Can You Smoke on a Blackstone Griddle? Yes, Use these Methods.

Are you wondering, “can you smoke on a Blackstone griddle?” You must be wishing to enjoy the epic smokey flavor in your food without any dedicated smoker or spending a lot. 

Don’t worry; we won’t recommend you drain money. We’ve come up with a simple solution to use your flat top grill as a smoker. 

Sounds fascinating? Yes, it’s; and you can do it.

Below we’ll share with you hacks that can make the griddle more versatile, so you can smoke meat on it. Without any delay, let’s dive into the topic. 

Are Blackstone Griddles Made For Smoking? Know First

As we all know, the griddle is a great cooking device. We don’t think there’s any other tool that can compete with griddles in terms of versatility. 

You can cook anything from eggs, pancakes, vegetables to delicious meat. Yet, griddles are not made for smoking. 

But cheer yourself up! 

We can make them your own Blackstone smoker grill combo through the hacks we’ll share below. In this way, you can save money and get other advantages as well. 

How can you Smoke on a Blackstone Griddle? 

Here we begin to answer the most common questions “Can You Smoke on a Blackstone Griddle? How to Smoke on a Griddle? 

Method 1- A Quick Way to Smoke on a Blackstone Grill Using Smoke Tube

This method is an ideal choice for those who don’t want to go through the process of making a smoker box. All You need is:

Step 1 – Make your DIY Smoker Box and Light the Smoke Tube

Since we’re using ready-made things, we only have to set them to form a smoker box. Use the smoke tube and add pellets to it, and put it on fire if you know how to use a smoke tube.  Let it burn for a few minutes and blow it when it starts smoking.

Step 2 – Let the Meat Cook to Attain Internal Temperature

Take the cooling rack and put your meat on it with the blue tooth meat probe thermometer attached to it. Put them on the hot griddle. turn heat to the maximum.

Place the smoke tube beside the cooling rack and cover all these things with the domed lid and let the food cook.

Let your, recipe cook. Keep on monitoring the temperature until your meat reaches the internal temperature of 160-180 F.  

Note: To keep the pellets burning, you need to form a groove underneath the lid for the air supply that wood pellets of chips need to keep burning.

Method 2- Smoking on a Blackstone Griddle with Aluminum Smoker Box 

This hack is quite similar to the previous one. Plus, it is easy

What you need is:

  • A small tin foil pan
  • Meat thermometer
  • Cooling rack
  • Basting cover

So let’s start the process. 

Step 1 – Make the Tray for Wood Pellets or Wood Chips 

For this hack, you need to make a tray for pellets. Don’t overthink; we’re not going to tell you to create a tray from aluminum foil. You can use the ready-made aluminum foil tray. This tray will be used for the pellets, wood chips, or whatever you like for smoke. 

Step 2 – Set Everything on the Griddle and Let it, Cook.

After getting the tray, you have to set the meat on the cooling rack with the meat thermometer just like the last method. Then place the tray on the griddle, and burn the pellets. Place the cooling rack beside this tray and cover everything with a Basting cover. 

Make sure, you have a groove underneath the lid for the air supply that wood pellets of chips need to keep burning.

Let your meat cook according to the recipe and attain the required internal temperature.

Method 3- Slow Cooking and Smoking on a Blackstone Griddle

It’s the first hack. For this, you need to make a smoker box, don’t worry, the process is not complex as it sounds. So let’s start. 

To make the smoker box, you need 2 aluminum foil pans. The first aluminum foil pan will be the base; the second will be the cover. These pans are easily available in all online stores. Moreover, the price is affordable.

However, you should be aware that each pan has a different weight capacity. So make sure to get a spatial pan of about 19X11X4 inches. 

Other things that you need are racks, aluminum foil, and a meat thermometer. Choose a smaller rack (not too small) than the pan and ensure that the rack fits smoothly inside the pan. 

Step 1- Make Drip Tray 

Once you’ve gathered these things, hold one rack and cover the surface with aluminum foil. This will be the drip tray. 

Step 2 – Make a DIY Smoke Box

It’s time to make the smoker box. Use the aluminum pan, and cut the bottom side. Keep in mind this step is a little bit difficult. 

You need to cut the bottom part of the pan but leave at least two to three cm area on each side so the legs of the rack can fit into the pan. Once you complete this process, place the drip tray we made before inside the pan. 

Step Three – Make a Tray for Sawdust

Take aluminum foil and cut it into a rectangular shape. We’re going to make another tray to put sawdust in. After cutting the aluminum foil, fold it one cm from each side at least two to three times. 

Step Four – Make the Diy Smoke Box Cover as a Temperature Gauge 

There’s only one step left which is making a DIY temperature gauge. Here you need a meat thermometer. So take it and attach it to the second aluminum pan, which will be going to the cover of the smoker box. 

Step Five – Set All Things and Let the Meat Cook

Now you only have to set all things on the griddle. For this, take the aluminum foil tray, place sawdust on it, and put it on the griddle. 

Then hold the smokebox and place the second rack, which we’ve not used yet inside it. This second rack will be our cooking surface, where you can set the meat for smoke. 

After placing the meat, hold the smoker box cover and put it on the smoker box. And you’re ready, set this smoker box on the tray we had made for the stardust. This is how you can make the smoker box and use it on the griddle. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it safe to use a flat top grill for smoking? 

The question about the safety of the griddle concerns everyone because no one wants to damage the griddle just to save money for smokers. 

The good news for you is the hacks we’ll share with you are safe. Your griddle would remain the same even if you used it as a smoker. The reason is we’re not going to change or remove any part of the griddle. We’ll just use a smoker box on the griddle, and it is safe. 

Can you smoke ribs on a Blackstone griddle?

Yes, you can smoke ribs on a Blackstone griddle. To do this, you need a cooling rack, Basting cover, a meat thermometer, and a smoking tube. First, set the ribs on the cooling rack with the meat thermometer and put them on the griddle surface. Add pellets into the smoking tube and burn them. Place the smoking tube on the griddle surface beside the rack and put the Basting cover on it. 

Can you use a smoker box on a griddle?

Yes, you can use a smoker box on a griddle. To do this, you need two aluminum pans that are easily available in all local markets or online stores. Once you get them, use one pan for the base and the second pan as a cover. This will be the smoker box that you can use on griddles. 

Can you smoke meat on all griddles? 

Griddles are not good for smoking meat unlike open fire grills, but you can use them for it. You need a smoker box that you can make from aluminum pans. Aside from that, the things you need are a smoker tube, meat thermometer, cooling rack, and aluminum foil. 

Which foods should I consider smoking on a flat top grill?

There’s a large variety of food that you can smoke on the griddle. First, let’s talk about the famous meat choices: ribs, brisket, chicken, pork shoulder, etc. 

Other than that, you can also smoke vegetables, like potatoes and tomatoes. It depends on how long it takes the food you cook to reach the desired internal temperature.

How can I check the DIY smoker’s internal temperature? 

You can use the meat probe thermometer to check the internal temperature of the smoker and another probe to check your meat. Like wise, you can also use an infrared thermometer externally to check the smoker’s surface temperature.

How to control the temperature of smoking? 

Temperature controlling in the smoking hack is not easy. You need to constantly check the griddle surface and smoker box’s temperature. Not only this, but you have also to aim at your food’s internal temperature to ensure it has been fully cooked. 

That’s why we’ve advised you to use a meat thermometer and an infrared thermometer in our smoker box hack. 

Final Words

We hope you’ve found the answer to your question, “Can you smoke on a Blackstone griddle?”. Yes, you can, and it is advantageous since you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars. 

However, if you’re a beginner and never cook food on a griddle or smoker, we would not suggest this option. 

The reason is, you need to control the temperature of the griddle and smoker box simultaneously. This entire process will not be easy for you if you’re the griddle or smoking the meat for the first time. Yet, few practices can make you a pro to get the same results of a smoker.

So enjoy the cooking time! And make sure to tell us your story about how you smoke on a griddle in the comment section. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.