Top 13 Must Have Flat Top Grill Accessories for 2024

Are you looking for must have flat top grill accessories? So, you finally bought your flat top grill for your outdoor grilling scene but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re a veteran griddle grill user and are looking for an upgrade? 

Well, whatever be your situation, you need to look no further. We’ll guide you through the absolute essentials to make your life a lot easier!

You’ll need some essential griddle tools to help you become a griddle master and make grilling outdoors much more enjoyable and highly versatile. Although they aren’t necessary, they’ll help you in your flat top grilling journey.

Let’s have a look at what high-rated griddle accessories we’ve got for you and how helpful they can be for you. Here we come.

Flat Top Accessories List you Must Have

Now that everything is out of the way, let’s get to it and go through the list of outdoor griddle accessories you need.

1. Stainless Steel Spatula

This stainless steel spatula is essential for your flat top grill. You must be using spatulas for cooking almost 90% of your foods at home, but this hardened stainless steel spatula with a short handle and sharp edge tip is pretty sturdy. 

It can quickly get under the crust of meat to let you pick it up without damaging it. It has a heat-resistant wooden handle, so you don’t have to worry about it burning your hand. It’s also made of a single piece of hardwood, making it much more durable and heavy-duty.


Not using a spatula is like rowing a boat without rows, which is essential. 

  • They give you a lot more control over what you’re grilling. 
  • Stiff and heavy steel combined with a razor-sharp edge allows you to scrape off anything from your grill easily. Hence nothing gets left behind and makes the crust perfect.
  • They also help to press down your food or apply pressure like a grill press, perfect when you want a crispy crust for your burgers or sandwiches. Yet, if you wish to more weighty tools to press your steaks to prevent them from curling, look for some best grill presses. Likewise, if you love burgers more, and want to smash them, opt for any best smash burger press.

How to use this stainless steel spatula?

Now you may be someone who has grilled. Then you probably know how to use a spatula well. But how efficiently can you use it? Scratching head?

 Don’t worry! It’s easy; you just have to hold it from the handle (of course) and use the edge to get under the thing you’re grilling.

Then adjust so that the thing rests on your spatula and pick it up. If you want to flip it, just lay it back down the opposite way! Yes, it’s as easy as that! 

You can make the crust of the meat more crispy by evenly applying pressure using the spatula’s flat side and pushing it on top of it.

2. Scraper/Chopper

Another essential item is a scraper, also known as a “bench scraper.” This scraper is ideal for chopping up stuff, scraping the grill, and serving. Yeah, it’s so versatile!

This item is the most critical of all the items on this list. It’s an excellent all-rounder.

The scraper helps you with various tasks while cooking on your flat top grill, from scraping the surface to cleaning it, chopping foods, and even using it alongside a spatula to flip or turn foods. It’ll make your life a lot easier. This scraper is perfect with a soft and comfortable handle that you can grip easily with an efficient design.

Benefits of the scraper

The scraper has a load of benefits. It’s excellent for cutting dough, scraping the griddle or a baking sheet. It can also be used in helping you part crusts and even chopping up vegetables. 

  • It also has quarter-inch markings, making it easier for you to measure things while cooking. 
  • The efficiently designed handle fits perfectly in your hand and doesn’t slip. In addition to that, it has an ergonomic design, and enough height so that your hands are away from food. So they don’t burn from the heat. 
  • It’s dishwasher safe; therefore, you’ll have no problems washing it with the rest of your dishes, saving your precious time.

How to use the scraper with your flat top grill?

Using a scraper with your griddle is reasonably straightforward.  Place it perpendicularly on your flat top grill and scrape away, challenging the grease and food particles to the trough. If you apply a little pressure, you can remove the food stuck on the grill.

You can also use it to chop up stuff directly on your flat top grill. Use the bottom sharp edge and quickly chop up food on the fly. In conjunction with your spatula, you can ease stuff onto the grill, preventing any oil from splashing. 

3. Griddle Scraper

Have you been using a steel bristled scraper? Well, they shed their bristles and can be deadly for you if they get mixed with your food. If so, we got you covered; look no further than the Cuisinart CCB-500 Griddle Scraper.

This heavy-duty scraper helps you safely clean up your griddle’s cooking surface without any shedding. With its vast and heavy blade, you can remove burnt and caked-on residue with ease. It has a comfortable handle for your grip and allows you to put a lot of pressure on the edge resulting in a much better clean-up.


If you have been using the flat-top grill, you might know how the food residue sticks and is a pain to get off. Thus, the griddle scraper comes into play and helps you remove those stubborn bits of food quickly and easily.

  • It has an amiable handle design, which provides a lot more leverage for you with the help of a handhold. It even has a knob grip for the opposite hand to give you more control.
  • The scraper has a splash guard which protects your hands from oil and other splashing residues which might be hurled towards you while cleaning, keeping your hands clean from food particles.
  • It’s heavy-duty and long-lasting, allowing it to stand tough scraping jobs time after time.
  • It’s effortless to clean so that you can get back to grilling in no time!

How to use the griddle scraper with your flat-top?

Worry not; we’ll explain its use well. Leave your grill a little warm, hold your scraper with the handle, and scrape away! If you need extra control, use the knob with the other hand. Scrape the residue and stains with the flat edge of your scraper.

4. Stainless Steel Cooking Tongs for your Flat-top grill

Cooking tongs are another absolute essential for your Blackstone grill or another griddle. They’re used to pick up, turn over and move all kinds of foods on the grill. They also help you pick up other accessories left on the grill that are too hot to touch and lift the dome. 

These 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Cooking Tongs are the perfect choice for you to let you pick up anything on the grill. In addition to that, they’re highly durable and have a spring locking mechanism for your ease, increasing your grilling pleasure enormously.


These cooking tongs are incredibly beneficial with your flat-top grill. The cooking tongs are an amazing tool that will make your life a lot easier. They have a locking clip in the closed position so that you can store them or put them away easily.

  • They are non-stick, corrosion-resistant, and odor resistant, thanks to their premium 304 stainless steel. 
  • The surface has a highly efficient grip which is non-slip, hence allowing you to control your food effectively. 
  • They are also dishwasher friendly; hence you can wash them easily along with all your other utensils.

How to Use your Cooking tongs with a Blackstone grill?

Using cooking tongs is easy peasy. They have holding ends that you can use to grip them. Usually, the gripping ends have some sort of insulator so that they don’t get too hot while you’re gripping them, no matter how long.

After you have them gripped, just slide them over what you want to pick up and then squeeze the handle just enough to get a grip of the item and pick it up. 

Then you can easily place it elsewhere, take it off the grill or just move it a little. You can also turn over food with the help of these tongs.

5. Flat-top Grill Cover

After you have finally bought a flat-top grill with your hard-earned money, you should keep it well protected. You don’t want it contaminated or damaged, so you should get yourself this grill cover. With its dimensions, it fits all the famous grills of different brands.

If you have your grill in your outdoor kitchen or garden, you’ll need a cover that protects it against the harsh environment, from rain to dust, and looks good and fits right in the atmosphere of your garden.

Therefore this grill cover is perfect if you have to store your griddle in between grilling sessions.


A griddle cover has innumerable benefits. Does the place you live in have harsh weather conditions? Dust storms, rain, or even snow? Then you’ll need to invest in an excellent hard-top cover to keep your flat top in mint condition.

  • It’s made of heavy-duty material, 600D polyester fabric, which helps protect it from nature’s fury. 
  • It’s waterproof, dustproof, wind-resistant, and weather-resistant, helping keep your beloved griddle safe throughout the seasons.
  • It’s also easy to clean; just use a hose to splash water on it and put it in place with sunlight to dry it off!

How to use it on your griddle?

To use this with your flat-top, you just need to pick up the cover with its handles on top of it; it has two handles, so it’s elementary to pick it up. Then gently put it on top of your grill, careful not to let it get stuck on any corners.

Then after you have set it on the grill, see the 2-inch wide fasteners at the base of the cover; you can use them according to the size of your griddle and tighten them up so that no dirt or grime can get in.

6. Melting dome

A melting dome is used to melt cheese, either on burgers, steaks, or eggs. It can also create an oven effect on the grill: it helps cook your food from the top. Resultantly, your food can be evenly cooked. Not only this, but if you want to smoke your food on your flat top grill, it’s essential.

This 12.63-inch in diameter ,melting dome is perfect as it can cover a large grill area.


A stainless steel dome helps you cook your food faster by the method mentioned above; hence it’s an essential tool to have in your flat top grill toolbelt if you want to save time.

  • The Cuisinart melting dome has rolled edges, making it easier to set on any flat surface. 
  • As it’s made of high-quality stainless steel, you can use it for years without any problems, a great addition to your flat-top grill.
  • The shape of the dome traps the heat from the grill-top and sends it back towards your food from all sides, allowing it to cook more evenly and helping melt cheese to perfection. 
  • It traps the smoke from the grill, and thus your food becomes infused with tasty smoky flavors, perfect for cheeseburger lovers.

How should you use a melting dome?

If this question is in your mind, we will guide you through it. To use the melting dome while cooking some cheeseburgers, just place the melting dome on top for a little bit, and it’ll melt the cheese evenly.

You can also steam vegetables. Just spill some water on the grill with some vegetables and place the melting dome on top, the steam will be trapped, and voila, tasty steamed veggies are ready to eat.

7. Round Cooking racks

Cooking racks are used for a variety of reasons. In your Blackstone grill, cooking racks are used to keep food warm when your focus is diverted to other cooked items. The CHEF Round Cooking Rack can also be used in conjunction with your melting dome. 

Sometimes they’re also called warming racks or even wire racks. You can use them as bun stations for slowly cooking your aluminum-wrapped vegetables. They can also be used to smoke your food during griddle cooking with the help of the melting dome.


Here are a few benefits of having Cuisinart’s dome.

  • As it’s made of stainless steel without any impurities, you don’t have to worry about any toxic materials in your food. 
  • It’s evenly elevated by an inch, allowing equal air circulation on all sides for steaming and evenly cooking your food.
  • Ultra-durable, rust-resistant stainless steel wires and seamless welding allow maximum use for a long time.
  • It’s also nicely sturdy for heavier food. The edges are smooth and don’t have roughness, so you can grip it without any problems.

How to use the cooking rack?

It’s simple to use. If you want to keep something heated while working on grilling other food, just set the wire rack on somewhere cooler near the top of the grill. Put the food on top of it, and it’ll stay warm just like that!

If you want to use it with the melting dome, just set it on the grill and place your cheeseburger on top. Cover it with the dome and let it sit for a little bit until the cheese melts for the perfect cheesy delight.

8. Grill Brick

If you’re a novice to cooking on a flat top grill, you might be thinking, what’s a grill brick? It’s ok to look at it with a few doubts! 

It’s just a revolutionary new way to clean your flat top grill. The grill brick is made of a pumice stone, having a mild abrasive property. This makes it perfect for cleaning the most stubborn grime on your grill and built-up carbons. 

It also preserves the non-stick coating and doesn’t scratch it, so your flat-top can last longer. During the usage, the pumice is broken down into fine particles of grit which dislodge hardened food particles and grime with minimal effort.


The Boardwalk Grill Brick is perfect for use with the griddle in your outdoor kitchen. 

  • The dimensions are so that you can easily use it to clean your flat-top without problems. 
  • It’s non-porous and won’t absorb carbon or any other odors.
  • Every time you use it, it wears to a new surface, so its cleaning property doesn’t diminish. 
  • It’s heat resistant; therefore, you can even use it while the grill is hot.
  • As a plus, grill bricks are also environment-friendly and reusable; when discarded, they don’t harm nature or require any sort of special storage.

How to use the grill brick to clean your griddle top?

Whether you intend to clean cast iron griddle top or stainless steel, place your grill brick on top of the grates of your flat-top and apply light pressure. Rub it on the grates. 

Once the grooves are formed where the grill brick comes in contact with the grates, lift them again and align them with the next area you want to clean. 

After that, just clean the grates with something wet, like a damp paper towel or a cloth, to remove any residual dust.

With a griddle, rub the edge of the grill brick with its side and move all around it, and that’s how you use a grill brick.

9. Smoker box

The Weber 7576 Universal stainless steel Smoker Box is a fantastic accessory for your griddle as it’s sturdy enough to stand the heat. It’s a metal container that can give your foods a smoky flavor. It’s filled with wood smoking chips or pellets, and when placed on a fire, it produces smoke. This smoke adds a lot of flavour to your food.


Are you a food connoisseur who enjoys grilling and cooking outdoors? If so, then the smoker box is a must-have for the benefits listed below:

  • It adds smoke to your food and develops a fantastic flavor.
  • It saves money, so you don’t have to buy a smoker.
  • As the Weber Smoker box has a hinged lid and a large opening, you can easily add chips while in use.
  • It’s also perfect for beginners owing to its size.
  • The smoker box protects the chips from being burned by the griddle’s heat. 
  • It’s pretty easy to clean after use and can be used on gas and charcoal grills.

How to use the smoker box with a flat-top grill?

You might have wondered, “Can you smoke on a Blackstone grill?”

Yes, you can, either by the direct method or the cold smoking method (indirect). If you’re using the direct method, you’ll need to place the food on your flat top and let it sit. After a while, it’ll be cooked with a smoky flavor.

For the indirect method, a smoker box is used, it’s placed some distance from the food, and when it generates smoke, it’s diverted to the food. The smoke doesn’t cook your food but adds a flavor to it. The food is cooked and smoked over the same fire covered through a dome if hot smoking.

10. Instant Read Meat thermometer

The Instant Read Meat Thermometer helps you check the meat’s temperature when you’re grilling it on your flat-top so that you can grill a steak to perfection, be it rare, medium, or well done. 

With the digital thermometer, you don’t need to wait; it instantly tells you the temperature.

It helps you take the guessing game out of the cooking equation to know exactly when your chicken, beef, or fish is cooked. You won’t need to cut it open to find out.


Hunting after an instant-read thermometer can be an hour’s job. We’ve got this efficient thermometer to help you have your best instant-read meat thermometer, we’ve got you this efficient thermometer. Here are some benefits:

  • As the thermometer has a large, backlit screen, you don’t need to worry about cooking in places with poor lighting. 
  • It has a magnet and a large hole at the back that makes storing it easily. 
  • The handle provides the perfect grip for your enjoyment while cooking.
  • As the thermometer probe is only 1.7mm in diameter, it’s easy to poke it inside any type of meat and get a reading quickly. 
  • In addition, it has IPX7 waterproof durability making it resistant to water droplets (do not wash with soap, soak it or put it in a dishwasher).

How to use an instant-read thermometer?

The meat thermometer is easy to use; you just need to unfold it so the probe sticks outwards. Then introduce it into the meat by poking with the head of the thermometer. 

Let it stay 2-4 seconds, then check the screen. You’ll see the temperature on the screen, which is accurate (close to 1 degree Celsius or 2 degrees Fahrenheit).

The thermometer supports -50 degrees Celsius to 300 degrees Celsius temperatures.

11. Infrared Temperature Gun

While using a flat top, knowing the surface temperature is critical if you want to grill something. The Etekcity Infrared Thermometer comes into play as one of the best-infrared thermometers for cooking. It’ll help tell the exact temperature of your griddle. As different foods need different temperatures to cook, knowing the temperature of the grill is super important. 

If you cook something at an extraordinarily high or at extremely low temperature, it can ruin your dish. It’s possible to adjust the temperature of the grill to high, medium, or low, but you can’t know the accurate temperature without a temperature gun.


  • This infrared temperature gun has a class 2 laser with an optical power of 0.5-0.9Mw, which may seem like a load of gibberish. But actually, so you check the surface temperature accurately. 
  • Even at greater distances, it can measure the targets compared to other temperature guns.
  • The response time is even less than 500 ms. Therefore it can quickly help you target the exact surface you want to check the temperature.
  •  It also features a backlit LCD screen providing excellent visibility even in low light. 

How to use an infrared thermometer?

Using the infrared thermometer to check the temperature of your griddle is easier than any other item on this list. Turn it on with the middle button (be sure that it’s charged). The left switch is used to convert F to C or vice versa. 

Aim it at the surface you want to measure, and its surface temperature will be displayed to you through its backlit screen.

12. Deck and Patio Grill Mat

The Deck and Patio Grill Mat is a must-have among flat-top grill accessories if you want to continue your griddling adventure without a mess. The grilling mat puts your mind at ease so that you don’t have to worry about food falling through the griddle top while cooking.

This allows you to cook delicate and small foods such as eggs, veggies, etc., without any problems. It’s placed on your deck or patio underneath the grill so that if oil or anything trickles down, it’ll be protected and won’t have any spills or stains.


  • This expert-picked mat has the perfect dimensions for your Blackstone grill. 
  • Also, it’s weather-resistant and made from durable PVC material, giving it long life for multiple uses throughout the years. 
  • It’s also pretty easy to clean, you just need to spray it in the garden with a hose, and it’ll be ready for another use.

Though it’s perfect for different decks, it’s not advisable for composite decking, as it can cause discoloration if water pools underneath it.

How to use the grill mat?

It’s used like any other mat you may have in your home. Lay it top-side up on the deck and straighten it out. Then just wheel your flat-top on top of it, and you’re ready to go!

13. Squeeze bottle set

Oil and water will constantly be used when you’re grilling with your flat-top. Either during grilling or even while cleaning up at the end. Squeeze bottles hold oil and water so that you can quickly and easily apply them anywhere without any hassle and with great accuracy.

With so many grilling accessories, squeeze bottles are cheaper than the rest. They’re also versatile for daily use. You can even buy more of them to store different sauces. 

Having these liquids and condiments at your fingertips will make your Blackstone grilling journey more enjoyable.


The squeeze bottle set consists of a large and medium bottle, one with a thick tip and a thin one, for oil and water, respectively. Some benefits you gain with these bottles are as mentioned below:

  • It has a well-fitted high-quality cap that stays in place whether you leave it open or closed. You won’t have to worry about anything spilling with these bottles around!
  • You can use them to shake, store and pour different sauces or cooking oils. 
  • They’re highly durable and can be reused multiple times. Even if bottles are different types, their caps can be fitted on each other. 
  • They also feature markings on them in cups, ounces, and ml so that you can easily measure things.

 How to use squeeze bottles?

No rocket science is needed!

They’re straightforward to use. To fill them up, open the lid and pour what you want inside them and close the lid firmly. 

Then when you want to use them, open the cap on top and point at what you want to pour the liquid on. Squeeze the bottles just a little, and the fluid will flow out toward where you’re pointing. 

If you want to clean them, they’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.

14. Complete Griddle Accessories Tool kit

If you want to buy multiple items on the list, you can purchase the Blackstone Griddle Accessories Kit. It features a griddle spatula, a slotted spatula, a bevel turner, a scraper, and much more, totaling 16 accessories.

The tools included are all you’ll need to kickstart your flat-top grilling journey. It’s an excellent quality set and perfect for users.

So, What Flat Top Grill Accessories should you have?

The world of flat-top grilling is vast and might confuse many people. We hope our selection of griddle tools will help you choose the best with many unique flat-top grill accessories. Although these ideas of having accessories tool kit may vary, we hope these will make your life easier, and outdoor cooking more joyful and comfortable. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.