Best Char Broil Grills for 2024 – Detailed Reviews

Are you looking for the best Char Broil grills? Inexpensive, but the best Char-Broil grills are undoubtedly incredible options for BBQ lovers. They have no issue with flare-ups; infrared grills cook fast and provide even heat to the surface.

 it’s a complete enjoyment package. However, there’s one tiny problem: “How can you choose the best-infrared grills?” Or, “what are the top Char Broil Grills you can consider?”

Cheer Yourself Up!

We understand your problem; that’s why we’re here. This article will be your go-to guide. We’ll assist you with our recommendation and buying guide about the best Char-Broil grills. So let’s dive into the topic.

Top 7 Char Broil Grills with Complete Reviews

Here we begin with the top 7 Char-Broil grills’ reviews.

1. Char-Broil 463655621 – Best Char Broil Gas Grill with 2 Burners

Having cabinets in a grill can save a lot of time, right? We can store the grilling accessories and some utensils, so there’s no need to waste time finding the right place to store items. Char-broil 463655621 gas grill is the same type of grill with the incredible performance of an infrared heating system. Why not learn more in our review?

Quick Feature 

  • Design and Size
  • Material Quality of the Grill 
  • Burners and Side Shelf 
  • Perfect for Storing Items 
  • Additional Features 

Design and Size

Let’s talk about its fantastic design first. Char-broil 463655621 comes in metallic grey color that will look perfect in your backyard. The dimensions are 44.5 x 22.4 x 45.3 inches, so it’s not a portable grill. However, it’s ideal for a big backyard, and we find it easy to use.

You can see the lid with a temp gauge on the top of the grill. While on the side, it has two foldable side shelves, which are suitable to help you manage your tools. 

The grill’s control panel is on the front side. It has two knobs and a small ignition button. For easy cleaning, it also has a porcelain-coated grease pan that can be removed from the backside of the grill. 

Overall Material Quality of the Grates 

The 310 sq inches grates of the Char-broil 463655621 infrared grill are porcelain-coated, meaning they’ll not rust and last long. In addition, there’s a small 95-square-inch warming rack that will help you prepare sauces or keep your burgers warm. 

Overall, the grill grates’ quality is quite good; you’ll also get a grate cleaning brush. Yet, we find the cleaning process difficult, particularly when you’ll cook something that leaves small particles on the deep V-groove. 


The burners of the grill are one of its specialties. It has two stainless steel burners that deliver 16,000 BTU heat output. The maximum temperature of this grill can reach 600 F. That’s more than enough for cooking any type of food. 

They also last longer since they are made of stainless steel. Each burner has an integrated ignitor that allows you to minimize or maximize the temperature the way you want. 

Additional Features 

The grill has a big cabinet on the front side that you can use to store the propane tank, utensils, or grilling accessories. Besides, the grill has four sturdy wheels, two of which are lockable, allowing you to move the grill inside your home without putting in too much effort. 

The product’s warranty is the same as the other Charbroil grills—a one-year warranty for the entire grill besides burners, firebox, and lid. They offer a five-year warranty for burners and the lid and firebox two-year warranty. 

One drawback that we noticed is that it’s pricey. You can get other infrared grills of the Char-Broil brand with better features, like three burners, at the same cost. 

 Why love this grill?

  • The performance and quality are superb. 
  • It’s perfect for a small family. 
  • The burners are made of stainless steel. 
  • Heat output is even and excellent.

 What are the cons?

  • The grates are challenging to clean. 
  • It’s pricey. 

2. Char-Broil 463331021 TRU-Infrared 4-Burner Gas Grill

The next best Char Broil gas grill is Char-Broil 463331021. This grill is similar to the Char-Broil 463370719. But it’s more affordable and offers some fantastic features. 

Like this grill has five burners. Four for the primary cooking surface and the fifth for the side shelf. Let’s see other features of the grill. 

Quick Feature 

  • Size and Quality 
  • Burners and Side Shelves 
  • Grates Size 
  • Additional Features 

Size of the Grill 

The dimensions of the Char-Broil 463331021 are 22.4 x 50.3 x 45.3 inches. The size isn’t small; it’s big, so you need quite a lot of space. 

But it doesn’t mean that the grill isn’t perfect for you. Instead, we consider Char-Broil 463331021 ideal for a person who has a big family since it has five burners. You can easily cook an ample amount of food at a time on the grill. 

Burners and Side Shelves 

Char-Broil 463331021 comes with five burners. 4 are primary burners featuring 25,000 BTU heat output. The 5th burner is on the side shelf; it features 10,000 BTU, which is perfect for making sauces, or other recipes that require less heat. 

All burners provide consistent heat and are made of stainless steel. So they’ll last long. 

And in case of damage, they are also affordable to replace. Besides, if you need a lot of space, you can close the lid of the side burner and use it as a shelf. 

Grates Size 

This grill’s porcelain-coated steel primary grate is large, about 435 sq inches. It’s rust-resistant and keeps heat efficiently. Besides this, there’s also a second cooking rack for you. 

The main thing we don’t like, despite offering 4 burners, is the grate is small compared to the Char-Broil 463370719. You can cook about 20 burgers on this grill. In contrast, Char-Broil 463370719 provides space for about 24 burgers. It’s certainly not a world of difference. Still, we think they could offer a big grate on this grill. 

Additional Features 

For easy cleaning, they offer a removable grease pan that you can pull out from the backside of the grill. And to control the temperature, there’s a temp gauge on the lid. So it’s easy to manage the temperature of the grill.
Aside from that, you’ll get a chef’s Delite tray. With this tray, you can grill small items like shrimp or veggies. The warranty policy is one year warranty for all parts, five years for burners, and two years for the lid and firebox. 

 Why love this grill?

  •  The grill has an extensive cooking area with incredible heat output.
  • By closing the lid of the side shelf, you can use it as a shelf. 
  • It’s affordable. 

 What are the cons?

  • The grate could be bigger. 
  • No cabinet for storage in the grill  

3. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 4-Burner Dual Fuel Grill

This signature TRU-infrared 525 liquid propane gas grill has the amazing features you need among the best Char Broil grills. It’s enormous; you can cook ample food on this grill. It comes with cabinets, side shelves, and everything you can ask for. 

Quick Feature 

  • Impressive Design of the Grill 
  • Grate Size and Quality 
  • 5 Burners and Side Shelves for Storage
  • Additional Features

Excellent Design and Size of the Grill 

Let’s start with the size of the grill. Overall, it’s similar to the other Char-Broil infrared gas grills, but the size is different. Its dimensions are 23.5 x 57.2 x 47.2 inches with 162 pounds. So there’s no way it’s easy to move, but if you’re looking for a big grill, this one is best.
We like the design, it has everything, unlike some grills. You get two cabinets beneath the control panel to easily store accessories as you want. 

Grate Size and Quality 

This grill offers a big porcelain-coated cast-iron grate of about 525 sq inches which is known as one of the materials in terms of holding heat. Therefore, the cooking result will be great. 

In contrast, the second rack is a warming rack of about 200 sq inches. Not bad to keep your food warm!

Incredible Cooking Performance and Side Shelves 

The grill features four burners that deliver 32,000 BTU, the highest heat output among all the grills we’ve mentioned in this article. The grill heats quickly, and it’s also easy to control the temperature that’s to the ignition system. 

All the burners are made of 443 stainless steel. This type of stainless steel is the most rust-resistant and durable compared to others. So because these burners will last longer than you thought. 

On the side of the grill, there are two shelves. One is specifically to use as a shelf. In contrast, the other one can be used for cooking too. It has a 13,000 BTU side burner on which you can cook side dishes. 

Additional Features

The grill features an electronic ignition system for easy start-up. And you’ll also get a lot of space to hide the propane tank or store items, thanks to the cabinets. 

We’ve also noticed that the steel lid and firebox are sturdy and have a porcelain coating.
The lid-mounted temperature gauge let you monitor the grill’s internal temperature easily. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty, but for some parts like burners, the company offers a ten-year warranty and three years for the lid, firebox, and grates. Lastly, there’s a unique feature that this grill supports dual-fuel liquid propane (lp) and natural gas (ng). 

 Why love this grill?

  • Impressive performance with ample cooking space
  • It has cabinets to store items. 
  • The grill supports both liquid propane (LP) and natural gas (NG). 
  • The grill heats faster and delivers uniform heat to food. 

 What are the cons?

  • The assembly of the grill isn’t easy. 
  • You may not like the grates if you’re a stainless steel fan. 

4. Char-Broil 463370719 Performance TRU-Infrared 3-Burner Gas Grill

Are you searching for an affordable 3-burner Char-Broil grill with more features and three burners? In that case, go with the Char-Broil 463370719 TRU-Infrared gas grill. The price of this grill is the same as the Char-broil 463655621, but it’s better. 

Quick Feature 

  • Extensive Primary Cooking Surface 
  • Design and Quality 
  • Side Shelves and Burners 
  • Additional Features 

Extensive Primary Cooking Surface 

This grill is ideal for those with a big family or friend circle. It has 450 sq inches of ample cooking surface that allows you to cook about 24 burgers at a time. It’s more than enough for big families. 

Apart from this, the grill has a warming rack, too. This rack is small, but it can help you with several tasks. 

Design and Quality

This best Char Broil grill has been made with stainless steel material. What a perfect match for your outdoors!

The stainless steel finish on the exterior part with the combination of black no doubt makes the grill aesthetically pleasing. The grill has a large lid with a sturdy handle on the front side. When you open it, you will see porcelain grates on which you can cook anything. 

Side Shelves and Burners 

The two side shelves are the shining feature of the Char-Broil 463370719. These side shelves aren’t like regular shelves. Instead, they are pretty different. One side shelf has a lidded burner that features 10,000 BTU heat output. 

While the second shelf is simple and can be used for preparing a side dish. The side burner and the other three burners are made of stainless steel representing high-quality performance with 24,000 BTUs speed and longer life. 

Another best feature is the grill provides heat evenly and easily gets up to 650° F. 

Additional Features 

Like other grills, this one also comes with a lid-mounted temp gauge for heat monitoring. The ignition system is fast, and you can start the grill with a single push of a button. 

Not only this, but the facility also assists in the cleanup. Therefore, the overall quality is terrific, and the design is good. 

Yet, we have found a few problems with the grill. You can’t store the grilling accessories in it as there’s no cabinet. 

Other than that, the grill isn’t easy to move. Firstly, the weight is about 85 pounds and the second thing is it only has two wheels. In short, you need to put a lot of effort into the moving process. 

 Why love this grill?

  • Ample cooking space of 450 square inches 
  •  Durable stainless steel burners  
  • It’s easy to use and clean. 

 What are the cons?

  • There’s no space to store grilling accessories. 
  • You can’t move the grill easily. 
  • Cleaning is difficult. 

5. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Kettleman Charcoal Grill

Sometimes, we need extremely high temperatures for grilling with rustic smoky flavors, which, unfortunately, a gas grill can’t provide. 

At that point, we all need a charcoal grill like the Char-Broil TRU infrared Kettleman. It’s a perfect grill to cook any type of food that requires high temperature because it doesn’t restrict heat and sears faster than a gas grill.

Quick Feature 

  • Portable and Visually Pleasing 
  • Cooking Space 
  • Travel-Friendly Design 
  • Additional Features 

Portable and Visually Pleasing 

One of the best features of the Char-Broil TRU infrared Kettleman is its portability. The dimensions are 29.9 x 27.4 x 14.8 inches. 

This grill can fit in any corner of your balcony. The grill has an aesthetic appeal, as you can see in the picture that the design of this grill isn’t as usual as others. It’s different and features a 360-design. 

Cooking Space and Lid Design 

The grill has a black hinged lid with a temp gauge on the top. Therefore, monitoring temperature won’t be a problem. 

Other than that, there’s also a large damper on the lid, and it’s adjustable. It’s a great feature because you can control airflow circulation inside the grill. 

Another thing we like about the grill’s spacious cooking space of 360 sq inches on which you can cook about 16 to 18 burgers in one batch. Yes, it’s not too big, but it’s better if we compare it to the other portable grills. 

And, since it’s a charcoal grill, be ready to play with heat: it heats up quickly within minutes and holds the heat well.

Warranty Policy and Travel-Friendly 

The Char-Broil TRU infrared Kettleman grill is travel-friendly. The size is small. Weight isn’t too much, so there are no chances that you will face difficulty with this during the trip.
We also like their warranty service. According to company policy, they offer a two-year warranty for the entire grill except for the lid and firebox, which comes with 10-years of warranty. 

Additional Features 

Are you worried about cleaning ashes since it’s a charcoal grill? Well, heave a sigh of relief because the cleaning process of the grill is easy-peasy.
The grill comes with a unique cleanout system. Beneath the main cooking surface is a charcoal rack, and below it, you can find an ash pan. 

So when charcoal burns, the ashes will go down in the ash pan, which is removable. In brief, after the cooking, you only need to pull out the tray for ash cleaning. 

On the downside, adding charcoal to the grill is a complex process. To do this, remove the grates, and then you can add charcoal. It can be annoying when you’ve to cook more.

 Why love this grill?

  • It’s travel-friendly.
  • Easy to clean and use. 
  • An excellent cooking surface of 360 sq inches 
  • Temperature control is easy because of the damper and temp gauge. 
  • It comes with a good warranty.

 What are the cons?

  • Adding charcoal to the grill is a difficult process. 

6. TRU-Infrared Bistro Patio Char-Broil Gas Grill

The last recommendation for the best Char-broil infrared gas grill is the TRU-Infrared patio bistro. It’s one of the best Char-broil gas grills that are perfect for traveling for the person who lives in small apartments and can have grills on their balconies. So let’s see what this grill offers. 

Quick Feature 

  • Travel Friendly 
  • Cooking Space 
  • Additional Features 

Travel Friendly 

It’s perfect for any travel adventure because of its portable design and size, 24.4 x 25.2 x 38.2 inches. 

Cooking Space and Performance 

The cooking space of the stainless steel porcelain-coated primary rack is 320 sq inches, which isn’t too bad. You can cook about 10 burgers on it.
However, compared to Char-Broil, TRU infrared Kettleman is small. Still, 320 sq inches is quite a good option for traveling. Plus, there’s also a warming rack that you can attach above the main rack.
In terms of performance, it’s pretty good. You don’t need to wait since it heats up instantly. The lowest temperature is 475 F, and the highest is about 700 F. 

Additional Features 

On the front side, there’s an electronic ignition integrated knob. With it, you can increase or decrease the temperature. Beneath the control panel, you can see a handle; it’s for hanging towels or any accessories.
The drip tray of this grill is removable. You might not see it in the picture, but it’s installed below the firebox; you only need to pull out the tray, and you can clean it easily.
In case you don’t want a gas grill, then don’t worry because the same patio bistro also comes in the electric mode, so you can go with that one. 

 Why love this grill?

  • It’s perfect for traveling. 
  • Portable and looks good. 
  • The quality of the grates is amazing. 
  • It features a rack to hang towels or grilling tools. 

 What are the cons?

  • The cooking area is small. 
  • The assembly of the grill is complicated. 
  • The ignition system doesn’t work correctly. 

7. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared lp Gas Grill

The first grill we’ve chosen for you is the Char-Broil grill2go infrared gas grill. It’s not a big grill. 

Instead, it’s a portable infrared grill. So, it’s ideal for those who live in a small apartment or want to use the grill outdoors on camping sites.

Quick Feature 

  • Size and Design 
  • High-Quality Material 
  • Additional Features 

Size and Design 

The first thing that is excellent about the Char-Broil grill2go X200 is its design and the portable size. It’s only 23X 13.6X inches. So it’s not too big and can easily fit into the car trunk.

The design of the infrared grill also looks excellent. The entire color of the grill is black. On the top of the grill, it has a temperature gauge to let you monitor the temperature of your food.

It comes with three sturdy handles; two are on the sides, and one is on the lid. Plus, the integrated legs mount it higher on your grilling table. These features will help you with the grill’s mobility. 

High-Quality Material 

Another reason we like this grill is that it’s made of excellent quality material. The exterior of the grill is well built. The lid and latches available on the front side are cast aluminum material. 

You’ll see 200 square inches of high-quality stainless steel grates and a drip pan inside the grill. Both things are removable, which makes the cleaning process super easy. But the cooking surface isn’t ideal for cooking for many people. 

Aside from that, the burners have been constructed with stainless steel. The grill gets hot quickly, making it perfect for cooking food that needs high temperature, but it can also create a problem because some food requires low temperature. 

Additional Features 

An easy-to-use grill can make our work simple, do you agree? 

We’ve chosen Char-Broil grill2go x200 since it’s easy to use. You only need to push the ignition button, and the grill will be ready to work instantly. 

One hoz that we notice is there will be no problem in assembling the grill part. The grill comes ready to use; you just have to attach the propane tank. Besides these features, you’ll also get a 1-year warranty on the grill and five years on the firebox, lid, and burners. 

 Why love this grill?

  • The construction quality is good. 
  • It’s a good option for traveling. 
  • The grill is easy-to-use. 

 What are the cons?

  • It’s not suitable to cook for many people. 
  • Temperature control is difficult. 

Things to Consider While Choosing the Broil Grills 

One thing that we suggest to everyone is to read the buying guide before deciding on any. Spending just a few minutes figuring out what you should consider as a buyer can save you hundreds of dollars.
Below we’ll discuss the must-have features of infrared grills and answer some of your questions to help you in the buying process. 

Quality of Grill 

The grill’s quality is indeed the most important thing that everyone should consider. Your one wrong decision can make you regret it deeply. So always go with the grill made of high-quality material like stainless steel or cast iron. Both materials are good but have some cons too.
For instance, if you’re a person who doesn’t mind spending time on maintenance, you can go with cast iron. Otherwise, we’ll suggest stainless steel as it’s best and easy to clean. 

The Size of the Infrared Grill

This part of the buying guide is crucial too. And here you’re the only one who can make the best decision. After all, only you know what grill will fit into the backyard or in the car trunk.
So think about the grill size you like and the space. If you live in a small apartment, always go with the travel-friendly grills, as they can be adjusted anywhere, even in small places. 

Quantity and Quality of Burners for Grill’s Performance

The heat output and burners’ numbers are crucial since you can control the grill’s temperature with them for excellent performance. Poor quality burners don’t provide consistent heat, so checking their mechanism is essential.
The most common mistake we’ve seen people make is that they think that the more burners you’ll get are good. While in reality, there’s nothing like that. Quantity matters, but not more than quality.
For instance, if you’ve four burners and all of them don’t provide heat properly, then they are useless.
We suggest stainless steel burners for the best quality as they provide consistent heat and are rust-resistant. That means stainless steel burners will last long. Plus, stainless steel burners are cheap to replace in case of damage. 

Easy to Use and Clean

Another thing you should look at in the infrared grill is the convenience of ease of use and cleaning. Both things are necessary and can save a lot of your time. So, choose the grill that is easy to use and clean. 

Cooking Space 

The size of the grates is the cooking space of the grill. Some people prefer an ample cooking space, while some are small one. It entirely depends on what you want. If you love traveling or grilling outside of the home at picnic points, then a small grill is what you need. At the same time, you need a large grill if you’re a person who loves to throw parties and cooks a lot. 

Brand and Warranty 

The brand and warranty of the grill also matter. A good company always thinks about its customers; they try to provide excellent customer service and warranty. That’s the reason you should always go with famous brands like Char-broil. It has been a renowned company working in the grills domain since 1948. That means you can trust their product with no worry.
Note: You can choose other brands as well, but check about the warranty. 

Additional Features of Char Broil Grill

Some additional features in the infrared grills are necessary too. If you’re looking for a compact infrared grill that you can also use in traveling, then make sure it has a sturdy cover, hooks, and handles. 

Similarly, if you’re interested in a big grill, then always go with the one that provides the convenience of ease of use. 

For example, having side burners on the grill can help you make side dishes. In addition, you should also think about the feature of cabinets so you can store the grill accessories. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Char Broil Gas Grills

Why Choose Infrared Grills? 

One question that comes to everyone’s mind is: why choose an infrared grill? The brief answer is that infrared grills are more suitable since they provide high and consistent heat. The food cooks faster, and the result will be delicious compared to standard grills. 

What’s the difference between infrared and regular grills?

The flames heat the air around the grates in a traditional gas grill, and the hot air cooks the food. This option isn’t good because, in this way, the hot air also damages the food’s moisture.

While in infrared grills, this process is different because the infrared grill comes with an infrared element that eliminates the chances of air damaging the food. So in an infrared grill, flames heat the infrared element, and then this plate provides heat to the grates. 

Can you slow cook on an infrared grill?

Infrared grills are famous for their heating technology. They can cook food at extremely high temperatures. That’s why most people think they’re not suitable for slow cooking. 

But this isn’t true. You can see above in our article that most of the grills feature burners that are integrated with knobs. So you can easily control the temperature according to the food requirement by using the knob. 

Final Thoughts

Undeniably, an infrared grill is a better option than a traditional grill, but choosing the right one isn’t easy. So be sure to read our buying guide before deciding on any grill. 

If you have a large family, go with the grills that offer a spacious cooking area, three to four burners, cabinets, and side shelves. You can also choose a portable grill, but please ensure that the cooking is enough for you or not, then think of choosing it. 

We hope you liked our guide and find it helpful. If you’ve questions, please ask us in the comment section. We would be happy to assist you in choosing the best Char-broil infrared grills. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.