What Flavor is Blue Takis?

What comes to your mind when you think of Takis? These are the packaging colors, including green, brown, red, purple, white, orange, yellow, and blue packaging, first, and then how they taste. Let me ask you one more thing: which one do you consider the jewel in the crown? 

Oops! Didn’t you try the blue one? Don’t you know ‘what flavor is blue Takis?’ 

We feel sad for you as you haven’t tried the most irresistible flavor in these corn tortilla chips. Before trying it, why not delve deep into the content to know about this flavor? Let’s amaze your taste buds with the intense flavor of the blue Takis. 

What Flavor is Blue Takis? 

By the electrifying blue color of Takis, you might think that these are mild-flavored chips with normal levels of seasonings. But not a single word from the last line defines the actual flavor of Blue Takis. 

Let us break it to you: the blue Takis rolled tortilla chips are hot chili pepper flavored that will blow your mind and fire up your taste buds. 

Each bite of Blue Takis gives a matchless crunch, and the next level of hot chili pepper taste makes with the sourness of lime makes it hot, but not extra hot. It’s like a punch of sourness with pepper where sourness is more noticeable than peppery chili flavor. Meanwhile, you should also know that these hot snacks leave your tongue and fingers blue, not out of the blue!

What About the Smell of Blue Takis? 

No matter how flavorful a snack is, no one will love to get even a single bite if it smells odd. But the blue one from your favorite snacks has an appetizing aroma of hot pepper and corn. 

Ingredients of Takis Blue Heat

Not all, but some foodies like to check the ingredients before enjoying any food. That’s why we’ve mentioned the ingredients of blue Takis. Its ingredients include, 

Corn flour, vegetable oil, and special seasonings with citric acid, monosodium glutamate, and malto dextrin. Other than seasonings, hot chili pepper Takis have natural and artificial flavors, with onion powder and chili pepper as the main ingredients. 

What are the Sizes Available in Blue Heat Takis? 

Takis blue package is available in two different sizes. These include 4oz and 9.9oz. If you feel confident facing the high-level intensity of hot chili peppers, go directly for the 9.9oz pack. And if you want to test it, consider the second option. 

Blue Heat Takis Flavor vs. Fuego Takis- Which is Hottest?

If you’ve tried Takis Fuego, you might be confused that Fuego and Blue Heat have hot chili pepper. Then what creates a difference between these two? 

Takis Fuego, available in purple packaging, is made with a combo of hot chili pepper and lime. Thus, they’re considered extremely hot Fuego chips. 

They’re more toward lime or citrus flavor. It won’t go wrong if we say that red Fuego tastes like fire on your tongue. Doubtlessly, the Blue Takis are pretty spicy. But still, they are a little less intensely spicy than the former. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blue Takis hotter than red Fuego? 

Blue Takis isn’t hotter than red Fuego. But yes, it’s still spicy. If you aren’t a spice lover, you’ll find it so hot and spicy that it might taste like a fire on your tongue.   

Can we say Blue Takis is vegan?

These chips have Blue 1 food coloring, and that’s vegan. The Disodium inosinate used in these chips is also derived from meat. 

Final Thoughts About ‘What Flavor is Blue Takis?’

Let us conclude this by saying that Blue Takis is a hot chili pepper-flavored snack that feels like a fireball on your tongue. 

Apart from the hot and spicy flavor, these crunchy rolled tortilla chips also leave your fingertips, lips, and tongue blue. If you’re a spice lover and love munching, this is what you must try out. 

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