Weber Spirit E-210 Review: Which Model is Better?

“Price is what you pay; value is what you get.”

-Warren Buffett

Weber Spirit E-210 models come at a whopping price of $$$. But is it a good value for money? We’ll explore in this Weber Spirit E-210 Review.

Indeed, all Weber products are worth the price. That’s why they’re famous. This model from Weber, like many others, underwent a complete redesign in 2013. For example, the alignment of the burners and control knobs has changed altogether.

Previously, the burners were in the left-to-right direction with control knobs on the right. The new burners are in front to back order with control knobs on the front panel. 

The recent configuration of powerful burners saves space on the sides and makes indirect cooking and 2-zone grilling more feasible. It’s the default configuration of burners for almost all new Spirit and Genesis grills.

In this review, we’ll look at the Weber Spirit E-210 in detail. Before we go, let’s first look at the model’s name and what information we can get from Weber’s naming taxonomy.

Weber Spirit E-210 – A 2-Burner Grill

Weber’s nomenclature sheds some light on the crucial aspects of a Weber grill. For instance, the first digit of a model indicates the number of burners on that model. Spirit E-210 is a 2-burner grill, while Spirit E-310 is a 3-burner grill. Similarly, Genesis II S-435 has four burners on it.

The letter preceding the model number indicates whether a grill’s grates are cast iron porcelain enameled or stainless steel. For example, all models come with porcelain-enameled grates in the E series. However, the S lineup features heavy-duty stainless steel grates.

Genesis, especially the Genesis II lineup, stands at the top of Weber’s hierarchy. However, it doesn’t imply that the Spirit line is, in any way, inferior to the Genesis series. 

It’s only that most Spirit grills have been superseded or replaced by Genesis models. In addition, Genesis models are more advanced and costly than their respective Spirit models.

If you’re a beginner, you should always go for a Spirit grill instead of a Genesis one. However, most connoisseurs prefer Genesis grills over the Spirit models.

Weber Spirit E-210 Review

The Weber Spirit E-210 with 32 x 50 x 63 inches grill dimensions is an entry-level grill compared to other Weber models, especially the Genesis II ones. However, in terms of build, it has high quality materials. Likewise, it features, it’s the epitome of engineering and technology. 

Though entry-level from Weber, this grill performs much better and lasts longer than many top-level grills from other manufacturers.

The grill has a modern touch and features a sleek design. It comes in a closed-cart style, further improving the design and enhancing its usefulness. 


It has been Weber’s legacy to produce all Spirit models in an enclosed-cart style, except the Spirit II grills, which all come in an open-cart style. 

The tradition has changed since the Genesis II lineup’s launch, as some of its models also come in an enclosed-cart manner. Weber grills featuring an enclosed-cart style are priced higher than those with bare bone, open-cart style construction.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 comes in an open-cart design and is priced at $380+, as opposed to the Weber Spirit E-210, which comes at a staggering amount of $500+.

Despite having two burners, it delivers an adequate amount of heat. For example, it provides 26,000 BTUs of heat compared to 30,000 BTUs produced by the Spirit E-310, a 3-burner grill.

The Spirit E-210 is compact and can fit on a small patio or balcony because it doesn’t take up much space. It comes with two fold-down side tables that can be folded down, further reducing the need for vast space. 

It has a total cooking area of 450 square inches, including the primary cooking area of 360 sq. inches and a warming rack area of 90 sq. inches.

The grill has porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates and a porcelain-enameled lid with a built-in thermometer. The grill requires a battery for the Infinity ignition system to work. 

The grill is supported by two swivel casters and two swivel locking casters.

The Weber Spirit E-210 sports stainless steel construction.


As already said, this grill performs much better than the premium grills from other brands because of construction and extra features. It delivers even heat with no cold or hot spots. 

Triangular flavorizer bars protect the burners from oils and drippings, reducing flare-ups. Thus, they also prevent clogged burner tubes. Not only this, the bars vaporize the grease to infuse your food with a cloud of rich smoke.

The Weber Spirit E-210 heats up quickly. Turn on the burners, and you’re ready to grill in under 15 minutes on its vast cooking space. 

The only downside of the Spirit E-210 is that it’s not compatible with the iGrill Bluetooth thermometer and lacks a sear station. However, the newer model, the Weber Spirit II E-210, supports the iGrill Bluetooth thermometer.

Cooking Area

The Weber Spirit E-210 provides a total cooking space of 450 square inches, including a warming rack of 90 inches to keep your food warm while you’re grilling on the main cooking surface. 

It’s a compact grill and has only two burners. Yet, these main burners still provide enough grilling surface to cook for a family of five or six.

It comes with two side tables that you can fold down and retract with a button push. Each side table contains three tool hooks for ease of use.

Stainless Steel Burners Efficiency

Spirit E-210 has two stainless steel burners which collectively output 26,500 BTUs of heat. These main burners connect from front to back and are covered by porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars. 

The grease is funneled away from the burners by the flavorizer bars. It flows down the grease management system and collects in a disposable grease tray.

With an individual burner heat output of 13,250 BTUs, the grill produces a searing temperature of over 500F and an ambient temperature of 400F. These burners’ thoughtful placement also ensures an even heat distribution.

Fuel Gauge

Since the Weber Spirit E-210 sports an enclosed-cart design, the fuel tank is housed within the grill, except the Spirit II E-210, in which the fuel tank goes to the side. There’s a clip in the central storage to mount a 20 lb. liquid propane tank. The clip serves as a fuel gauge as it measures the weight of the cylinder and lets you know before you run out of gas.

Cooking Grates

The Weber Spirit E-210 has two porcelain enameled cast iron grates, one with wider bars and another with narrower ones. The one with wider bars is best for steaks and searing. The one with narrower bars is perfect for foods that require low temperatures.

The main advantage of cast iron grates is that they provide better heat distribution and searing abilities. Since they have a porcelain coating, they’re essentially non-stick and corrosion-resistant.


This grill is easy to use, maintain, and clean. It has a grease management system which makes cleaning the grill a breeze. Just replace the grease catch pan, and you’re ready to grill again. 

To thoroughly clean the grill, you can also remove the grates, bars, and burners. The grates have a porcelain coating; they don’t stick to the food or collect the grease. Using a metal scraper on the grates is not advised. You can use a wooden or plastic scapula to clean them.


Like other Weber grills, the Spirit E-210 is covered by a 10-year warranty.


  • Compact and enclosed-cart design
  • The tank goes inside the grill
  • Tank holding hook that also functions as a fuel gauge
  • Stellar heat capacity with just two burners
  • Infinity Ignition, flavorizer bars, and grease management system
  • Improved burner configuration
  • You can fold both side racks down
  • Tool hooks


  • The grill comes at a steep price.
  • It’s a bit heavy.
  • It lacks iGrill Bluetooth thermometer support.

Weber Spirit II E-210 Review

The Weber Spirit II E-210 is the newer model of the Spirit E-210, comes at $389, and features an open-cart design. The grill sports a GS4 grilling system and is iGrill Bluetooth thermometer compatible. However, it has the same number of burners and heat output as the Spirit E-210.

So you can consider the points mentioned above about the Weber Spirit E-210.

Yet, the grease management system of the newer model is also improved. It’s also lighter than its predecessor.

You can fold the left side rack to save space.

Another difference between this grill and the previous model is that the Weber Spirit II E-210 has two swivel wheels located under the right legs. You can use the left side table as a handle to uplift the grill and move it on its swivel casters.

For an enhancement in performance, the grill has Weber’s GS4 grilling system, which is a combination of upgraded flavorizer bars, a grease management system, easy ignition through E2i ignitors, and improved burners.

You can find similar qualities in Weber Spirit E-210 too. Yet, that only lacks E2i ignitors out of these. In the same way, the grill’ also has IGrill Bluetooth-enabled Thermometer.

The propane tank, in this model, goes to the side of the grill. The hook that holds the tank also acts as a fuel gauge. It measures the weight of the propane tank and lets you know before your tank is empty.

Overall, this grill is similar to the previous model except in terms of design and a few improvements, though you’ll need them if you prefer comfort.


  • It’s more cost-effective than the previous model
  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • GS4 grilling system 
  • iGrill Bluetooth thermometer compatible


  • The fuel tank goes to the side of the grill.

FAQs: Weber Spirit E 210 vs Spirit ii E 210

  • Is the Weber Spirit worth the money?

Absolutely. Hundreds of social media groups and internet forums dedicated to Weber grills reflect the brand’s huge fan base. 

Weber Spirit grills are entry-level grills from the brand. However, in terms of quality, they’re even better than the premium grills offered by other brands.

Weber Spirit grills offer value for money. Note that the Weber Spirit II lineup is more advanced and even cheaper than the Weber Spirit series.

  • Which is better: the Weber Genesis or the Weber Spirit?

Overall, the Genesis models offer more burners, heat output, and better key features than their respective Spirit models. For this reason, the Genesis models are priced higher than the Spirit grills.

It doesn’t imply that the Spirit grills are not high-end. If you’re a beginner, a Spirit model may be the appropriate choice for you. Similarly, most connoisseurs prefer a Genesis grill over a Spirit model.

  • Does the Weber Spirit II E 210 come in natural gas?

The Weber Spirit II E-210 natural gas version has been discontinued by Weber. It may still appear on Amazon or Walmart, but, mostly, it’s out of stock. However, you may still be able to source this grill from an online retailer.

  • How long does the Weber Spirit E-210 ignition battery last?

The Weber Spirit E-210 ignitor’s battery also has a wonderful life. You can expect to last over the years, i.e., one user has reported they had not to change it even after 3 years.

Final Thoughts on Weber Spirit E-210 Review

Spirit E-210 is an entry-level grill from Weber. It comes in two models, i.e., the Weber Spirit E-210 and Weber Spirit II E-210. 

The main difference is that the former has an enclosed-cart design while the latter features a bare bone, open-cart design. The latter is also cheaper than the former. Apart from that, it has no noticeable difference between the two grills.

Spirit II E-210 is the best option for everyone. It’s iGrill compatible, includes the GS4 grilling system, and has an improved grease management system for a few $$ extra cost. The gas grill burners have also improved.

Both gas grills sport two burners, a cooking surface of 450 square inches, and a total of 26,500 BTUs of even heat.

In terms of build quality, engineering, and design, both grills are matchless. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.