Top 7 Built-in Natural Gas Grills for 2024 – Most Detailed Reviews

Have you been struggling to get the best built-in natural gas grills for so long? Time is to relax because your struggle is going to give you awe-inspiring results now. 

Do you want to know how? Doubtlessly, this is going to be the most appropriate place to select the right product for your backyard.   

You’ll find the internet overloaded with content sharing built-in gas grills options with you. But we’re here to share only the best products that are matchless both in performance and appearance. After reading the entire content, you can go for any of them, even with blind trust. 

Let’s go ahead and step into the section of reviews.

Reviews of the Best Built in Grills Natural Gas

Let’s go ahead and step into the best natural gas grills reviews. 

1. Bull Outdoor Products 26039 Natural Gas Grill

Bull Outdoor Products has gained excellence in introducing excellent built-in gas grills to the customers. Its 26039 model is one of the top-line natural gas grills and is becoming the first choice of many bbq lovers. 

The stainless steel body, compact size, and spacious cooking area are the eye-catching features of this product. Let’s have a glimpse at its features. 

Quick Features

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Stainless Steel Durable Material
  • Spacious Cooking Area
  • 4 Porcelain Coated Burners
  • Cooking Power of 60,000 BTUs
  • Small to Medium in Size

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of this grill makes it easy to use. The dome-shaped lid can give proper coverage to the food even in bad weather conditions. Here’s also a temperature gauge on the grill lid. The four temperature control knobs let you easily control the temperature according to the requirements. 

Furthermore, it comes with a smoker box to give you the perfect smoky flavor. Searing burner and grease tray liner are also present in this grill.

Stainless Steel Durable Material

Do you know the best and the most durable material for the built-in gas grills? Without any doubt, it’s 304 grade stainless steel. And this grill from Bull Outdoor Products is made with the same material. 

The durable construction makes it perfect to use outdoors. Not just the outer structure, but the grates are also of stainless steel. In short, you can’t doubt the product’s durability at all. 

That’s why most people prefer going with this grill to any other high-priced one. Once you buy it, it will serve you for more than a decade. 

Spacious Cooking Area

Here is your required product for those looking for a grill with a large cooking area. This grill comes with 810 square inches of cooking space. 

Therefore, making various food items in a single batch won’t be challenging. And you can serve food to your whole family at a single time. 

Not the cooking area, but you’ll find this grill with a warming rack. After you’ve cooked your food, transfer it to the warming rack. This rack will keep your food warm and ready to serve. 

Apart from this, you can also use this 210 Square inches of warming rack to heat the buns. No doubt, it’s such a helpful thing in your grill. 

4 Porcelain Coated Burners

Here comes one of the essential features of this grilling station. Four porcelain-coated bar burners can give uniform heat distribution under the cooking surface. 

Additionally, you can easily control all four burners separately. Bull Outdoor Products claims to provide you with trouble-free cooking with this product. And no doubt it is true.

This grill is equipped with reliable piezo igniters to make it easy to use. So you aren’t going to face any difficulty in turning the burners on. Just a single push and the burners will start heating the cooking area.

Cooking Power of 60,000 BTUs

A fantastic addition to the features of this grill is the high burner output. Can you believe this grilling device is with 60,000 BTUs? Yes, it is. 

No matter what you want to cook on the grill, you can quickly get the ideal temperature according to your food. Undoubtedly, this BTU level will be perfect for all the food items including steaks and veggies. 

Small to Medium in Size

This built-in gas grill isn’t going to cause space problems on your patio. That’s because it’s a small to medium-sized grill with the dimensions of 25 x 30 x 22 inches. 

You won’t need a spacious room or ample space on your patio to place this grill. Just a medium-sized space can work perfectly. 

Apart from all these features, there are some points that the manufacturer should improve. The main problem that you can face using this grill can be occasional gas leakage. 

The knobs and the hood might easily get rusted in a humid environment.  So, you’ll need to take extra care.

Thirdly, the electric starter can also stop functioning after some time. 


  • Easy to fit in a small-sized space. 
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Perfect for making a large batch of food at a single time.
  • Trouble-free to assemble.
  • Easy-peasy to clean.


  • You can face the leakage of gas.
  • The knobs and the hood might easily get rusted. 
  •  The electric starter can also stop functioning after some time. 

2. WEBER Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Grill 

Here is an amazing addition to the best built in natural gas grills listing. This addition is of Weber Summit S-660. Weber is undoubtedly the master in making top-class built-in grills. 

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll be aware of this brand. Let’s find out more about this grill from Weber.

Quick Features

  • Perfectly Designed Body with Stainless Steel Durability
  • Wide Grilling Area
  • 6 Steel Burners
  • Amazing BTU Range
  • Medium to Large Sized Grill

Perfectly Designed Body with Stainless Steel Durability

You’ll get this grill with a dome-shaped head having a temperature gauge on it. Sear burner, rotisserie burner, ample storage space, easy-to-move temperature knobs, stainless steel smoker box, rod cooking grates, stainless steel flavorizer bars, and what else is present in this grilling station? 

The solid 304 grade stainless steel construction is the name of high durability. Therefore, you can call this product super durable and sturdy. 

This natural gas unit is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel. So go for it without bringing any doubt about it to your mind. 

Meanwhile, you’ll find the same material in manufacturing the smoker box, burners, and grill grates. In short, every single part of this grill claims to be highly durable. 

Wide Cooking Area

Do you love arranging outdoor dinners every weekend? Do your kids love to have evening parties with their friends? Okay, so you need to have a grill with a large grilling area. 

This grill offers you 769 square inches of cooking space with a primary cooking area of 624 square inches. 

Thus you can make chicken steaks, hamburgers, grilled sandwiches, and many more in a single batch. When done making your food, place it on the warming rack. 

6 Stainless Steel Burners

This built-in gas grill has six stainless steel burners to heat a large cooking area. These are easy to control with the individual ignition system. 

Hold on, are you still worried about the distribution of heat in this grill? No need to worry as these six burners are matchless to provide even heat distribution. 

With the even distribution of heat, all the sides of the cooking grate will equally get heat and will heat up at the same time at the same temperature. 

Amazing BTU Range

The next notable feature of this product is the excellent BTU value. This grill is made with a cooking power of 60,000 BTU per hour, like the first product. 

There is also a smoker box, so you’ll also get a smoker burner that is with a power of 6,800 BTU per hour. Apart from this, the infrared sear burner has an input of 10,600 BTU per hour. 

What else do you expect to have in it? It has an infrared rear-mounted rotisserie burner with a 10,600 BTU per hour input. 

In short, this is the most excellent gas grill you can ever have.  

Medium to Large Sized Grill

Doubtlessly, this is the perfect grill for those who don’t have any space issues. It’s medium to large with 31 x 42 x 51 inches dimensions. 

With so many other unique features, its large size won’t be an issue at all. 

Keeping all these points aside, we want to make you aware of some other points. 

Can you compromise with a grill that is superb in features but has a rusty body? Never!

Unfortunately, the grill body can start catching rust. Secondly, the knobs can easily break. Lastly, and most importantly, you might face a gas leakage problem with this grill. 


  • High heat retention and even distribution.
  • Simple to assemble.
  • Pretty easy to use and clean.
  • It gives perfect sear marks.
  • 10 Years warranty is most helpful.


  • The knobs can break after some time.
  • After years of usage, the main problem you can face is the rusting of the body. (This might be mainly due to the user’s negligence.)
  • You might face the problem of gas leakage with this grill. 

3. Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 Built-in Grill Head

A grill with the night light control knobs, infrared rear burner, and other unique features is all you need to enjoy the outdoor dinners. Are you also looking for the same grill? 

This device can also serve you as a charcoal grill. It can become possible by using the optional charcoal tray for cooking.

That’s great because you’ve reached your dreamy grilling device now. We bet you won’t look toward any other grill after going through its features. 

Quick Features

  • Stylish Design
  • Stainless Steel Durable Material
  • Ample Grilling Area
  • 4 Stainless Steel Main Burners 
  • Outstanding BTU Range
  • Compact Sized Body

Stylish Design

Cuisinart has made this grilling station with a rotisserie system to give you perfect and relish rotisserie meals. There are also iconic wave cooking grids that give amazing sear marks on your food. 

Through the temperature gauge mounted on the lid, you can monitor the temperature of your grilling device. The night light control knobs make cooking easy for you at night. The easy-to-lift lid, infrared, and rear burner add completion to the design.

Stainless Steel Durable Material

One of the important points that catches every buyer’s attention is the material’s durability. This durability is due to the solid stainless steel construction. 

Not the outer body, but the cooking grids and sear plates are also made with the same material. The dual-level stainless steel sear plates leave the perfect sear marks. 

Rather than investigating longevity and sturdiness, give it a try. It won’t leave you disappointed. 

Ample Cooking Area

Are you among those who need a large cooking surface? Napoleon has made this grill with an ample cooking surface of 760 square inches. 

It’s more than enough to make grilled pork chops, grilled cabbage steaks, sticky grilled chicken, chicken wings, and portabella mushrooms in a single batch. 

So your parties will be more interesting by making a great variety of delicious grilled items. 

4 Stainless Steel Burners 

This grill has four burners made with stainless steel to give the cooking surface instant yet even heat. Moreover, all of these burners have the Jetfire ignition system. Start the burners within a second, and they will instantly heat the cooking grates. 

Main burners are present in all the grills, but is there any specialty in this product? 

Yes, it has an additional burner. You’ll be glad to know that there’s also an infrared rear rotisserie burner. 

Outstanding BTU Range

One of the main reasons this grill is worth buying is the BTU level. Let us tell you that the burners of this grill have 66,000 BTUs. That’s immensely satisfying for grilling or cooking your food in a rotisserie. 

Compact Sized

Undoubtedly, this grill is a package of all the fantastic features despite its small size. The dimensions 22.25 x 25.5 x 32.5 inches clearly show that it’s a compact-sized grill. 

So it doesn’t demand a large spacious area. But a small corner of your patio can be enough to place your grilling station. 

Speaking of the shortcoming, the burner knobs might crack after a short period of regular use. The assembly instructions might be tricky to understand. Above all, the grease tray can be difficult to get in and out. 


  • LED control knobs make it easy to use at night. 
  • Easy to operate with the instant JETFIRE ignition system.
  • ACCU-PROBE temperature gauge lets you monitor the temperature. 
  • This outdoor grill comes with multiple burners. 
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Its burner knobs might crack after a short period of regular use.
  • The assembly instructions might be tricky to understand. 
  • The grease tray can be difficult to get in and out. 

4. Blaze Premium LTE Built-in Infrared Natural Gas Grill

The next grill that we will review in our list for best built in natural gas grills is a masterpiece from Blaze Outdoor Products. It’s a 40-inch natural gas grilling station with five main burners and a rear infrared burner. The grill lights make it super easy to cook at night. 

Do you want to know more about this product? You’re welcome.

Quick Features

  • Eye-Catching Design
  • Durable Stainless Steel Construction
  • Large Cooking Area
  • 5 Main Burners 
  • Matchless BTU Range
  • Small to Medium-Sized Body

Eye-catching Design

The silver-colored 5-burner built-in grill has a super stylish design with an easy lift roll top lid. Its patented triangular-shaped searing rods leave gorgeous sear marks all over the food. 

Moreover, you’ll also get six heat control knobs to direct the amount of heat according to your needs. The rear infrared burner, heat zone separators, flame tamers are also there to make this built-in grill worth buying. And yes, flavorizer bars prevent flare-ups and add authentic flavor to your food.

Durable Stainless Steel Construction

This premium grill from Blaze Outdoor Products is made with top-quality stainless steel. The premium material isn’t just used for the outer body, but it’s used for linear burners and flame tamers as well. Moreover, the grill is also with a double-lined stainless steel hood to retain maximum heat. 

Is it enough to ensure the durability and longevity of the grill? 

Large Cooking Area

Here comes the point for which you were waiting from the start. This built-in gas grill, like the other Blaze grills, is amazingly unrivaled in the size of its cooking surface. 

This built-in gas grill has topped in this feature. The total cooking surface is about 915 square inches, and that’s quite impressive.

Why not give your best to cook the relish meals on this grill to make your outdoor dinners memorable? 

5 Steel Burners

The production of heat is proportional to the number of burners, right?

With Blaze, you’ve got a five-burner built-in grill like this one?

These burners have full-width stainless steel flame tamers. And these flame tamers help to vaporize the drippings. Indeed five burners are enough, but there is something else to provide you with the perfect cooking experience. 

It’s the rear infrared burner that can maximize the flavor of your food to a great level. 

With the heat zone separators, you can easily set the different cooking times and the heat zones to get the food done according to your requirements. 

Moreover, the push and turn flame-thrower ignition system makes these burners super easy to light. You can also use the flash tube & crossover channels ignition system as a backup option. 

Is there anything left in making this grill second to none in unique features? 

Matchless BTU Range

Each of the burners of this built-in gas grill fulfills the demands of outdoor cooking, having a BTU of 14,000 per hour. That’s how all five burners make the total burner output of 70,000 BTUs. 

It’s the total BTUs of the five main burners, but the total BTUs of the grill is 80,000. Don’t you know how? That’s because of the addition of 10,000 BTUs of the rear infrared burner. 

Not only this, with its infrared system you’ll get a blast of heat to get your dishes cooked perfectly. Thus, you’ll get the maximum production and heat distribution in this built-in gas grill. 

Small to Medium-Sized Body

Having a compact-sized built-in gas grill is the need of most buyers. And this grill ensures area compatibility and easy maintenance.

Like most other Blaze grills, this grilling station is easy to fit in a medium-sized space. With its 25.75 x 39.5 x 21.25 inches dimensions. 

You can easily place it on an average-sized table at the side of your backyard. So don’t worry about having ample outdoor cooking space to keep this device. 

When all is said and done, we want to share some improvements that the buyers need to see in this product. Firstly and most importantly, you might face the problem of hot and cold spots. 

Secondly, there can be an uneven distribution of heat. Thirdly, the assembling instructions can be a bit confusing. 


  • Unchallenging to assemble.
  • Least or no flame flare-ups due to the flame stabilization grids.
  • Easy and simple cleanup with the full-width drip tray.
  • Heat zone separators divide the grilling surface into individual temperature zones. 
  • Illuminated control knobs make it easy to use at night.


  • You might face the problem of hot and cold spots. 
  • There can be an uneven distribution of heat in this outdoor grill.
  • Its assembling instructions can be a bit confusing. 

5. Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Natural Gas Grill

Here is the Bull Outdoor Products with the model number 87049 to be one of the best built in natural gas grills. This premium grill is an excellent piece of excellence and durability. 

Let’s find more about this product by going through the detailed note of its features. 

Quick Features

  • Simple Yet Attractive Design
  • High Durability
  • Wide Cooking Area
  • 4 Stainless Steel Burners 
  • High BTU Range
  • Small to Medium-Sized Body

Simple Yet Attractive Design

The gray-colored super stylish design catches everyone’s attraction. Twin lighting system, piezo igniters, good cooking power, smoker box, built-in temperature gauge, and stainless steel body all make this built-in grill the priority of most buyers. 

Grease tray liner and searing burner are also included in this grill.

High Durability

When the manufacturer is Bull Outdoor Products, how can one doubt the durability? Hey, we’re talking about the high-quality stainless steel in this built-in Bull Outdoor 87049 grill. The stainless steel body makes this built-in grill the priority of most buyers. That’s why the grill can serve you for quite a long time. 

Not just in the case of the outer material, but this gas grill has excelled in the material of the bar burners. Thus, your outdoor cooking won’t get affected even by harsh weather conditions like humidity or heavy rainfalls. (Still, we recommend you to take proper care of your product.)

Wide Cooking Area

How many square inches of cooking space do you prefer in a built-in grill? For the cooking space, this grill has a total cooking space of 810 square inches.

This space is divided into two parts. One is the primary cooking space of 600 sq inches. And the second part is a removable warming rack of 210 sq inches. 

Transfer your cooked food from the primary area to the warming rack to keep it fresh and ready to serve. Or you can use this space according to your needs. 

4 Steel Burners

One of the main factors in choosing the best built-in natural gas grills is the number of burners. And this grill has four main burners.

These welded bar burners provide a uniform heat distribution to the entire cooking surface. Plus, you won’t see any flare-ups of flame with the burners of this gas grill.

Furthermore, the piezo igniters present on every valve make it unchallenging to light the burners.

Apart from the main burners, this gas grill is also equipped with a smoker box. So you can get the authentic smoky flavor in your cooked food sitting on the patio of your house. 

In short, this natural gas grill is a complete outdoor kitchen one can have in the backyard.

The high BTU value is the next outclass feature we want to bring your attention to. Like the first and second gas grills, this grilling station has a total burner output of 60,000. 

High BTU Range

All four welded burners perform very well by immediately heating the entire cooking surface. Thus you’ll get perfectly cooked food within less time. 

Small to Medium-Sized Body

Lastly, we want to get your attention towards the size of this built-in gas grill. This grill has a medium-sized body. Thus it won’t make any problem of demanding a spacious area for its fitting.

That’s because the dimensions are 36 x 36 x 30 inches. So did you get some relaxation after knowing the dimensions? 

Sad to say that you can also face some problems using this gas grill. In the first place, the heat control system might not be good. The knobs can directly go from very high heat to almost shut off. 

And there might not be any middle point. That’s why the food items that need to be cooked on medium flame might get burnt. 

Secondly, the burners can also make some loud noise. Thirdly, the cooking surface might be uneven. And you know very well that an uneven surface can either burn the food or leave it partially cooked.  


  • High durability.
  • Easy to install.
  • Simple to clean.
  • The twin lighting system makes the grill easy to use at night.
  • The piezo igniters make it a child’s play to light the burners.


  • The knobs can directly go from very high heat to almost shut off.
  • Its burners can also make some loud noise.
  • The cooking surface might be uneven.

6. Napoleon BIPRO825RBINSS-3 Built-in Natural Gas Grill

Do you want to add something attractive to your outdoor kitchen? Here comes one of the super stylish stainless steel grills from Napoleon. Napoleon’s built-in grills tend to have all the amazing features of the best outdoor cooking station. 

This built-in grill is undoubtedly one of the well-known brands for making outdoor kitchen devices. 

Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about this outdoor cooking device. 

Quick Features

  • Inovative Design
  • Highly Durable Body
  • Spacious Cooking Plate
  • 6 Steel Burners 
  • Amazing BTU Range
  • Medium Sized Body

Inovative Design

This built-in grill is made with all the latest designs having iconic wave cooking grids, sear plates, rotisserie kit, rear infrared burners, infrared bottom burner, smoker tray, and temperature gauge on the lid. Thus, what you get is an undisturbed complete BBQ experience.

Highly Durable Body

This stainless steel grill can give you service longer than the other built-in grills. 

The main burners, sear plates, and outer body are top-quality stainless steel. Not just durability and longevity, but you’ll also find the grill resistant to rust. 

Indeed this is one of the great features a best built-in gas grill can possess. All in all, this durable gas grill can become the crown jewel of your outdoor kitchen. 

Spacious Cooking Plate

Are you fond of arranging outdoor dinners and parties? This best built-in gas grill offers you a total cooking space of 825 square inches to let you cook 51 burgers at once. 

Not a burger fanatic? No worries, you can also make a large quality of chicken wings, pork chops, chicken steaks, and whatever you like to have at your outdoor parties. 

When done with cooking, you can use the 420 square inches of warming rack to keep your food warm.

6 Steel Burners

The built-in gas grill by Napoleon has two heads. These two heads possess six stainless steel burners to heat the grill grate and the cooking plate. 

Control these burners according to the requirements of your food as they’re with the easy control system. And this control system offers the option of controlling the burners separately. 

The grill also includes direct searing. Another one is indirect cooking with infrared rear burner and bottom burner. Additionally, the rear infrared rotisserie burner to enjoy the perfect rotisserie-cooked food at your home. 

Amazing BTU Range

After going through all the above-discussed product reviews, you’ll come to know that this built-in gas grill has the highest heating power

It has 88,000 BTUs per hour of cooking power. And it’s perfectly enough to get the intense flavors in your meals and get an even distribution of heat under the grilling space. 

Apart from these main burners, there’s also an infrared rear burner with 18,000 BTUs. So let’s try rotisserie cooking to fulfill your craving for the restaurant-style whole turkeys at your home. 

Medium Sized Body

The size of the product is the last point to keep in consideration. Neither too large nor too small, but this built-in grill is perfect in size. We call it perfect in size based on its medium-sized body. 

Item dimensions are 25.25 x 56 x 25.25 inches. We’re sure you’ll find it so easy to place in your backyard. 

But there can be another side of the picture too. One of the main problems you can face is flame flare-ups with this built-in grill. And this can be pretty dangerous. 

Secondly, the control knobs might stop working after some time. And it can be a bit difficult to clean.


  • Multiple burners to give you versatile cooking options.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Simple to use with the control knobs. 
  • The LED night light knobs make it easy to cook at night.
  • Unparalleled durability.


  • You can face fire flare-ups using this gas grill. 
  • Its control knobs might stop working after some time.
  • It can be a bit difficult to clean.

7. Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill

The last review of the best built in natural gas grills is of model number L75623 from Lion Premium Grills. The stunning white-colored natural gas grill is undoubtedly beyond your expectations regarding its features. 

Place it near a natural gas line in your patio, and you’re ready to use it. 

Quick Features

  • Chic Design and Compact Body
  • High Durability with Stainless Steel Construction
  • Ample Grilling Area
  • 4 Steel Burners 
  • High BTU Range

Chic Design and Compact Body

You can’t be left unimpressed if you look at its sleek design. The infrared burner, interior lights, push-to-turn knobs, and temperature gauge make it superior among other built-in grills. The rotisserie kit included in the package further adds worth to this best built-in gas grill. 

Size might or might not be an issue while choosing the built-in gas grills. But unwind all your stress as your outdoor kitchen isn’t going to face any such problem. 

You’ll get this product with the dimensions of 24.25 x 32 x 21.5 inches. Even a small-sized space can perfectly hold this grill. 

High Durability with Stainless Steel Construction

Like the other gas grills of Lion Premium Grills, this one also has a commercial-grade stainless steel construction. If you’re a pro in buying the built-in grills, you might know how durable this material is. 

Apart from this, there’s also a double layer seamless welded stainless steel smoker head. It will be retaining heat for longer than the average time. 

Furthermore, the cooking grates, grilling surface, smoker box all are made to meet the standards of the best gas grill.

Ample Grilling Area

You can invite all of your family members to outdoor dinners as this built-in grill can make a good quantity of food in a single turn. 

Let us break the suspense by saying that there are 830 sq inches of the entire cooking area. This grilling area is perfect for making 53 to 55 burgers at a time. So outdoor dinners and parties are no more tricky tasks for you now. 

Plus, the adjustable warming racks keep a different value in this gas grill. Go with grilling the buns on this rack, or use it to keep your food warm.

4 Stainless Steel Burners 

The cooking grids and grates will get enough heat with the four cast stainless steel burners. And this is undoubtedly the first and the foremost requirement for getting perfectly cooked food on a built in grill. 

Apart from these main burners, there’s also an infrared rotisserie burner to give you delicious rotisserie meals. Are you worried about the knobs? 

No need to fret because this built-in grill is equipped with push-to-turn knobs. These knobs make it easy to control the heat of the burners. 

High BTU Range

Like all the other built-in gas grills of this brand, this one also has a good BTU level. 

As a whole, all the burners of this natural gas grill have a heat output of 75,000 BTUs. So they’re going to provide you with fantastic cooking results with constant heat under the grates. 

Here comes the other side of the picture that wants to grasp your attention about some crucial points. This one might also get hot and cold spots like some other built-in grills.

Uneven distribution of heat might be the main reason for this. The heat control knobs can also become so hot that you can’t even touch them.


  • It is pretty easy to use at night due to the interior lights.
  • The rotisserie kit of this built-in grill gives the perfect rotisserie meals in your backyard. 
  • Availability of push-to-turn knobs to control the burners.
  • Highly sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • This built-in grill might get hot and cold spots.
  • You can face uneven heat problem.
  • Its heat control knobs can also become so hot that you can’t even touch them.

How can you Choose the Best Built in Gas Grills Natural Gas?

Can you dare to buy a product without having enough information about it? Indeed no. If you do so, you’ll end up making the wrong choice. That’s why we advise you to go through the buying guide of the best built-in gas grills. 

Here’re some of the most crucial points that you must check when buying a product. These include,

  • Design
  • The durability of outer and inner body
  • Cooking Area
  • Number of Burners
  • Burner Output
  • Size 


A perfectly designed grill has a few essential parts. These include the rotisserie kit, sear burner, rear infrared burner. Also, look for a grill with an installed smoker box and temperature gauge to monitor the temperature of your device. 

Easy-to-move temperature control knobs, large storage space, side burners, and flavorizer bars are important to note while buying an excellent built-in grill. 

High Durability 

Of course, none want to spend on the same product twice. As these grills are to be placed outdoors, they should be sturdy enough to face harsh weather conditions. 

Therefore, it’s essential to check the quality of the material before buying the natural gas grill. When you’ve so many options available among materials, what are the unexcelled options to go for? 

The first name that comes to our mind is 304 stainless steel and the second one is aluminum. There’s a big yes for both of these materials as they can serve you for quite a long time. 

Not just capable of the blazing sun and the cold nights, but they won’t let your grill fall into the problem of rust. 

Durability isn’t just connected to the outer body, but you should also look for the sturdy material inside. We’re talking about the material of the grill grates. Look for porcelain-coated steel, stainless steel, or cast iron for the grates. 

All of these are amazing in their heat retention properties, but you should also know that the last one might need some extra care to keep it protected from the attack of rust. 

Cooking Space

Most of the buyers are majorly concerned about the cooking space. And why shouldn’t they? They have the right to choose their desired product. 

Some want to buy a grill with a spacious cooking area to make food for a large family. Also, some people hunt for a grill with a medium-sized cooking area. 

You won’t find recommendations regarding the cooking space. Whether large or small, definitely go for it if it’s of your required size. 

Hold on, when we’re discussing the cooking area, how can we forget to talk about the warming rack? 

If you have to grill for a large party and want to serve the whole food at once, getting a grill with a significant warming rack should be your priority. 

Number of Burners

Not all the grills are the same in terms of burners. You’ll find some with just a single burner and some with multiple burners like four to five. 

Here it’s essential to discuss that the heat distribution mainly depends on the number of burners. If you have a grill with just a single burner, you might not get an even distribution of heat under the large cooking surface. 

So always keep in mind that the more the number of burners, the better is that grill. Grills with more burners will cook your food faster and provide even heat distribution. That’s why go with the built-in gas grills that come with more burners. 

Having some additional infrared rotisserie burner or searing burner is a plus point for that grill.

Burner Output or BTUs

We all know that BTUs are the British Thermal Units, and it lets you know how much heat a grill can produce. Not just the number of burners, but check out the burner output or the burner output before putting your hands on any grill. 

You might have heard that the more the BTUs, the better it is. No, more is not always better in all cases. 

In the case of the built-in gas grills, you want to achieve an ideal cooking temperature, not the highest possible temperature range. 

Some grills with four to five burners offer the BTU range of 50,000 to 70,000. And some have less than this. Don’t rush toward the high BTU but look for one that provides an ideal temperature range for your cooking. 


Just like the previous point, you’ve to consider the same concept that “bigger isn’t always better.” 

Suppose you find someone saying that bigger grills are better than the smaller ones. Don’t do anything else but simply ignore it because it’s not right in all cases. 

That’s because when you buy a large-sized grill, it surely needs more gas for functioning. And it might not suit you. 

Firstly, determine the right size by considering the available space on your patio. Secondly, think about your requirements for how many people you’ll need to make food on it. After this, you can choose the right one. 

FAQs About Best Built-in Gas Grills

How long should a best built-in gas grill last? 

Without any doubt, the best built-in gas grill should serve you for almost ten years. If you properly take care of it, your grill can last for more than a decade. 

What is the best built-in gas grill? 

If you are hunting for the best built-in grill with a rotisserie kit, rotisserie burner, more burners, high BTUs, and a medium-sized body, go for Napoleon BIPRO825RBINSS-3 Built-in Natural Gas Grill. 

Other discussed products are also worth buying concerning their features. 

Are built-in gas grills worth it?

Indeed built-in grills are the best choice to add to your outdoor kitchen. There’s no significant difference between the propane grills and natural gas grilling stations. 

The built-in gas grills are more convenient to use. Plus, they are free from the risk of running out of fuel. 

They’re worth buying, and you should give them a try. 

Our Final Thoughts

Revamp your outdoor kitchen by bringing the best built-in grill from the above-discussed options. Undoubtedly all of them are top-of-the-range built-in grills, with each having superior features to the others. 

If your primary concern is to have a built-in grill with a large cooking surface, infrared burner, and a rotisserie kit, you should put your hands on the BIPRO825RBINSS-3 model from Napoleon.

WEBER Summit S-660 Built-In Natural Gas Grill and Napoleon BIP500RBNSS-3 Natural Gas Grill are also excellent options to consider for these features. 

When all is said and done, we want you to grab the best built-in gas grill according to your requirements. So go, grasp the best version and flaunt it in your outdoor kitchen. 

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