9 Best Campfire Cooking Kits for 2024- Reviewed in Detail

Are you planning a new camping trip and worried about which campfire cooking kit is perfect for you? Well, you’re at the right place; we understand your issue that choosing one kit among hundreds of options isn’t an easy peasy task. 

But don’t worry, as we have devised this guide to assist you further with choosing campfire cooking kits. Here you’ll get the answer to which campfire cooking kit can give you impressive results. So let us spill the beans and pick any kit that you think is perfect for your requirements.

Best Campfire Cooking Kits – Quick Summary

Best Campfire Cooking Kits for Large Gatherings

Stanley Base Camp Cook Set For Large Gatherings

The first campfire cooking kit we’ve chosen for you is from the Stanley Base Camp brand. It comes under the category of a mess cooking kit; the price isn’t affordable but quite good in terms of capacity and quality. Let’s check its features too. 

Cookware Set Capacity 

Since it’s a mess cook kit, it consists of 19 pieces which are quite good. You’ll get a 3.7Qt / 3.5L pot + vented lid, 3ply frying pan hold, spatula, cutting board, serving spoon, four plates, four sporks, four bowls, a dish drying rack, and a heat-resistant trivet. 

If we consider the price, then the set is impressive. The pot quality is good as it’s made of heavy stainless steel, which means it’s durable too. The pot size is 3.7 Qt, and everything fits pretty well into it. In addition, the pan is 7.25 inches wide, but it’s not non-stick. According to various reviews, the food sticks on the pan make cleaning difficult. 

The pot and pan are sufficient to cook for a family of four. However, one issue we’ve noticed is the plates and cutting board are small. 


The material of the cookwares: pot, and pan, are stainless steel, making them super easy to clean. Although sometimes food sticks on the pan, you can solve the issue by spraying some oil before cooking the food. 

Apart from the material, the heat-retention feature of skillets is amazing. Not only do they maintain heat, but you’ll notice uniform heat on all sides of cookware. In short, the material and heat retention are both perfect. 


All of the skillets in this open fire cookware cook set are compact, neither too big nor too small, which creates the issue. Other than that, they aren’t heavy. Yes, the cookware isn’t for backpacking, but if you’re going with your family in a van, then it’s suitable. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Lightweight 
  • Durable cookware  
  • Perfect for a family of 4  
  • Nineteen pieces set 

What are the cons?

  • Plates and cutting boards are small. 
  • The cutlery isn’t as good as the pot and pan. 

Stansport Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cowboy Campfire Cooking  Set

Some people love using cast iron skillets because of their chemical-free non-stick surfaces. They last longer than any other cookware, add iron to food, and come in less price. So if you’re one of those who are looking for a cast iron cook set, then Stansport pre-seasoned set is for you. It has some amazing features that you can read below. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

The cook set consists of 6 pieces, a frying pan, fryer, dutch oven, lid, lid lifter, and hot handle holder. As you can see it doesn’t have many things, only necessary items for cooking. 

The best part about the cooking set is it has a Dutch oven. It’s used for cooking outside a house next to hot coals or on fire. 

The Dutch oven is about 10 inches wide and allows you to cook food for two or a maximum of three people. The top of the Dutch has a handle to hang the cookware over the fire. 

The fry pan is also 10 inches wide, and the fryer has a 3-quart chicken capacity, perfect for two or three people. 


The material of the skillets is a bit controversial; it has pros and cons. The benefits are it’s tough, durable, keeps food warm, and retains heat for a longer time. However, the issue is that cast iron isn’t easy to clean, it needs seasoning and takes longer to heat up. 

In addition, you also have to season the skillets after some time; otherwise, they’ll rust. So it depends on you; if you have no issue with the drawbacks and can use the skillets efficiently during the campfire, then go for it. 


This camping cooking kit is not lightweight (about 10.52 kilograms) compared to other cooking kits. The size of the skillets isn’t big; they can easily fit in a backpack or the trunk of your van. But again, if you’re a solo traveler and want a lightweight campfire cooking set, this might not be for you. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Durable
  • Good quality material 
  • Perfect for solo travelers
  • Non-stick surfaces are health safe.
  • Pre-seasoned skillets 

What are the cons?

  • A little bit expensive
  • Heavy

Bisgear Outdoor Cooking Kit 

The last campfire cooking kit, which we’ve discussed above was expensive. But this Bisgear camping cookware is particularly for those looking for an affordable option. It’s not only affordable, but the cooking set consists of about 15 pieces. Let’s look at how good the cookware is in terms of quality and capacity. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

The campfire cooking set has different things: a pot, fry pan, kettle, bamboo spoon, soup spoon, cleaning sponge, rice ladle, dishcloth, net bag for storage, D-shaped buckle, three bowls, two spork/spoons, and two plates. The cutlery isn’t too much because the cooking set is designed for only two people, not a family of four. 

In terms of size, the pot and fry pan are perfect for cooking food for about one or a maximum of 2 people. The fry pan is 5.7 inches in diameter, the pot capacity is 1.9L, and the kettle can hold 0.8L of water. 


Even though the price of these campfire cookers is low, the quality is impressive. Other cooking sets are also good, but their prices aren’t cost-effective. The material used in the pot, fry pan, spoon, and plates is sturdy stainless steel that promises a longer lifespan. In addition, the heat retention is excellent too. 


The Bisgear camping cookwares are designed for the backpacking journey. All of the skillets, pot, and pan are small in size. You can easily fit them in your traveling backpack. 

The weight of the entire package is 1.36 kilograms which won’t create an issue for you when traveling. Even a solo traveler can carry this much weight easily.  

Why do we like it? 

  • Lightweight 
  • Perfect for two people
  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean since it’s stainless steel
  • Budget-friendly

What are the cons?

  • Separate spoons and forks would be better instead of the combo of spoon/pork. 

Best Camping Cooking Kits for 2-4 People

Stanley Adventure Even-Heat Pro Camping Cookware Set

The fifth campfire cooking kit is also from the Stanley brand. Its 11-piece cookware set consists of multiple cookware and cutlery. 

The price is high compared to the same brand’s cook set we’ve mentioned above. Now let’s see whether it’s overpriced or worth your money. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

The cookware set has 11-pieces, of which one is the pot, then a saucepan, fry pan, cutting board, spatula, spoon, two trivets, and a locking bungee. It’s designed for a family of four, so pot capacity is good at about 4 75qt. 

The saucepan is 1.9qt, and the size of the frying pan is 8.5 inches bigger than its other model. So if you’re planning a trip with your family, it’s an excellent choice. 


All the cookwares in this survival cooking kit are made of 18/8 stainless steel, which is known for its amazing quality. According to the company, the cookware has a multi-layer bottom which is why they all provide consistent heat. And it is true; they provide heat evenly even on a camp stove or fire.

Another feature of the cooking kit is they’re super easy to clean. If it’s a one-day camping trip, you don’t need to worry about the cleaning as you can use the dishwasher after coming home. 


The size of the pots is big if you compare them with the 2-people cooking sets, but it’s perfect for a family of four. The only issue we’ve found in this Stanley 11-piece cooking set is that it’s heavy, about 8.2 pounds, which will create problems in the journey. 

Why do we like it? 

  • The material is good.
  • Easy to clean  
  • Consistent-heat  
  • Food won’t stick 

What are the cons?

  • Pricey  
  • It’s heavy. 

Texsport Kangaroo 7 pc Camping Cookware

Here’s another amazing campfire cooking set from Texsport Kangaroo for two people. What we like most is the fantastic gradient color combination of red and black cookware. Apart from this, the price of the set is affordable, and you’ll get seven pieces in the set. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

Let’s start with the question of what you’ll get in this camping cookware kit. The set consists of 7 things: two pots, two fry pans, and two lids that can also be used as a pan. You only need to attach the pan gripper with it.  

In terms of capacity, all skillets are different. The capacity of one pot is one qt, while the second has the capacity of 1-1/2 qt. The size of one fry pan is 6-½, and the second is 7-½. With both fry pans, you’ll get lids that will help you in case you need extra fry pans. 

The main drawback we’ve noticed is you will only get one pan gripper for the six skillets. In case you want to use the gripper on all cookware, you have to purchase it separately. 

Another thing is you can’t leave the pan gripper with the skillet. Otherwise, the gripper will make one side of the skillet heavy, and the pan will fall. 


The material of the cookware is aluminum. The quality is fine, the material is thin, but not so much that it dents easily. In addition, the pots and fry pan conduct heat well and distribute consistent heat. 

The pot and pans are non-stick, which is good as food won’t stick when you cook, and the cleaning process will be easy. The only issue is the thin material; the skillets heat up quickly. Therefore, it would be better if you start cooking on low heat. 


All the skillets are lightweight; the entire package weight is only 3 pounds, which means you can easily carry it anywhere with you. The size is perfect for cooking for two people.  

Why do we like it? 

  • The skillets are lightweight. 
  • Non-stick coating  
  • Deliver consistent heat  
  • You’ll get six skillets. 

What are the cons?

  • There is only one pan gripper. 
  • The material is thin. 

Texsport Black Ice The Camping Kits- Best Budget Choice  

The next campfire cooking set is from Texsport; it consists of 5 pieces. Along with the cookware, you’ll also get a storage bag which you can take anywhere with you on your travel journey by putting all the skillets. Let’s check how good the campfire cooking set is regarding features. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

You’ll receive about five pieces of cookware in the package, a frying pan, and four boiling or cooking pots. Apart from that, they’ll send insulated handles separately for all skillets, which you can set easily. 

The fry pan is 7 inches wide; the pots have the capacity of one quartz and 1.5 quartz. The frying pan or pot size is perfect for making ramen or anything for a maximum of two people. If you’re more than two people, it’s not the right choice. 


The material of all cookware is anodized aluminum. It means the material has gone through a process called anodized, in which the aluminum surface becomes corrosion resistant and more durable. So, if you’re thinking about the quality, don’t worry; it’s excellent. 

In addition, the surfaces of all skillets are non-stick; as a result, food won’t stick, and you can easily clean the cookware. The main drawback we’ve noticed in the cooking set is the handles. They’re made of cheap plastic, and handles don’t lock in place. 


The size of the cookware isn’t big; they’re perfect for backpacking. You can easily put all the cookware in the big pot after removing its handles, then put the big pot in the storage bag. In short, the size of the skillets won’t be an issue for you, and another amazing feature is the skillets are lightweight. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Easy to clean 
  • Food won’t stick 
  • Highly durable  
  • Lightweight skillets  
  • Affordable  

What are the cons?

  • The quality of the handles isn’t good. 

Winterial Campfire Cookware Set

Cooking in hiking or trekking is indeed one of the most difficult tasks because of having limited food items and cookware. Fortunately, this issue can be solved easily with the Winterial camping cookware set, which has everything you need for survival. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

The cookware set has ten pieces, a pot with a lid, a kettle with a lid, a frying pan, a serving ladle, a serving spoon, a sponge, and two bowls. The pot’s capacity is two qt, one qt kettle, and the frying pan is 1.25 inches in height and 6.5 inches in diameter. 

You can cook about two cans of soup in the pot, while the frying pan is perfect for making a sandwich on a large bread slice. In the kettle, you can easily make tea for about two to three people. So if you’re two people, the cooking set is a perfect choice. 


The skillets are good quality, made of aluminum with an aluminum oxide coating that makes them temperature resistant. The cookwares heat up quickly in no time without any issue. 

So does that mean there’s no issue in the Winterial camping cookware set? No, that’s not the case; one issue we’ve found out is the skillets are non-stick, so food will stick on the surface. 

However, to solve this issue, you must wash and season the cookware set before you go camping. Then the cleaning part would be easy for you. 

Another thing you should be aware of is the handles are made of plastic. So don’t let the flames touch it directly; otherwise, the plastic will melt. 


The weight of the cooking set is only 1.5 pounds which is excellent for camping. In terms of size, the set is extremely compact. You can easily set all items like the picture below; after this, the size of the entire ten-piece set would be 4.5 × 7.25 inches which can easily come in your hiking backpack. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Compact and lightweight  
  • Good material quality  
  • Deliver uniform heat  
  • Ten pieces set  
  • Affordable 

What are the cons?

  • Food sticks on the surface. 

Best Campfire Cooking Kits for Solo Camping

Stanley Adventure Stainless Fry Pan Camp Cook Set

Let’s check the last mesh cooking set on our list, which is from Stanley. The cooking set is lightweight, but you should consider it only if you’re planning to use it for one or maximum person. You can’t cook for more than two people in the skillet. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

This Stanley adventure mesh cooking set is a little bit different from others. It doesn’t come with a big pot. Instead, you’ll get a 3-ply fry pan which is 7.25 inches wide. That’s the only skillet you’ll get apart from this; all other pieces are a cutting board, two plates, two sporks, a spatula with an extended handle, a trivet, and a cover. 


The material of the cooking skillet, which means fry pan, is stainless steel. So no need to worry about the quality as stainless steel is also considered good for cleaning purposes. Besides the frying pan, everything is made from plastic, from plates to spoons, which can be an issue for people who don’t like plastic. 


The size of the entire kit is only 0.2 kg, making it perfect for camping. While the item dimension is only ‎2.3 x 8 x 8.5 inches, you should set all items in the frying pan, and it will look like this: 

That’s the only thing you need to carry, so for someone looking for the most compact and lightweight camping cook set, this one is perfect. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Easy to clean  
  • Made of stainless steel  
  • Lightweight  
  • Long life span 
  • Cost-effective  

What are the cons?

  • Apart from the frypan, all other things are made of plastic. 

Wuudi Camping Equipment

The last cooking set is from Wuudi; it’s not a big set consisting of multiple pieces. Instead, it’s only a two-piece set, but it’s most affordable compared to all other campfire cooking sets in this article. Let’s find out how good it is in terms of quality. 

Cookware Set & Capacity 

The cookware set has two cookwares, a camping bowl, and a pot. The pot is about 12.4 cm wide and 10.6 cm in height. The small skillet (bowl) is 11.6 cm in length and 6.1 cm in height. 

Both skillets have 9.5 cm long handles; the main issue is this is only suitable for one or two people. If you’re camping with several friends, then this one is definitely not for you. 


The material of both cookware is aluminum, and they look pretty solid. They are easy to clean, and you don’t need to concern yourself with heat consistency as the performance of skillets is amazing in delivering even heat. On the downside, the pots are not non-stick, so food will stick. 


The weight of the entire package is only 224 grams; any person can easily take the pots with them. The item dimension is ‎8.74 x 6.06 x 4.96 inches. With this size, you can easily take the pot and bowl with you. 

Why do we like it? 

  • Most affordable campfire cooking set. 
  • The quality is excellent. 
  • Compact and lightweight. 

What are the cons?

  • It doesn’t have a non-stick coating. 
  • Only suitable for one or two people.

How Can you Choose the Best Campfire Cooking Kits?

Many things matter in terms of size, material, and price, but the utility is on the top. Before choosing your best campfire cooking kit, how can you consider all these factors?

Here’s how! 

The type of cooking kit for campfire

The first and most important point to consider while choosing a campfire cooking kit is to find out whether it has all the must-have items or not. After all, why should you spend money on a kit that isn’t enough for you, and you have to buy items separately? 

Now there’s a catch: the must-have items depend on how many people are going camping. 

For example, you’ll find three types of campfire cooking kits: mess cooking set, group cooking set, and individual cooking set. 

1. Mess Cooking Set: It’s perfect for those with all the camping area facilities and a big RV to place all cooking kit items. The reason is this type of cooking kit includes almost everything from pots and pans to dinnerware and mugs. So if you’re going with a bunch of friends, you should consider it. 

2. Group Cooking Set: This campfire cooking kit contains pots and pans that help in the cooking process. However, you won’t get mugs, plates, etc., with it. It’s suitable if you don’t want to carry everything with you. 

3. Individuals Cooking Set: As the name suggests, this type of cooking kit is designed for individuals or for a maximum of two people. In this kit, you’ll get only the necessary lightweight items.

So now, it’s your time to decide which campfire cooking kit you need. We suggest you think about how many people are going with you camping then choose the kit. 

The capacity of camping cookware

The next point to consider while choosing a campfire cooking kit is the cooking capacity of the cookware. Remember, each set isn’t designed for you. 

Cookware in some cooking sets will be large as they’re made to cook a lot of food. While some cooking set cookware will be small, you can only prepare a specific amount of food in them. Therefore, whenever you select the cooking set, think about how much food you will make in the cookware. 

Are the cookwares of the cooking set you to choose sufficient for your requirement? If yes, then choose it; otherwise, look for any other campfire cooking kit. 

Cookware compactness

After the cooking capacity, it’s time to consider the cookware size and weight. It’s an important point for all whether you’re going for a solo or group campfire trip because, in the end, you can’t carry a lot of weight. 

It’s why we always recommend checking the weight of skillets before choosing them for the campfire. If you think they are too big, will take a lot of space in the van, and the weight is also high, then drop the idea of selecting them. 

Material quality 

Material quality is another crucial factor as it helps us make a good decision. You’ll find cookware in stainless steel, iron cast, aluminum, and so on. You need to understand the pros and cons to decide on the best material.  

Material  Pros Cons
Stainless Steel Durable
Easy to clean
Distributes heat well
Prone to Collecting Dirt.Affordable
Iron Cast Durable  
Less expensive
Incredible heat-retention  
Not easy to clean or maintain
Heavy cookware  
Aluminum  Lightweight
Excellent thermal conductivity
Easy to clean  
Reactive to acidic food

Pro Tip – Test the Quality of the Equipment 

Once you choose the best campfire cooking kit, check the quality of all equipment before packing them up for the trip. It’s to make sure that the cookware is perfect for the wilderness. So take the skillet in the backyard and prepare some meals with the help of it. 


Can you use regular pots and pans on a campfire?

No, you can’t use regular pots and pans on a campfire. The reason is regular pans and pots aren’t designed for open flames. 

When you use them, they’ll most likely become damaged. So it’s up to you to take the risk or select a cooking set that is specifically designed for a campfire. 

Can you use cast iron on a campfire?

Yes, you can use cast iron on a campfire. It’s one of the best materials when it comes to cooking over a fire or on coal. Thanks to its sturdiness and heat-resistant feature, the skillet will remain safe, and you can cook almost anything. 

What is the best cooking equipment for camping?

The best cooking equipment is also necessary: pots, fry pans, kettles, and camp stove. Apart from this, you should also carry plates, spoons, mugs, spatula, etc. 

Remember to use compact cooking equipment, not regular ones. Otherwise, you’ll face many difficulties on a camping trip. 


We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide about the best campfire cooking kits and now you can pick any one among the choices in the article but understand whether they are suitable for you. 

Check how much food you can cook in the cookware, the material, and the weight and size of the cooking sets. After considering all these things, choose the campfire cooking kit for yourself. 

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