effective.
  • It is good for occasional use.
  • The culinary butane torch has a safety lock and flame control system.

What are some cons?

  • It is not an excellent choice for frequent usage.
  • It includes no fuel measuring system.

7. TBTEEK Kitchen Torch- Best Handheld Butane Torch 

Is it looking sturdy? Yes, it is; this excellent culinary torch, specific for home, culinary, and DIY projects, this mini torch by TBTEEK can be your most wanted tool when you need it at your table.

With the printed logo of TBTEEK, sleek design, free-standing bottoms, and grippy nid section, this 2nd best butane torch for the kitchen features all the qualities of advanced-level butane torches.

The safety button, flame control system, and flame-low locking button help you with easy usage. The butane lighter isn’t complex to ignite at all.

With a temperature range of up to 2,500 F, it is also suitable for little advanced usage. Since it’s made of aluminum and its dimension does not exceed 4 inches, it’s fairly sturdy and portable. You can also like it for the 1-year warranty period. 

Speaking of the shortcomings, some users have found the ignition button hard to use. Similarly, others have also reported that it stopped working. Well, you can take advantage of the warranty period.

Why love it?

  • Easy to use and refill.
  • It has a free-standing bottom.
  • It has a safety lock and flame control system.
  • The construction is of excellent quality.
  • It comes with a 12-month warranty.

What are some cons?

  • The self-igniting button might need a break-in period. 
  • It has no fuel indicator.

How should you Choose the Best Butane Torch? 

Would you want to be more confident with your chosen best butane torch? A quick read will help you know what standards you can evaluate before buying a butane torch. These are the characteristics we’ve cared a lot about to stop butane torch lighters.

1. The Purpose

The foremost question to answer before selecting any blow torch to answer is, “why do you need a butane torch?” 

Butane lighters are available to serve dozens of jobs, including soldering, jewelry making, or kitchen purposes, to sear the food or melt the toppings.

2. Ease of Ignition

How easy an automatic butane torch is to ignite directly affects your experience with it. You might feel frustrated when you need several presses — that can hurt your hands too. 

So, ensure the torch that feels catchy must come with ease of ignition: a single press should be enough to light a powerful flame. It’s what autostart torches offer. In contrast, despite being affordable, manual start lighters are challenging.

3. Burning Time

The burning time of every blow torch depends on its design and primary purpose. For instance, a big torch lighter can serve commercially, hence its fuel capacity. Thus, the time before a refill call can last from ½-2 hours for small domestic torches and 3-5 hours for industrial torches that do welding or soldering.

4. Flame Adjustment

Flame adjustment is an advanced feature of a butane torch. It can let you get the heat you need for either melting cheese, smelling a salmon, igniting your best pellet tube smoker for grilling, or soldering. So, pay attention to how versatile or precise the flame you can get through your best micro to help you in many ways.

5. Flame Lock

Your butane torch also allows you to lock the flame to help you use your hands freely without holding the torch in one hand. Thus, you can carry on detail-oriented soldering or welding more easily.

6. Safety Features

Your butane torch can be the best if the manufacturer has put additional care into its design to ensure your safety. These safety features can be through safety locks, and secure igniter user instructions. 

So, check how efficient the security lock and ignition system are. Besides these, the automatic butane torches are much safer than lesser-known manual start requiring lighters.

7. Torch Material

How would you feel if the torch button is hard or the handle feels weak? Bbbbad…! 

Your kitchen torches might be a combination of metal and plastic; still, the ratio can affect the quality.

In contrast, heavy-duty lighters usually comprise aluminum and other metals to ensure long-haul usage. Though cheap butane lighters are affordable, you might compromise on durability and comfort.

8. Flame Quality

The flame outcome from any torch determines the quality of the flame. The lengthier the flame is, the hotter it is. The butane torches feature up to 2610 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures. Yet, it’s adjustable. You can adjust the flame quality by sizing the flame between ½ to 5 inches. 

Using a flame diffuser locking mechanism, you can turn it on the left side to open or adjust the flame by allowing gas release in the nozzles. And to shut off the torch, turn the knob to the right side. 

Is it enough? NO! 

A good quality torch must offer an undisturbed, smooth flame even in the annoying wind and help you with your soldering or brazing without any spattering, especially when it’s running out of fuel.

9. Design

The lighter is available in many designs with different levels of ease.

If you’re looking for kitchen torches to serve with your grilling and food sneering as well, then the beginner-level use lighters are good. These torches have a refillable fuel tank. They also have handles, piezoelectric ignition, and safety features. As a beginner, get a complex and handy torch or torch heads for use in a kitchen commercially. 

10. Size

The torches are available in varying sizes. The portable torches can be smaller than others. You can use them in homes, kitchens, and camping. In contrast, heavier lighters are suitable for industrial uses.

11. Add on Features for more Comfort.

Besides the basic operation of igniting a flame, almost all the butane torches for cooking, domestic, or commercial use come with supporting features like a fuel gauge, soldering diffusers, paint removals, etc. Likewise, some butane torches feature a footrest for easy placement over the counter or have rubberized handles for a firm grip. In addition, we advise you to check a lighter for an anti-flare neck, which helps with the torch’s safer usage at different angles. 

12. Ease of Refilling

Once your torch has drained, you’ll need to refill it. The process can be either breezy or hell. So, ensure that the refilling is comfy with the torch.

13. Price

Finally, the price of a butane torch can be a factor to affect your decision. The butane torches range from $10 to $100 depending on the quality, material, design complexity, and versatility. Being budget-friendly can be a good idea. Yet, make sure don’t compromise on the quality. 

14. Warranty

The warranty or money-back guarantee ultimately helps with peace of mind. You can get a repair for your torch or get your money back. So, try to pick a torch that comes with a comprehensive warranty of 1-2 years or a back guarantee.

Want to know what the best butane torch is? You’re at the right place. At, we’ll help you decide on the best butane torch through our ultimate buying guide and their reviews.

No matter if you want to use them in the kitchen for some day-to-day tasks like jewelry making, wood-burning, soldering, or welding, they’ll help you. 

Besides this, we’ve also included torches with dual purposes: industrial and domestic to get you more value.

Consequently, your ideal butane torch will be 20 mins read away. Let’s begin with our findings.

A Short Guide to the Butane Torches

Why do you need a butane torch?

The butane torch is a lightweight, portable, and small multi-function device used for several purposes. 

  • The chef takes advantage of a butane torch for steak, melting cheese, grilling seafood, caramelizing sugar, toasting bread, baking & cooking at varying degrees. It’s more appealing on steak than grilling because it doesn’t overcook a steak’s surface. 
  • These multi-functional tools are used to fulfill both personal and household functions. They emit flames of up to 1430 degrees.
  • It is also used to repair the cooling/freezing of frozen pipes and paint stripping, welding, rope cutting, and soldering electronic equipment.

What’s the right way to use a butane torch lighter?

Getting a butane torch and using it isn’t straightforward. After learning the safety tips, make sure that you use the device properly. So, follow these steps to ignite your butane torch.

  • Turn on your butane torch by using the side lever.
  • Try to listen to the hissing sound of gas to ensure the fuel is blowing when you turn the lever.
  • Turn the gas flow control knob to the right side.
  • Check your device for the safety lock. Some models have safety locks too. So, if you have any, turn it on.
  • Now press the button to ignite the torch.
  • You can now adjust the flame size using the flame adjustment knob as directed on your device manual.
  • Some butane torch lighter models also allow you to lock the flame to make it easy to handle. So, if your product manual talks about such a feature, use that button. 
  • To turn off or control the gas flow by turning the control knob to the left side or as directed by the manufacturer.

What are the benefits of a butane torch lighter?

Butane torches are widely used because of their benefits. Here are these.

  • Butane gas flames have a lower toxicity level. It’s why the butane torches are safe for cooking food, coloring, melting the topping, or roasting the meat during cooking.
  • Butane torches are cost-effective because butane is relatively cheaper than propane gas.
  • Butane torches are nearly 12% more energy-efficient than propane torches.
  • Compared with propane gas, the temperature drop has less effect on the burning quality of butane gas.

What safety tips should you follow while using a butane torch?

Exposure to any heat or gas can be harmful, mainly when you mishandle the devices. Therefore, you should follow the safety tips:

  • Your eyes are the most delicate part of your body. So, cover them with special or ordinary glasses.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic clothes when using butane or any other torch lighter.
  • Ignite the torch in a ventilated area.
  • Make sure you’ve got a fire extinguisher to deal with any unpleasant situation.
  • Whether you’re a newbie to a butane torch, learn to use the flame control system correctly. It’ll help with the accuracy of your operations and prevent the formation of dangerous flames.
  • Always store the butane torch after turning the safety lock on.
  • Only get the devices designed for specific purposes: industrial or home usage.
  • Store your butane torches in a ventilated area, away from direct/hot sunlight.
  • Avoid smoking or flaming near a butane tank.
  • Avoid getting a large tank of butane fuel for your torch.
  • Keep butane fuel tanks in a cool place with no exposure to igniting elements.

How can you refill the kitchen torch?

For the refueling of your kitchen butane torch, you can follow the process:

  • Turn off the gas flow and burner controls. Also, turn on the safety lock.
  • Flip your torch to spot the refill port.
  • Get the refueling nozzle.
  • Shake the butane gas to warm it.
  • Insert the gas nozzle into the canister.
  • Position the gas filler in the torch’s direction.
  • Press it until the canister has been filled- it’ll take only a few seconds. 
  • When filled, you can remove the refueling.
  • Wait for five minutes at least before using your torch.

How should you dispose of a butane torch?

Here are the steps you should follow in disposing of a butane torch.

  • Burn off the butane torch until there is no gas left inside. 
  • Make a hole in the bottom or sidewall to empty it. 
  • Now you can get rid of it either by throwing it in the waste bin or sending it to the waste recycling facility.


  • What is the best butane torch?

Bernzomatic TS8000 is the best butane torch lighter for home and commercial use.  And, for electronic repairs, the Blazer GT8000 Big Shot is the best butane torch.

  • How do butane torches work?

The butane torches burn the flames by using the butane fuel in the tank. During the process, the liquid butane stored in the canister is discharged in the narrow stream in gas. The piezoelectric ignition flicker catches the gas as fuel, and the flame appears at the top.

  • What is the highest possible temperature of a butane torch flame?

Most butane torches you can buy at the market today can produce flames with heat temperatures up to 1,430 °C (2,610 °F)to melt common metals, including aluminum and copper.

  • Is a butane torch flame safe for food?

Yes, unlike other lighters, a butane torch is safer for food because the butane gas produces a safer flame.

  • How long can I burn a butane lighter flame continuously?

Your torch can keep burning as long as the fuel ends. However, on the safer side, you should burn it for up to 15 minutes and then have a break of 5 minutes.

  • What is the maximum temperature of a butane torch?

If ignited with a butane torch, the fire can reach temperatures higher than 1,440 degrees Centigrade. They make a flame hot enough to melt metals such as copper and aluminum.

  • Can you put butane in a propane torch?

The simple answer is that it’s never advisable to fill a butane lighter with propane gas.

  • Are butane torches safe to use?

If you follow these proper rules, your butane weapons will probably be pretty safe. There are, however, some fundamental rules.

  • Are butane torches safe for food?

Since butane gas used in a butane torch is alkane, it doesn’t leave any byproduct to add some smell or taste to your food. So, it’s completely safe to use butane-fueled troches in the kitchen.

Final Thoughts

The butane torch is not the same as the cutting torch, which is very different from the propane torch. Bernzomatic TS8000 is the best Butane torch out there now. By assessing your needs, you get an ideal torch. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.