7 Best Cast Iron Griddles for 2024 – Detailed Reviews

Do you want to know about the best cast iron griddles? What does it mean? The stunning features, versatility, and durability of cast iron griddles have captivated you, and want to be sure before deciding on the best one. 

To help you find the best, we’ve got you the top cast iron griddles and evaluated them by consulting the real-time user’s feedback. Besides the evaluation, we’ve also found the standards that can help you decide on your best pick. Thus, by landing on this article, you’re going to learn all about the top-performing griddles, how to choose them and how to take care of your griddle.

No more delay! Here we come with our top picks.

Best Cast Iron Griddles – Complete Review

We’ve chosen the best cast iron griddles and reviewed them by consulting the actual users’ feedback or their diversified experience as beginner or pro lets you find out the actual worth of the product. So, here is our verdict about these griddles

1. Lodge Cast Iron Griddle – Best Cast Iron Griddle Pan 10 inches

best cast iron griddle for pancakes

So your artistry for cooking demands a flat cast iron skillet that lets you make pancakes, fry eggs, or sear your burger? Here is the first griddle from Lodge. It’s available in varying shapes: round/oval with or without a handle. This pre-seasoned cast iron flat pan is a blessing to fit our glass, electric, or gas stovetops. Not only this, but it can also go inside the oven. 

The handle of this griddle is of nice length to move it easily on the burners. Weight? For a 10.5 inches grill pan, the 4.5 pound is easily portable. Hence, it’s manageable.

Heat distribution and retention can be the biggest concern for you. The good news is, this bestseller cast iron skillet is matchless for keeping and distributing heat evenly to your food. In a nutshell, if you’re sure of the size you need, you’re going to waste a single penny with this stovetop.


  • Even heat distribution
  • Excellent heat retention
  • Suitable for glass stovetop, gas stove, electric stove, grill, and ovens
  • Handle facilitated portable design 
  • Lowered side to make it suitable for foods with less liquid content


  • It might not be helpful for preparing sauces and gravy.

2. Lodge Wildlife Series-10.25″ Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge cast iron wildlife series can win your heart if you love roam in the wild and cook on your portable stove. Even when you’re indoors and searching for a multifunctional cast iron griddle, this 10 inches pan can be your chef.

With raised sides, embossed wildlife scene, available in 8-10.5 inches sizes, this cast iron pan comes with two spouts and handles with holes. So, it makes the mobility of your pan easier.

You can also use it for decorative purposes on kitchen walls as it has a beautiful design on its bottom. The performance and versatility of this cast iron product are matchless. You can use it for cooking, boiling, baking, stir-frying and searing. Yes, you got right; the design and heat distribution create an ideal blend.

This pan by Lodge can be a fantastic addition to your cooking essentials. Remember, if you’re a beginner with cast iron cookware, read the guide section in this article so that you treat it the right way and enjoy cooking with this pan for a century, at least.


  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Great for the glass stovetop, gas stove, electric stove, and ovens
  • Cooking and decoration combo
  • Versatile


  • We couldn’t find any, except those which came out of bad handling.

3. Cuisinart CCP-1000, 10 Inches Cast Iron Griddle Pan

top cast iron griddles

Let begin with reviewing another skillet or cast iron pan. No, it’s not from Lodge this time. It’s from Cuisinart. This 6 pounds, cast iron skillet is for you if you need this exact shape and design of your griddle.

The design is impressive at first glance to allow you to imagine how helpful it can be to put it inside the countertop oven. But, using a spatula to turn over your food in this pan can introduce you to another reality. Got right, with a higher wall and completely flat or untampered bottom, using a spatula might be a hard nut to crack.

Why have the griddle? When you do the baking and also do some frying, In such a case, this cast iron skillet can earn you the highest satisfaction.

However, this cast iron pan isn’t perfect despite being versatile and portable. Guess what? Look at the surface, it’s not perfectly cast. The seasoning and casting make an uneven surface with less glossy seasoning. Yet, it’s heavy-duty. So, if you’re an expert at using cast iron cookware, little hard work with its reasoning can get you decades lasting fellow for your cooktop and camping stoves.


  • Heat retention and distribution are great.
  • It’s suitable for glass stovetop, gas stove, electric stove, grill, and ovens.
  • It’s easy to handle and port.
  • The pan is oven safe for versatile cooking and baking including deep dish pizza.


  • Defective manufacturing results in an uneven surface and poor seasoning

4. Lodge Cast Iron Dual Handle Pan, 12 Inch, Black

best cast iron griddle

How about getting 100 jobs done with a single cast iron griddle? This preseasoned user satisfaction winner model is from Lodge. With a larger room of 12 inches, it can suffice your small family of 3-4. With two short side handles, it can do anything you want it to do. If you’re going to put it into the oven, the handle will not be a deal of worry.

The two spouts on both sides make it easier for you to unload your pan. The raised edges also allow you to cook sauces, do frying, or use them for baking your cakes, yet it can hold a large quantity of your food. How can we forget that you can also use it for your pizzas?

It has got two handle lips, but can you really lift it? The answer is, “YES.” It weighs only 6.6 pounds, so you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Let’s talk more about its performance. The pan is excellent when it’s about heat distribution or holding it. In a nutshell, the product lets you enjoy XXX value for each penny.


  • Incredible heat retention and distribution
  • Versatile usage
  • Equally suitable for glass stovetop, gas stove, electric stove, grill, and ovens
  • Two side handles help with easy pouring and portability, along with less stress on your joints. 


  • We couldn’t find any.

5. Camp Chef Reversible Cast Iron Griddle,14 in. x 16

cast iron griddle

Do you need a reversible cast iron griddle that fits on your stove or grill with ample space of 14X16 inches to fit your stove that has one large or two small burners (closely located)? We’ve reviewed the Camp Chef grill and griddle combo for you. 

This reversible, pre-seasoned griddle can be your favorite item to assist you in enjoying the BBQ using your regular glasses, induction, gas, or electric stovetop without investing heavily in indoor or outdoor grills. 

On the one hand, the flat part is excellent for cooking pancakes or frying eggs. On the other hand, the grill side does a marvelous job of searing your patties and steaks.

We loved the elevated sides of this best cast iron griddle, which doesn’t let the juices flow by the sides. Likewise, teh grip handles are also pretty appreciable.

The heat distribution on this griddle is also fantastic; the reason is its wider but less longitudinal dimensions. The Camp Chef has clearly aimed at making it compatible with their stove to help you enjoy camping. 

As this best cast iron grill and griddle combo is thick, it keeps the heat well. Therefore, your food is never undercooked. 

For portability, the item weight is more than 10 pounds, though the manufacturers have defined it as 10 pounds only. Hence, carrying the griddle is not extremely easy. Speaking of more shortcomings, if you’re a novice to using cast iron cookware, wrong handling: seasoning, washing with scrubbers, or heat shock can result in a cracked product — not the product’s fault. Still, you can get a replacement — Camp Chef is so humble.


  • An Even heat distribution and heat holding
  • Highly compatible with large burner stoves like Camp Chef’s
  • Suitable for glass stovetop, gas stove, electric stove, induction stovetop, grill, and ovens
  • Flippable design 
  • Elevated edges to take care of food juice sand grease


  • It’s heavier than the actual description.

6. Lodge Reversible Griddle, 20 Inch – Best Cast Iron Griddle for BBQ 

best cast iron griddles

This exclusive pick from Lodge is a blessing for BBQ lovers. The pre-seasoned reversible griddle has an extensive area of 10.5 X 20 inches to allow you to make half a dozen burgers and pancakes on its pre-seasoned non-stick cooking surface,

With a flippable design, this griddle comes with two handles on both sides. So, you can easily reverse it to make whatever you can. 

You can continue to appreciate its design, but the time is to talk about heat distribution and its retention. 0.8 inches thickness of the griddle is fantastic for keeping heat, yet for the distribution, it primarily depends on the heat source location. So, if placed over two burners, you can have grill-like hot and cold zones. According to the experts, it is more helpful to allow you to cook and keep your food warm simultaneously.

On the downside, and positive too, the griddle is heavy-duty. Therefore, it weighs nearly 13.5 pounds. It guarantees, it’ll last for decades, but portability will be challenging. Yet, we can hope, with a dream of having such a large and durable griddle, you won’t mind it!


  • Hot and cold zones for the grill like cooking and keeping food warm
  • Fantastic heat retention
  • Flippable design with handles
  • 2X value for being reversible
  • Suitable for gas stove, electric stove, and grills


  • Not easily portable

7. Lodge 12 Inch Cast Iron Grill Pan

It can be fun to get those mesmerizing grill marks on your steaks and burgers when you can get the job done with this $$ product. So, here comes the 12 inches, square and widest grill pan to document the BBQ on your steaks.

It’s pre-seasoned—it should be; after all, it’s coming from Lodge. We begin our review by appreciating its design. It’s unique, and the sides are sloppy but higher. It helps you to flip your steak using a spatula. While it also keeps the grease inside. 

Furthermore, you can also prepare a thick sauce with this pan. We liked the defined handle of this griddle that ensures ultimate grip while moving it on the stove. Did we say stove? Yeah, it’s safe to use on glass, electric, gas, and induction stoves.

Do you want to know about the heat? It holds the heat and distributes it uniformly — thanks to dense material and cooking area that sits accurately over the burner.

The only shortcoming of this pan is that it’s not very versatile. So, have it for a dedicated purpose of searing or grilling but not baking.


  • Wider grill pan with even heat distribution
  • Ideal for searing
  • Heavy-duty material with Lodge’s branded finishing
  • Can go well with all types of gas stoves, electric stoves, and induction cooktops


  • Not Versatile
  • Tricky cleaning 

How to Choose the Best Cast Iron Griddle

cast iron griddles

Apart from buying your best cast iron griddle, it’s more necessary to choose it correctly. To help you assess your need and pick the right griddle, here are the standards that you should follow. 

  • Seasoned vs. Unseasoned Cast Iron Griddle

How many times, the word “pre-seasoned” impresses you when you are searching for some top cast iron griddles? What does it mean? 

You can find two options when it’s about cast iron pans: traditional/unseasoned and seasoned/enameled pans:

  • Traditional cast iron skillets have no oil coating at all. To use them, you’ve to season them properly and also take care of them against rust. So, by the end of each soap wash, you’ll need to season your traditional cast iron griddle and prevent it from moisture. 

These pans are relatively less expensive but can’t resist acidic foods. When to have the traditional cast iron griddle? They are best for high heat on grills and campfires.

  • Pre-seasoned or enameled cast iron griddles have been coated with oil and baked at a specific temperature. Therefore, you need not season them properly. Yet, to keep that seasoning well, manual seasoning can help your pre-seasoned cast iron griddles last for several decades. 

These pans are also excellent for cooking many foods, including acidic. However, without care, the acidic food can also damage their seasoning. The pre-seasoned, more durable cast iron griddles are expensive but worth the value.

  • Size of Cast Iron Griddle

Whether you’re single or have a family, choosing the right size of your griddle is more important to make a one-time investment. So, which size should it be? Here is how you should choose the size of your griddle.

  • 6 inch cast iron griddle, like the Lodge wildlife series (wolf), is only for a single user or even not enough. It’s better to recall your childhood memories or use them as a decoration piece in your kitchen.
  • An 8 inch cast iron skillet is only for 1. You can sear an eight-ounce steak, make pan pancakes or eggs. Yet, in every way, it’s not for over 1 person.
  •  A 10 inch cast iron griddle is a standard-size skillet that you come across while searching for the best cast iron skillets. This size is suitable to feed 1-2 persons.
  • A 14 inch cast iron griddle is an excellent pick when you want to cook for 2-4 people. Yet, the larger the griddle is, the heavier it is, which is a downside too.
  • 17-20 inches cast iron griddles are extra-large griddles for your 1-2 burners on your stovetop or grills. These griddles let you make food for your parties. They’re heavy too. A large size griddle can also turn your charcoal or gas grill into a flat top to grill burgers as the direct grilling dries the burger’s juices while griddles prevent it from happening.
  • Design of Cast Iron Griddle

For the design, the cast iron skillets or griddles are not complex. They come with handles to help you move them effortlessly. Likewise, some also have spouts to allow you to pour your gravy and sauces. The spouts are present on both sides too.

The large griddles, however, might not have such features. Yet, they can be reversible to allow you to sear perfect steaks and also make burgers on the flat side. If your skillet comes with a lid, it can add more versatility to your cooking experience.

The cast-iron skillets have varying depths to allow you to make liquid foods. In the same way, the bottoms also have varying designs. Round and tapered edges towards the bottom, however, are less desirable, for they cause more heat transfer to the sides, which can burn your food.

When it’s about large griddles of cast iron, there isn’t much to say about the design. By focusing on dimensions, material quality, and weight, you can get the most suitable griddle for your stovetops or grills.

  • Skillet vs. Griddle vs. Grill Pan

You might confuse skillets with griddles or grill pan with a skillet. When looking for smaller sizes, use a skillet to alternate the griddle. Yet, for larger sizes, the griddles are the pure product that you get with no slopy edges. What’s the difference, then?

  • Skillets are pans, also known as frying pans; and they fit single burners. They can have or not have raised edges. 
  • Griddles are completely flat and large enough that you can put them on the stove burners to cook a large number of burgers, cheese, pancakes, eggs, and steaks. They also allow you to form heat zones, do indirect cooking. Thanks to their reversibility, they also let you sear.
  • Grill pans are mostly square and have ridges to mark your sausages, steaks, and veggies with tempting grill marks without lighting a gas grill. Yet, it’s not versatile at all. You can hardly make an egg in it. Are they worth buying? Yes, when you’re not interested in getting a large size griddle or already have a cast iron pan and only want the grill pan.
  • Weight of Cast Iron Griddle

The weight is a key factor when it’s about deciding on the griddle. Heavier griddles are good for keeping heat, yet they can’t be easily portable. Many heavy griddles have more to do with the shelves than to be on the stoves. Hence, it’ll be better to consider a griddle’s weight. 

Many experts discourage having heavy cast iron griddles. But you know what? A heavier griddle is more stable on the cooktops.

  • Quality of Cast Iron Griddle

The quality of your griddle entirely depends on the material. Not all cast iron griddles are 100% cast iron. Instead, they have some addition of other materials for the sake of design, strength, and weight. 

But, how can you ensure the quality of your cast iron griddle? “The brand” is the answer. Getting cast iron cookware from a quality ensuring brand can guarantee a healthy user experience.

By following the above-mentioned guidelines, you can have a pleasant addition of the best cast iron griddle in your kitchen cookware collection.

Taking Care of your Cast Iron Griddle – Must Know

The common problem with using a cast urn griddle is the learning curve. The more you know about taking care of your griddle, the happier you’ll be. So, here is how you can be among those who are great admirers of cast iron cookware.

  • How to clean a cast-iron grill griddle

Please continue reading this section for you’re going to know the best practices about taking care of your cast iron skillet and griddles. No matter, the popular beliefs, and practices about cleaning the cast iron cookware have clearly defined “no-soap” techniques.

Remember, no soap approach has nothing to do with the griddle’s coating.

The popular advice of not using soap comes from the “soapy nature” of a soap that it washes away everything. Yet, the truth is, the soap does not react with the coating, for it’s not oil settled on our griddles’ surface, but that fat has been polymerized to form a plastic-like coating on your griddle’s surface. And it has also been much absorbed.

In fact, if you’re serious about removing the cast iron cookwares’ seasoning, you’ll need extra effort. The way is simple. Just soak your pan for a few hours and rub it with an abrasive material like steel wool. 1-2 efforts will make your cast iron fellow catch rust.

You can take better care of your cookware by following this guide. Here is how to clean your cast iron griddle.

  • Begin with washing

The pre-seasoned cast iron griddles can be dirty and call for washing. But how can you wash them? The simple answer is, “with gentle soap, a foam scrubber, and warm water.” 

How about a chain mail scrubber; does it work? 

Yes, a popular chain mail scrubber is also excellent for cleaning your cast iron griddle or you can also use salt to scrub your griddle. If you want to have all cast iron tools handy, you can also get a cast iron cleaning kit.

  • Dry the cast iron griddle.

The next step is to dry the cast iron griddle using a paper towel or kitchen towel. Dry it so that no moisture is left behind, otherwise, it’ll be enough to form rust on your griddle’s surface and you’ll be blaming the soap.

You can also heat the pan a little so that no moisture is left behind.

  • Season the griddle before storing it.

The last step is to season the griddle without caring about its pre-seasoning. So, apply a few drops of flaxseed oil or any unsaturated vegetable oil thoroughly in the pan using a paper towel in a way that no oil is visible except a silky coating. Then, place it on the stove on low-medium heat. When it begins to sweat, buff the pan with a paper towel so that no oil sweat is visible.

What if you don’t heat it after applying the oil? The oil will become sticky as time passes or it’ll become rancid.

Once done with seasoning, pour oil to cook your food when you aim to use it. Good luck with your super non-stick griddle!

  • Store the griddle.

Finally, you can store your griddle. But, wait, don’t put it the right way in the cabinet. 

Spread a paper towel on it and then store it. It will prevent the moisture from the air to affect the griddle’s surface directly.

  • How to maintain your cast iron grill griddle

Here are a few more tips to allow you to take care of your favorite griddle of cast iron:

  • When your cast iron griddle comes home, season it. After seasoning, you can cook your recipe in it.
  • Never leave the food caked on your griddle. The best way is to clean your griddle as soon as the cooking is over.
  • Don’t submerge your griddle in water. Of course, you’ll do it when you’ve forgotten your griddle while being busy with eating your meal. That can cost you with a rusty griddle, instead. In the same way, you should not leave the griddle on a grill’s high heat. That will also cause similar results.
  • Storing food in your cast iron griddle is a bad idea. It can be bad for your food and the griddle. Chemical content in food and griddle, both can react and can be harmful to any.
  • Dedicate a separate cast iron skillet for seafood. The reason is, the cast iron can absorb the strong flavors of seafood, and resultantly you might not be able to cook some other food into it after a while.
  • Never allow acidic foods to rest in your cast iron skillet for over 30 minutes. It’s obvious that advice like never cooking acidic foods in an iron skillet can be a little impractical or troublesome. So, the best way can be just taking care of the time.
  • Season, season, and season. Yes, follow the process as described above to season your cast iron cookware after each usage and before storing it. Thus, you can hope to see it lasting longer than a whale with all its rust resistance. 
  • Put nothing on your preheated grill pan unless you have oiled it.
  • Avoid heating the griddle on high, or with cheap oil. It’ll only result in a gluing pan, not a seasoned pan.
  • Don’t put your stored griddle on high heat, it can crack it. The reason is, you might not feel it, yet the temperature of your cabinet during winters might have made it a little cold and sensitive to thermal change.


  • What is the best steel or cast iron griddle?

The cast iron griddle is the best. Here is the reason:

Cast iron differs slightly from stainless steel. Former contains 2-4% of carbon while the stainless steel comes with less than 2% of carbon. This difference makes cast iron griddles heavier and the most durable. Not only this, but cast iron griddles also keep the heat well being thicker. 

Stainless steel griddles, in contrast, require less seasoning; they’re light in weight and less expensive. Yet, for the taste quality, durability, and heat retention, they can’t beat the cast iron griddles.

  • What is the best oil to season a cast iron griddle?

The simple answer is, “ flaxseed oil.” The reason is, it is the only edible drying oil that forms an excellent patina/seasoning through the oxidation of fats. Yet, any oil that you use in your kitchen for frying is the best oil to season your cast iron griddles. The reason is, these oils have a higher smoke point. So it can be any oil including:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Ghee
  • Avocado oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Peanut oil

However, you can’t use the oils that have lower smoke points, extra virgin olive oil, or grapeseed oil (despite being with higher smoke points) might make your pan horrible with the stickiness. 

  • Are cast iron griddles worth it?

Yes, the cast iron griddles are worth every penny. The reason is, they last much longer than those of stainless steel, and because of their higher content of carbon (2-4%) and you can also use them on many types of heating surfaces like:

  • Electric stove
  • Gas stove
  • Glass top stove
  • Grills
  • Ovens
  • Induction ovens.

Hence, for the value, the cast iron griddles are worth buying.

  • Which brand is best for cast iron?

The Lodge is the best brand for cast iron cookware. Why? The family-owned 100 years old foundry in America is making their cast iron cookware out of a single piece of cast iron so that the design is well maintained, and heat retention is also ensured.

  • Which is the best for cast iron griddle?

A cast iron griddle from Lodge is the best. And among these, the Lodge 20 inches griddle is the best.

  • What is a cast iron griddle for?

A cast iron griddle is for preparing breakfast, sandwiches, French toasts, pancakes, fish, and searing the steaks and food for your entire family-thanks to its extensive surface and lower edges, unlike a skillet. Hence, it allows you to use any cooking technique including searing, braising, roasting, baking, stir-frying, and sautéing. Since the griddles come in many sizes, you can also top them on two burners, create heating zones for cooking and warming purposes.

In addition, the health benefits are also great. Unlike non-stick surfaces, the cast iron patina is safer for your health; and according to a study, it also increases the iron content in your food to help in reducing anemia.

  • Is Lodge cast iron safe?

To be non-stick and safe to use can be a wow! The same is with Lodge cast iron. The pre-seasoned cast iron skillets and griddles are completely safe for your health. They are far more nonstick than Teflon. 

The cast-iron seasoning forms a non-stick coating that doesn’t cost your health for the ease of cooking. Likewise, they are also safe to use on all types of stoves and ovens.

  • Can I use a cast iron griddle on an electric stove?

Yes, you can use a cast iron griddle on an electric stove. Though the experts categorize the griddle into two types: for gas stove and electric top, yet you can use the griddle made for gas stove, on an electric stove too, or vice versa. It won’t hurt the surface of your electric stove if used carefully. 

  • Do cast iron pans explode or crack?

YESSS! The cast-iron cookware is sensitive to rapid thermal change: hot to cold or cold to hot. But, the event is not common to prevent you from getting yours. It can happen if you:

  • Put the new skillet on high heat;
  • Stuff it with some cold food;
  • Get it from a cold area and put it on the heat;
  • Or damp it in cold water after removing it from heat. 

And usually, the novice with cast iron can see it happening. 

Don’t worry, renowned manufacturers offer warranty and replacement. Hence, your money is not wasted. Be mindful to check the warranty of your griddle before hitting the buy button.

  • What happens if you don’t season a cast iron pan?

“It might not last as long as it could be,” is our simple answer. Many times people doubt how often should they season a cast iron griddle or why should they season it while it comes pre-seasoned. 

They confuse the seasoning with the mere purpose of creating a non-stick surface only. Yet, when we tell you to season your cast iron griddle or skillet after each usage with some thin layer of oil and a few minutes of heating; and cover it with a paper towel, it simply helps your cat iron griddle fight moisture and attain its maximum durability of many decades.

The advice of seasoning a pre-seasoned, company-delivered cast iron griddle is not for ensuring the nonstick coating. The fatty food automatically leaves polymerized oil film behind it until you soak it entirely — using soap doesn’t destroy that coating.

  • How long can I keep a cast iron pan on the stove?

You can keep your cast iron griddle on until you’re cooking your food into it. Your cast iron cookware are made to tolerate about 500 degrees Fahrenheit. A grill with the hottest temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit might not mis-shape your griddle. 

The conduction transfers excessive heat under the pan, into your food, and the griddle isn’t exposed to the maximum temperature that it can hold being heavier and thicker.

Leaving a griddle of cast iron on a stove with no food inside will make your griddle hot enough to either destroy the inner seasoning by causing dry patches or completely damage the opposite side to appear rusty and flaky. 

  • Can I use a cast iron griddle on a gas grill?

Yes, you can use a cast iron griddle on a gas grill. It’ll help you in several ways like:

  • For the heat-keeping quality of a thick cast iron griddle, using it on a gas grill will be the best thing that you’ll be doing to cook your food, especially outdoors. As the grills are notorious for heat loss, the griddle can keep it well to allow you to cook your food completely. 
  • A cast iron griddle is also an exceptional choice to grill your delicate foods like fish, veggies, and shrimp.
  • You can use the cast iron griddle to keep your food warm on a gas grill during or after BBQing.
  • Cast iron griddles are great for grilling your burgers or making them juicier, flare-up-free, with no dark edges despite a good brown crust.

Yet, on the downside, the cast iron griddle can be too hot to touch with a simple glove. So, you might need some excellent quality leather grilling gloves.

  • Can I use a metal spatula on my cast iron griddle?

Having your best cast iron griddle for $$ often comes with the thoughts of careful handling, which also makes you think about not using some stainless steel spatulas. If you think it’ll cause some harm to your pan, it’s time to correct yourself. 

Your griddle’s seasoning is not a layer on the surface, yet it’s a bond that polymerized oil has created with the surface and it won’t go if you use a metal spatula. As you’ll keep on making tasty foods with the help of oil, the seasoning will always be there.

  • Why shouldn’t I use steel wool to clean my cast iron griddle?

Using steel wool will unevenly scratch your griddle’s surface. Though using metal on the skillet’s surface is entirely safe, the case is tricky with steel wool. So, the best practice is to use a spatula to scrub the stubborn or burned food. Here is an exception, you can use steel wool if your cast iron pan has caught rust.

  • Is a 10 inch cast iron big enough?

The 10 inches or standard size of a griddle is big enough for 1-2 people. Yet, for cooking in large quantities for more people, you might need a bigger skillet or griddle.

Final Thoughts: Cast Iron is for you if you have the patience to learn the right usage, proper seasoning, and safe storage.

Final Thoughts

Cast iron gridlocks can convert your grill from a succulent red meat maker into a versatile alternative to your kitchen. Choose the best cast iron griddle and delight your friends and family with breakfast alfresco, toasting sandwiches, fajitas, and delicious seared tuna. BTW, which one has become your favorite? Let’s know by using the comment section.

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