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“Great Food, Great Service, Great Prices!”

“This is one of our favorite restaurants in Ft. Myers. Just decided to “try” it one day as it looked interesting. We were pleasantly surprised and have become frequent patrons. The food is of high quality and superbly prepared and presented. The extensive menu consists of a nice mix of beef and seafood. The haddock is available as baked or broiled and is wonderful.
We have taken long lost friends there and had a wonderful meal talking about old time memories and NEVER felt rushed to vacate our table even though the restaurant was busy. Everyone enjoyed their meals and stated they would be back.”

“Absolutely Phenomenal!”

Our dining experience was absolutely phenomenal! We had a party of 4, as my husband and I were visiting family in the area and we all decided to go out and get a bite to eat. My parents are dine there frequently and always come out more than satisfied. The hostess was very nice, very personable and made us feel welcomed. Being that my parents are regulars, the hostess knew my parents favorite server and sat us accordingly. Our server was attentive, and when asked what he would recommend he replied without hesitation, “Prime Rib.” It did not fail to live up to the hype. Their prime rib just melted in my mouth! Overall, the experience was great; everything ranging from the atmosphere, to the staff, to the food. We definitely will be coming back!

If you’re looking to fire up some good times with friends and colleagues, consider reserving our private dining area. Social functions can be easily accommodated with a special event menu and your own space secluded from the rest of the restaurant.

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