Top 20 Blackstone Griddle Accessories to Have in 2024

Picture this; you have finally bought your Blackstone griddle. You’re ready to start your grilling journey in your beautiful lawn, but wait! 

Everything is such a chore without any valuable accessories to help you!  If you lack the proper accessories for your Blackstone griddle, that will make the grilling difficult for you. 

These Blackstone accessories make your grilling far more manageable, and they help you grill like a pro so that you can take others on a journey for their taste buds!s

While looking at the top deals for Blackstone griddle accessories, you might be confused and lost which one you should choose. Hang on, we are here to help you! 

Below are some hand-picked tools that you can buy to make you a griddle pro. These essential tools are an absolute must-have for your Blackstone!

Best Blackstone Grill accessories you Must have

Here are the essential accessories you’ll need to help you on your griddling quest. Now we’ll guide you through the land of must-have Blackstone griddle accessories!

1. Weber Premium BBQ Gloves

One of the most essential accessories for your Blackstone griddle is gloves. Heat-resistant gloves go a long way in helping you grill your foods to perfection without burning up your hands. Ever felt the splash of oil searing your skin? Well, that’s what these protect you from!

We recommend these gloves as they’re a fantastic combination of comfort and utility. They come equipped with a Silicone palm to help you grip tools quickly. In addition, they’re made from flexible and heat resistant material that allows you overcome to the heat while grilling!

These gloves are so good at resisting heat that they can withstand up to 482 Fahrenheit of heat! So don’t fret about searing your hands ever again with these gloves. Thus they prove a necessity for every serious grill master.


  • Exceptional grip thanks to the Silicone palm for gripping grilling tools.
  • They’re made of flexible material that helps give you more control while holding things.
  • They’re highly heat resistant up to 482 Fahrenheit or 250 degrees celsius; hence they can withstand the harshest conditions.

How can you Use it?

The BBQ gloves are pretty straightforward to use. You just slip them on, and voila! You’re ready to fight the heat!

An important tip to note for using these gloves is that don’t use them while wet. If they’re damp and you grab onto something hot, the water turns to steam and burns your hand, so be careful.

2. OXO Good Grips 9-Inch Locking Tongs

Next up are tongs, another necessity for griddling on your Blackstone grill. You use them to pick up hot things on the grill or move around other hot tools. In addition to that, they’re also used to turn over food or pick it up.

These tongs are made of highly durable stainless steel, which is rust-resistant. The grip is soft, comfortable, and conforms to your hand without slipping. 

The head of the tongs is made of nylon with scallops, which makes the tongs safe for non-stick wares and gives them an excellent grip for picking up foods. The heat-resistant nature of these tongs also helps them be versatile on your Blackstone griddle.

The design is also pretty ergonomic, thanks to the thumb rests. You can also use the loop on the top to lock the tongs for safe storage and hang them.


  • These versatile tongs are perfect for a sunny day on the grill with the ability to do a wide range of tasks.
  • They’re manufactured from stainless steel and highly heat-resistant nylon, which last a long time.
  • The grip is fantastic for picking up foods and tools alike.
  • The ergonomic grip and thumb rest give you great comfort while grilling.

How can you Use it?

First, you need to unlock the tongs with the loop on the top. This locking mechanism provides safety while storing them. Then you just need to hold it with your thumbs resting on the thumb rests. Hold the nylon head over the thing you want to pick up and squeeze.

They’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

3. Heat Resistant Fish Spatula

If you have ever grilled fish before, you might’ve had problems picking up the fillet as it tears and breaks, resulting in a total disaster. This spatula is specially made to cope with that tearing. It lets you flip and remove a fillet from your Blackstone griddle without tearing at flesh.

Not only that, but this spatula is highly versatile, which means you can use it as a regular spatula too! The design is perfect for getting under the meat or fish, allowing you to pick it up quickly. 

The soft-grip plastic handle cover provides comfort and protects your hands from searing with its heat-resistant properties. It’s made from the finest heavy-duty materials resistant to heat and rust to help you on the grill for a long time!


  • Its shape allows you to get under the meat and pick it up with ease.
  • It has been designed specifically for fish fillets so that you don’t accidentally tear it up.
  • The spatula is highly versatile, which allows you to use it in the place of a regular spatula too.
  • The high-comfort handle provides ultimate grip and precision.
  • The durability of this spatula is unmatched thanks to its heat, corrosion and rust-resistant properties.

How can you Use it?

Like most people, you probably already know how to use a spatula. This is just like that! You have to hold the handle and get the edge under the meat or fish fillets. Adjust it to sit comfortably on your spatula, then move it or flip it or take it off the grill!

4. Turner and Spatula

Next up, we have a regular spatula. The Hells Handle spatula is an absolute must-have among your best Blackstone griddle accessories. Although you might already have spatulas at your home for everyday cooking, this one is specifically designed for grilling.

The blade of this spatula is made from high-precision, quality Japanese stainless steel resistant to all kinds of wear. In addition to a fantastic edge, the handle is super comfortable with a dual-textured finish for extra grip and slip resistance. 

The handle is also heat-resistant so that you can comfortably handle the heat!


  • Spatulas give you more control over meat on the grill than any other accessory.
  • The sharp edge allows you to scrape off bits of food from the grill with ease.
  • The spatula is also great to let you hold down food and apply pressure on your Blackstone griddle to achieve that tender texture of your food.

How can you Use it?

Working a spatula is so easy; you might already know how to do it, but follow these steps if you want more efficiency.

Grip the handle firmly and slide the edge under the meat on your grill. Adjust it to rest on top of your spatula cleanly, then pick it up or flip it over.

For the tender meat texture, place the flat side of your spatula on top of the meat and apply  ure evenly.

5. Cuisinart Griddle Food Mover

Have you been struggling to get a lot of food off your Blackstone grill with the spatula and scrapper but keep dropping it? Worry not! 

The Cuisinart griddle food mover is here to help you do that more efficiently!

The food mover features a large stainless steel scoop, much like a shovel! Now you can easily transport large quantities of food. It’s made of ultra-durable stainless steel that keeps its shape no matter what.

The scoop is connected to the handle with three rivets giving it more durability. Likewise, the handle is insulating plastic to prevent any burns and keep you comfortably hooked on the grill!


  • The food mover can hold up to five cups of vegetables and rice!
  • It’s great for moving significant cuts of meat.
  • It efficiently moves food on the grill.
  • The handle and blade are triple-riveted and made from high-quality materials which last a long time.

How can you Use it?

The food mover is used pretty similar to a spatula. It can even cover a spatula if you don’t have one. It can do almost anything a spatula can do. For picking up and moving food around, you just need to position the bevelled edge to the food and scoop it up! Easy peasy!

You can use it to flip stuff, too, just pick it up and place it upside down.

6. Scrapper/Chopper

The scrapper is a highly versatile tool for any Blackstone grill! It’s also called the “Bench Scrapper”, and it can help you chop food, scrape the grill and even serve stuff! It might be the most critical item on this list.

You can use the scrapper for a wide variety of tasks. It’ll help you chop meat into smaller, more manageable pieces on the grill. You can even use it to aid the spatula in flipping or turning the food. In the end, it’ll also help you scrape the surface and clean your Blackstone griddle!


  • The blade is made of stainless steel, so it resists rust and comes equipped with quarter-inch markings to help you measure food on the griddle for increased precision.
  • The handle is soft, comfortable, and doesn’t slip. Hence, it gives you more control.
  • The blade is tall enough so that you don’t accidentally touch the food while cooking.
  • It’s also dishwasher safe for your ease.

How can you Use it?

The scrapper is a relatively straightforward tool to use. For scraping the grill, you just need to place it perpendicular to your Blackstone griddle and scrape the leftover food particles and grease into the trough. For more stubborn food particles, just apply more pressure.

You might want to use it for chopping meat while cooking it on the grill. You can use the sharp bottom edge of the blade. With the spatula, you can have more control with the help of the scrapper.

7. Cast Iron Grill Press

Next up is the Grill press for your Blackstone grill. You use a grill press for cooking both sides of melted cheese sandwiches, burgers, or steaks at the same time so that not only do you save time but everything gets cooked evenly too. 

It can prevent thin strips of meat such as bacon from curling and be unevenly cooked. It can even remove unwanted oiliness from your burgers. 

The Victoria cast iron bacon press is one of the best grill accessories to help you in the long run. It can save as much as HALF the time when cooking meat!

The Victoria grill press has been designed ergonomically with an insulated wooden handle to prevent your hand from burning. The bottom of the grill press is textured to avoid sliding too.


  • It can save you a lot of time by reducing cooking time by half for thin meats.
  • It can help you flatten thin strips of meat.
  • The dimensions are perfect for your Blackstone grill.
  • The handle has been designed for your comfort and ease while grilling.

How can you Use it?

Now you’ve bought a grill press but don’t know how to use it? Chill out! We’ll guide you!

You need to preheat the grill-press over a flame to use it. After it’s hot, press it on egg sandwiches or meat, this will help you cook them from both sides and reduce cooking time.

8. Stainless Steel Melting dome

Next, we have the melting dome. The name describes what it can do well; it’s used to “melt” cheese for your burgers, steaks, or even eggs on your Blackstone griddle! It can also help you cook the food from the top by creating an oven, effect so that you can make pizza on a Blackstone griddle.

Have you ever had food cooked well from one side but not from the other? The melting dome helps eliminate this problem by evenly cooking your food. It can also help you smoke food. The big diameter of this dome covers a large area allowing you to cook more food.


  • The rolled edges help you set the dome easily on any flat surface.
  • The high-quality stainless steel makes this melting dome rust-resistant and durable.
  • It is designed perfectly to trap heat from the grill and send it towards the food on all sides, helping cook it evenly and melt the cheese.
  • It also helps trap the smoke, infusing your burgers and steaks with a smoky twist.

How can you Use it?

Usually, the melting dome is used in conjunction with a cooling rack. It’s unnecessary, though, as you can just place the melting dome on top of the meat and let it cook. Melting cheese is also simple. You just put the dome on top for a bit to melt it evenly.

You can also steam vegetables on your Blackstone grill with the help of the melting dome. Spill some water on the veggies and place the dome on top. The water will turn to steam and become trapped, leading to tasty steamed vegetables for your pleasure.

Since the melting dome is versatile, you can use it for cooking pizza on a Blackstone griddle or turning your griddle into a smoker.

9. Silicone Pastry Brushes

The next tool among our must-have Blackstone accessories that will aid your griddling adventure, is the pastry brush. Thanks to their highly heat-resistant properties, the Warmbuy silicone pastry brushes are perfect for your Blackstone griddle. They can withstand up to 315 degrees celsius, so grilling won’t even faze them. 

A steel rod has been molded inside the handle to make it sturdy for your pleasure. Thanks to the silicon material, no more worries about the bristle heads falling off! 

The brush is also easy to clean too, and they’re dishwasher safe!

How can you Use it?

Traditionally, they’re used in baking to apply egg or glaze cakes. On your Blackstone griddle, You can use the brushes to apply a marinade or sauce to the meat being grilled on your Blackstone griddle.

Another job a basting brush does well is if you need to apply some oil on the go, it helps you precisely apply a thin layer without it being too much.


  • They can help you evenly apply marinade and sauces to your meats.
  • If you want to apply oil, they can aid you in using it evenly.
  • They’re made from high-quality silicone, which is highly heat and cold-resistant (-40℃ to 315℃).
  • They’re sturdy and durable.

10. Stainless Steel Butter Wheel

You might never even heard of this tool, but it’ll make your life so much easier… No more using a butter knife to butter up your bread or butter buns! Just place the butter inside, and the wheel will do it for you!

This convenient little tool is an excellent choice when serving large groups of people, saving your time to focus on the more important tasks!


  • The Cuisinart butter wheel is perfect. Thanks to the large capacity, it can hold 2-3 sticks of butter at a time so that you don’t have to refill it again and again!
  • It’s super easy to use and convenient. We all know it’s a chore buttering up bread with a knife. The butter wheel will negate that issue and save time!
  • The butter wheel evenly spreads melted butter on your bread for the best taste.

How can you Use it?

This is a unique tool, so you might not know how to use it, but don’t worry! It’s easy to use. 

Place the tray on your Blackstone griddle and let it warm up. Place the sticks of butter inside it and let them melt. 

After they have melted, put the butter wheel in position. Now hold the bread to the wheel and rotate it. As you turn the wheel, it disperses the butter across the bread with the help of the perforated wheel.

11. Squeeze Bottles

When you’re using your Blackstone griddle, you constantly use oil and water, whether during grilling or even while you’re cleaning up at the end. A pair of squeeze bottles are fantastic for holding oil and water so that you can easily apply them anywhere.

The squeeze bottles are cheap but a versatile and helpful Blackstone grill accessory. You can even buy multiple for holding sauces other than oil and water.


  • They make well-fitted and high-quality caps that stay in a place open or closed. They prevent any leaks well.
  • You can use them to store water, oil, or sauces for pouring.
  • They’re highly durable and can be reused many times.
  • They add a lot of flavor to your culinary creations.
  • They’re dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning too.
  • They’re pretty cheap and won’t break the bank even if you buy more than two.

How can you use it?

The first step in using the squeeze bottles is filling them up. You open the lids, pour anything inside, and close the lid firmly. Then when you want to pour the sauce or water on your grill, open the cap and pour the liquid with great precision where you point.

12. ThermoPro TP19 Waterproof Digital Meat Thermometer

Have you ever grilled steak on your Blackstone grill and didn’t know if you cooked it to perfection? Well, that’s what the Digital meat thermometer is for! You use it to check the temperature of the meat so that you can grill it to perfection!

The digital thermometer is convenient and saves time, you don’t need to wait for the temp reading, and it instantly tells you the temperature, unlike an analogue one.

With the help of the digital thermometer, say goodbye to guessing if you have perfectly cooked your meat and know the temperature precisely for the best steaks ever!


  • The thermometer reading is super fast and highly accurate, it can get readings within 2-3 seconds, and it’s precise, as close as 0.5 degrees Celsius.
  • The display is 2.0 inches and auto-rotating; it flips right side up intuitively, so no matter the angle, it’ll provide the best view no matter the angle.
  • It has motion sensing on and off, meaning you can focus on more critical tasks without worrying about powering it up or down.
  • It’s waterproof and can be rinsed off with water with no problems!
  • You can use the magnetic back to attach the thermometer to a refrigerator or any metal surface for easy storage. It even has a hole so that you can hang it.

How can you use it?

The digital thermometer is a treat to use! To use it, just open the probe, and it’ll automatically turn on! Then you just stick the probe inside the meat and wait for 2-3 seconds, after which you’ll get an accurate reading of what temperature the meat is!

Now, you don’t need to turn it off; just close the probe, and it’ll shut down itself!

13. Grill Splatter Mat

Are you sick and tired of food and oils falling through your Blackstone grill, causing a mess to be created? 

Worry not! The grill splatter mat is here to save the day! It puts your mind at ease, so you don’t have to worry about splatters or food particles falling below.

The Blackstone grill splatter mat helps you cook small and delicate foods such as some vegetables and eggs without worrying. You place it under your grill on the deck or patio so that if anything trickles down, it’ll fall on the mat and prevent any messes on your patio.


  • The size is perfect for most standard-sized griddles.
  • It’s easy to clean up; you just need to rinse with water from a garden hose.
  • They manufacture it from high-quality weather-resistant materials, allowing it to last a long time.
  • Non-slip rubber underneath it prevents it from slipping and moving around under your patio.

How can you use it?

You use the splatter mat like any other one at home. You lay it top-side up on the deck and flatten it out. Afterward, just wheel your Blackstone griddle on top, and you’re ready to go! 

Though the splatter mat is a perfect fit for most decks, don’t use it if you have composite decking, as it may cause discoloration if water pools under it.

14. Blackstone 1182 Carry Bag

The following essential accessory for your Blackstone grill is the carry bag. Do you want to take your grill on an outdoor adventure in the woods? Then the carry bag is a must-have for you! It helps you take good care of your griddle.

The carry bag is perfect for preventing scratches and scruffs on your new Blackstone griddle. This bag keeps your grill safe, especially during the most challenging part; transportation.

It has been made from heavy-duty 600 D polyester that can withstand almost everything nature can throw. In addition, it comes with carrying handles that offer you a fantastic grip without worry.

With the help of this carry bag, you can set up a Barbecue anytime and anywhere! It also provides year-round protection as it’s weather resistant. The carry bags are available in the following sizes:

However, the 36 inches blackstone griddle is not available now.


  • They specifically designed this carry bag for a 28’’ Blackstone griddle for the perfect fit.
  • Because of its heavy-duty 600 D polyester, this durable bag protects your griddle against dust, wind, and the sun.
  • The carrying handles are stable and provide the best grip for carrying without worry.
  • An accessory pocket helps you to keep little accessories.

How can you use it?

The carry bag is relatively easy to use. First, you need to fold your grill. Then open the bag and place the grill inside it. Zip the bag up carefully, and you’re ready for your trip!

You should avoid scratching the surface of the carry bag with any sharp objects and keep it away from fire at all times. Lastly, let the grill cool down before storing it inside.

15. Neon Mist Spray Bottle

You don’t want to use squeeze bottles with your Blackstone grill? Do you have spray bottles lying around at home? You can even use them in place of squeeze bottles! They can hold water and oil for easy dispensing onto the grill.

Or maybe you have squeeze bottles and want something to clean your Blackstone griddle with? The spray bottles can hold cleaning soap, and you can use them to quickly and efficiently dispense soap or water onto your griddle for easy cleaning.

How can you use it?

  • Perfect for holding cleaning spray or water to clean up your grill afterward.
  • The cap doesn’t leak.
  • You can easily dispense water or cleaning spray on your grill.
  • It can even hold oil in emergencies.

16. Blackstone Cleaning Kit

Are you looking for something more specialized for cleaning than a simple spray bottle? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with the Blackstone grill cleaning kit! They made every tool in the kit to a high standard for fantastic results!

They make the tools from stainless steel and quality composite, making them highly durable. This kit features eight tools, including a heavy-duty griddle scraper to remove debris, food, and other residues.

They include 2 handles and 3 scouring pads to help you clean griddle tops whether they’re wet or dry; the replaceable pads rinse clean and resist clogging. 2 grill bricks are a revolutionary way to clean your Blackstone grill.


  • Blackstone has manufactured them with the highest-quality materials which will last you a long time thanks to their fantastic durability.
  • The cleaning tools are dishwasher-safe to clean your grill easily.
  • The grill brick can help you clean your grill and remove cooked-on grime. It can work on hot or cold surfaces alike.

How to clean up your Blackstone grill?

To clean a flat-top grill, first, you need to light up the grill and make it hot. Scrape all the foodstuff with the scrapper. After scraping up the food particles, spray the griddle with water with the help of the spray bottle. Then scrape the grill again and get the particles you couldn’t get before. Even if you’re cleaning your flat top griddle with vinegar or removing the Blackstone griddle rust, you’ll need these accessories.

Then at the end, oil up the cooking surface and store it!

What are some other Blackstone Accessories you should have?

Despite the fact, we haven’t included some other grill tools for your Blackstone, as per your individual grilling needs, you might need to get them:

17. Griddle Wind Guards

Griddle wind guards can be a must-have if you often do grilling outdoors. However, we can’t suggest any specific wind guard for Blackstone griddles that vary in sizes depending on the number of burners. So, you’ll need to do independent research to get yours.

18. Batter Dispenser

If you often make pancakes for your large family, a spatula might not help you and you might need a batter dispenser. If it’s the case, you can opt for this incredible NorPro batter dispenser.

19. Blackstone Griddle Cover

Grill cover can be essential to ensure your Blackstone griddle’s longevity. But you’ll have to get a suitable griddle cover according to your griddle’s size. You can find Blackstone griddle covers in two sizes:

 So, get yours if you haven’t already bought one for your griddle.

20. Blackstone Grease Cup Liner

The grease cup liner might seem insignificant, they can save you from troublesome cleaning. 1 pack can go for several months.

What are Must-Have Blackstone Grill Accessories for you?

Although the world of Blackstone grill accessories is expansive and confusing for most people. For instance, your might have known well about the Blackstone accessory kit, yet it’s not enough. On the other hand, when it’s about cleaning your griddle, you have to list the grill cleaning accessories, yet at that point, it’s a better idea to get the Blackstone cleaning kit, instead of ordering each tool separately.

This is why we’ve listed all these accessories after thorough research; we have included some accessories but eliminated others too. We hope that the list of accessories we have compiled will help you choose the best tools for your enjoyment.

The tools you choose depend on various factors, the usage, the grilling area, and many others. We hope whichever you choose will make grilling outdoors more enjoyable and comfortable. is a participant in the Amazon Associate program and will earn from qualifying purchases.