7 Best Portable Pellet Grills for 2024 – Most Detailed Reviews

Portable pellet grills are the perfect solution if you crave the wood-fired flavor taste in the food. Pellet grills are indeed famous for their epic taste, like charcoal grills.

You can cook almost everything on it for the next gathering like chicken, burgers, turkey, ribs, brisket, wings, salmon, etc. But there’s a catch: first, you need to pick the best pellet grill among the hundreds of brands that are waiting for you in the market. 

Heave a sigh of relief; you don’t have to spend hours checking every grill in detail because we’re here for you. We’ll assist you in the process of getting the best portable pellet grill with our recommendations and buying guide.  

You only need to give this article a mindful read by sparing 20 minutes only. Here we come.

Best Portable Pellet Grills Reviews

Here we begin with the top seven portable pellet grills. 

1. Traeger Grills Ranger Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Let’s start with one of the Traeger brand‘s most amazing portable wood pellet grills. It has a beautiful design in jet black color that will be a great addition to your home or camping sites. Portability is another feature that makes this grill the best choice for a person who’s fond of traveling. 

Quick Features 

  • Easy pick-up and go option 
  • Build Quality 
  • Incredible Cooking Performance 
  • Comfy Cleaning 
  • Additional Features 

Easy pick-up and go option. 

Have you thought about how easy life will be if you get a Traeger grill? You’ll never have to cancel the bbq party on trips because the grill doesn’t fit in the vehicle.

The size and weight of this successor to Traeger Scout are suitable for travel. The full height of the grill cover is only 13 inches, and the weight is 60 lbs, which means you can take it anywhere with little effort.

Build Quality 

You should always prefer the grill that offers a longer lifespan. So, check the built-in quality of the grill.

When it’s about Tragers’ portable pellet grill, you’ll receive an appealing grill in a briefcase shape cover that is equipped with two latches that guarantee safety during traveling. In the same way, the grill’s powder-coated exterior maximizes durability. 

The porcelain-enameled grates ensure a longer life span for your best portable pellet grill, being rust-resistant, and rust affects the quality. So apprehend that you’re making a lasting investment.

Cooking Performance 

What will happen if you purchase a portable grill with terrible cooking performance? For sure, it’s a nightmare but never mind.

You’ll not face such a situation with this best portable pellet grill; here are the reasons:

The cooking performance is superb. You can cook everything from BBQ to burgers, smoke, and bake in oven heat, all thanks to the digital arc controller that is available on the front side of the grill beside the latch. 

Remember that the grill doesn’t feature PID technology, but it shows outstanding performance and provides a maximum temperature of 450°f. So there’s one thing for sure, you won’t face any issues of hot and cold spots on the grill. 

Cooking Space and Cleaning 

As mentioned in the name, it is portable, so don’t expect the space of luxurious grills. But wait, we’re not saying that it is bad. 

The size of this grill is 20 inches in diameter and 21 inches in width, which provides advantages. Like you can place it anywhere; even a small table will work great. 

The size again gives you an edge for cleaning as you don’t need to spend hours. The grease tray and bucket make the cleaning process quite easy. Both of these things work together, and grease drips automatically go down in the bucket. 

Aside from that, the hopper is available beside the grilling area, which is also easy to clean. And lastly, you’ve to clean the ashes of the pellet in the firepot. It’s up to you how you’ll clean; you can go for the vacuum cleaner or do it manually. 

Why Love this Grill?

  • Easy to clean
  • It is small in size. 
  • The cooking performance is outstanding. 
  • Travel friendly.
  • Built-in quality is good. 

What are the cons? 

  • It’s a bit pricey. 

2. Traeger Grills Tailgater 20 Portable Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Tailgater 20 portable wood pellet grill is another ideal option for Hodophiles. It’s a beautiful cylinder shape grill, small in size, and great for cooking outdoors e.g., on camping sites. Here are reasons why we love it:

Quick Features 

  • Portability and design 
  • Cooking performance  through complete temperature control 
  • Easy clean up


Portability is one of the biggest reasons why we love this grill. Now you don’t have to worry about whether it’ll fit in small spaces of the home or vehicles easily or not. 

But why do we think like that? 

Well, 36 inches in height (after unfolding the legs), 37 inches in width, and 62 pounds in weight can make anyone’s mind pick it on their next trip.

Many people feel unsatisfied with the grill after their first cooking experience.

Yet, the grill will make you happy here. Despite having compact dimensions, it offers enough space to cook up to ten burgers or three racks of ribs at a time. 

Therefore, this is not the grill you’re looking for if you want more space. 

Excellent Cooking Experience through Complete Temperature Control

Let’s move towards another feature which is temperature control. It is an essential part of all grills because the food taste depends on even cooking. 

The good news is that the grill’s digital arc controller gives you easy access to control the temperature according to the recipe requirement. You can cook on a minimum heat of 180 degrees Fahrenheit or a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit to get perfectly cooked steak or briskets. Thus, it guarantees cooking versatility to allow you to cook almost everything from ribs and turkey to pizza. 

Easy Cleaning

The grease management system of Trager’s portable grill is outstanding. Similarly, the grill grates are made with porcelain-coated steel known for rust-resistant quality. In short, quality is excellent; however, there’s a drawback,

The foldable legs are difficult to unfold and fold. You need to loosen the screws available on the legs for unfolding. Similarly, if you want to fold the legs, you’ve to tighten the screw. 

So be prepared because this process can irritate you in the beginning. 

Why do We Love This Grill?

  • It has good temperature control. 
  • Foldable legs offer more convenience in traveling. 
  • It is portable, but still, the cooking space is good. 
  • Good for traveling.

What are the cons?

  • Foldable legs are not easy to use. 
  • No-wifi connectivity. 
  • Expensive compared to other portable grills. 

3. Country Smokers CSPEL015010497 – Best Tabletop Pellet Grill & Smoker

Do you want a portable grill with a lot of features, good cooking performance, and an appealing design but on a budget? Look at the Country smoker CSPEL015010497 best tabletop pellet grill features because this is exactly what you need. 

Quick Features 

  • Compact in Design
  • Cooking Capacity 
  • Performance and Quality 
  • Easy-to-Clean 
  • Additional Features 

Weight and Dimension 

Among the best portable wood pellet grills and smokers, it’s famous for its compactness and other features. So let’s have a look at what’s so special about it?. 

The grill’s dimensions are 24.4 X 13.6 inches. Thus, it can easily fit in the car’s trunk with other necessary equipment. Aside from the dimension, the weight is also low (24 kg). You don’t need another person to assist you in lifting the grill. 

Cooking Capacity 

You might be thinking about how you’ll cook in the tiny cooking area, right? 

Well, you might be mistaken. Don’t forget it’s a portable pellet grill with a little compromise on dimensions.

The grill has two racks; the first one is the primary cooking area of 91.4 square inches. In comparison, the second food-warming removable rack is small ( 64.6 square inches). This warming rack is of great help to keep your burgers warm before serving.

Cooking Performance 

The cooking performance is undeniably excellent. You can cook anything, and you will not regret the taste of food; this is our guarantee. 

We’re so sure about it because the grill has a dial-in controller on the front side. Through the controller, you can set the grill temperature anywhere between 180°F to 500°F according to your recipe needs.

Design and Construction Quality 

The country smoker CS150PPG portable grill has an appealing exterior design with a black sand finish. Two latches are available on the front side beside the main steel handle to secure the equipment during travel. 

Aside from the latches, the grill is equipped with a built-in thermometer on the top. The thermometer will help you in temperature monitoring.  

Inside the grill, you’ll see the porcelain-coated grill grates and a big hopper for 3.5 pounds of wood pellets. Thus, the entire design favors it to be the best portable pellet grill.

Additional Features 

Do you know you’ll get a three-year warranty with this grill? Three years shows the confidence the company has in its products. 

Most amusingly, this warranty is not limited. It covers electrical components as well, along with the defects of artistry. 

Speaking of the drawbacks, we’ve noticed that the hopper is unsuitable for cooking and requires high temperatures. Plus, there’s no feature of wifi connectivity or an android app that notifies you about when you need to refill the hopper. 

Why Love this Grill?

  • It is portable. 
  • The grill comes with two racks. 
  • The cooking performance is good. 
  • You get a three years warranty. 
  • Budget-Friendly. 

What are the cons? 

  • The hopper is small. 
  • No-wifi connectivity. 

4. Camp Chef 20″ Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill, PPG20, Black

Here comes another pick in our list for our best portable pellet grills. It’s the “Camp Chef 20″ Pursuit Portable Pellet Grill.” 

It’s super portable, easy to clean, and has some fantastic features that made us choose it. Let’s have a look at what’s so special. 

Quick Features 

  • Ease of Mobility 
  • Cooking Capacity 
  • Easy-to-Clean 
  • Construction Quality 
  • Additional Features 

Ease of Mobility 

So are you thinking that a big, heavy-weight tabletop grill is unsuitable for the camping site? You’re right. 

But does that mean you can’t carry a grill while traveling? No, because camp chef 20″ pursuit portable pellet grill is the solution to your problem. 

It has a beautifully compact design with dimensions of 40X20. Hence, it can easily fit in the vehicle. 

But the weight of 100 pounds makes it a bit heavier if we compare it to the options we’ve shared above. To your happiness,  it also has foldable legs and heavy-duty wheels in it, which means you don’t have to lift it on your own. 

Cooking Capacity 

It’s time to check what the grill offers in cooking capacity. 

First, let’s talk about the dual rack that we like in the grill because these racks are more valuable. If you remember, we discussed the same feature above, but there is a big difference. 

You’ll mostly get a food warming rack in a small size in other grills. But here, the primary cooking space and the warming rack are the same sizes. Thus the entire cooking surface area is 501 square inches. Hence, you can cook more food without any hassle. 


The cleanup system in the grill is a savior. The grill is designed so that you just have to pull the lever on the side of the grill, and the ashes will automatically go into the ash pod. So you don’t need to waste your time by doing things manually.

Construction Quality

The construction quality is quite good; the lid has a great touch of stainless steel that looks beautiful. And the grates are also made of rust-resistant stainless steel material to be durable. In short, it is a great option to invest in as the grill will last long. 

Additional Features 

It features PID technology and a smoke controller, making it a perfect grill package. You can control the temperature according to the requirement. 

The hopper can hold up to 10 pounds of the wood pellet, which is in contrast to other options we’ve shared. The only thing that bothers us is the weight.

But, if you fold the grill and carry it through the wheels, this problem can be solved. Similarly, there can be a little issue with the shaking ashtray and hard-to-rotate wheels.

Why Love this Grill?

  • The construction quality is good.  
  • You can add 10 pounds of wood pellets to the hopper. 
  • It has foldable legs. 
  • PID technology and smoker control feature 
  • It’s easy to clean. 

What are the cons?

  • The price is high. 
  • Weight is heavy. 
  • The process of leg folding and unfolding is complex. 

5. Green Mountain Davy Crockett Sense Mate 

The internet makes life easy, right? If you’ve wifi-connection, you can keep an eye on anything, including grills, through apps. 

We’ve chosen Green Mountain Davy Crockett, among other portable pellet grills, for you. It offers wifi-connectivity along with other unique features. 

So let’s have a look at what’s so amazing about this grill.

Quick Features 

  • App and wifi-connectivity 
  • Built-in Quality 
  • Size and Design
  • Additional Features 

App and Wifi-Connectivity 

There’s one thing that no one likes checking the grill after every hour. The good thing is this is not the case with this grill. It comes with a wifi-connectivity feature. 

After connecting to wifi, you can download the official app of Green Mountain Grills. The app is available for both Android and iOS users. With this app, you can easily control the grill temperature with the palm of your hand.


The size is what we like about the grill. The length is only 29.92 inches, and the height is 21.65, so there’ll be no problem due to the size issue. 

Design and Quality 

The exterior of the grill looks superb and also sturdy. The grill has a beautiful steel lid with a handle on it. Besides the handle, the grill’s latches protect the grill parts throughout the trip. 

Equipment inside the grill is made of stainless steel, like the grates and side racks. The heat shield inside is made with heavy-duty material and will help in providing even heat to the entire rack. 

It is also equipped with a built-in thermal sensor to monitor the temperature inside the grill. 

Additional Features 

You’ll also get a grease tray and a bucket to save cleaning time. The foldable legs have been designed, so you can also use the legs as handles. 

It comes with hanging hooks on both sides to allow you to hang the required utensils. This way, you don’t have to look anywhere or spend time finding the utensils. 

The grill lets you enjoy peace of mind with a two-year warranty on any defects and materials. In short, the grill is a great pick.

Some users have complained about initial issues and left negative feedback. According to us, availing of warranty could get them better results.

Why Love this Grill?

  • It’s portable. 
  • The construction quality is good. 
  • It comes with a wifi-connectivity feature. 
  • You can use the app to control the temperature. 

What are the cons? 

  • The height is short, even after using the foldable legs. 

6. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill

Camp chef smoke Pro DLX is a beautiful pellet grill with a sleek design. But the things that attract us most are the features that make this grill super easy to use and clean. So let’s have an insight. 

Quick Features 

  • Easy-to-Clean 
  • Temperature Control
  • Pellet Hopper’s Spatial Size 
  • Additional Features 


The Campchef’s portable grill falls among the few best portable pellet grills with the ash-cleanout system. Though the ash cleanout system doesn’t clear all ash. You need to vacuum one time for the remaining ashes, but still, it’s useful. 

Aside from that, this grill also offers more ease, but WHY? 

Apart from ash cleaning, removing the pellet from the hopper is also easy. You only have to pull the knob that is available on the side of the pellet hopper, and that’s it.

Temperature Control

The grill comes with a helpful feature: a PID controller. It is on the front side of the hopper. You can control the temperature anywhere between 160º F – 500ºF. 

Another thing that we like is the digital display of temperature on the controller. It’s helpful to let you see the temperature in the dark as you don’t have to check the thermometer’s needle.  

Hopper Size 

The size of this grill hopper is perfect for the person who hates refilling pellets. It is roomy enough that you can enjoy hours while doing other tasks with no worry of feeding it. It can hold 18 pounds of pellets at a time. 

Additional Features 

The grill’s dimensions are 45 inches X 51X21 inches. Yet, it’s a bit heavier at 127 pounds of weight, making the lifting process difficult. But you can save yourself by using the wheels. 

Furthermore, the cooking performance is excellent. You can cook delicious food on the trip. It has a 570 sq ft grilling area and two racks. Obviously, the main rack is big, and the second is small, but you can cook easily on both of them.  

You’ll also get a small side shelf for utensils, two meat probes, and a delivery package. 

Why Love this Grill?

  • The capacity of the hopper is good. 
  • It is easy to clean. 
  • The monitoring of temperature is easy. 

What are the cons?

  • You’ve to use the vacuum even if it has ash out cleaning system. 
  • The weight is a bit high. 

7. GMG 2020 Green Mountain Grill Davy Crockett Grill-Trek Prime

Here’s the last grill of this article. Don’t worry; this grill and the one discussed above are not the same. Yes, they’re from the same brand, but it is an updated version with the name “Green Mountain Trek Prime.” So let’s see what they changed in this model. 

Quick Features 

  • Update in the Design
  • Overall Quality and Design 
  • Additional Features 

Update in the Design  

One significant change in this portable pellet smoker is the legs. The davy crocket comes with foldable legs, while this has four well-built legs. 

These legs are not foldable, but they are super solid. And there are two handles on each side of the grill, which makes it handy. You don’t have to think about the problems we face while using foldable legs. 

Overall Quality and Design 

The overall construction quality of this grill is quite good. On the front side, there’s a sturdy lid handle. Inside, the cooking area is 219 sq inches. The grease tray is made from gauge steel, and the grates and the legs are more solid. 

Like the Davy Crockett, it also has a wifi connectivity feature. You can use the GMG app to control the temperature, set a food timer, etc. 

But if you want to do everything manually, you have the option of a digital controller. It is available on the front side of the hopper and allows you to control the temperature range between 150°-550°F. 

Additional Features 

The hopper has a 9 lbs pellet capacity. If you see the inside of the grill, you’ll notice a fire baffle beneath the grease tray. You can adjust the fire baffle at one side of the grates. 

With this adjustment, the heat can be directed to the side of the grates where you’re cooking. This is a good addition because the food will be delicious if you cook it at a suitable temperature.

Handles that are available on each side also help in lifting the grill. But it’s a two-person task because there’s no option of folding legs and wheel. 

Why Love this Grill?

  • Overall the construction quality is good. 
  • Wifi-feature and apps work well. 
  • It can easily fit in the vehicle. 
  • Digital control panel to control temperature. 

What are the cons?

  • The legs are not foldable. 
  • Less portable

Things to Consider While Buying Pellet Grill 

Purchasing anything without understanding basic information about the product is a rookie move. It can lead you towards the point where you’ll regret buying a grill, which we don’t want. We’ve gathered the essential facts to help you make the best decision. 

Every buyer must know the essential points before purchasing a portable pellet grill. 

  • Think About What You Need?
  • Choose the Type of Pellet Grill 
  • Check the Dimension of Pellet Grill  
  • Check the Featured Technology 
  • The Capacity of Hopper 
  • Cooking Capacity and Size 
  • Build Quality 
  • Warranty 

Think About What You Need?

Everyone has different kitchens, preferences, and dislikes, and that’s the first important point you should understand. You’re the only person who knows what you want in a grill. So ask yourself these questions and mull them over carefully before making any decision. 

  • What features do you want in the grill?
  • How much can you spend?
  • What size of the grill will suit you? 

Choose the Suitable Type of Pellet Grill 

The second important thing is to ask yourself what type of grill you’re interested in buying.

Portable pellet grills come in two types. The first is a tabletop pellet grill, and the second is free-standing with collapsible legs. 

Both grills are excellent in terms of work efficiency but not in mobility. So don’t overshoot the mark by making a snap decision. 

If you’re in a quandary about which one is best, look at the brief overview below and make up your mind.

Tabletop Pellet Grills Vs. Collapsible Pellet Grills 

Tabletop pellets are grills you can place anywhere easily because of their lightweight. At the same time, collapsible grills offer more convenience in mobility. 

For instance, the foldable legs give you the advantage of opening the foldable legs and using the grill anywhere. Like you don’t even need to find a small table or a stable place to put the grill. After the trip, you can fold the grill again and place it in the vehicle. 

Both grills don’t need high maintenance as they are made with fewer parts. The primary difference you’ll notice is tabletops are lightweight as compared to collapsible grills. 

Check the Dimension and Weight of the Pellet Grill 

Checking the dimension and weight of the grill while purchasing is another essential point. Forgetting this step means you’re pouring money down the drain. If the grill doesn’t fit in the RV or Van, you will lose money, and the grill will be useless for you. 

Similarly, what will happen if you face a problem moving the grill because of its heavy weight? For sure, you’ll regret the decision to choose the grill. 

So weigh your options carefully. And make sure to think about the grill dimension by keeping in mind you’re looking for a portable grill. 

The primary thing that creates the noteworthy difference between the old grills and new ones is the all-new models of grills are equipped with temperature controllers. This feature is blessed to regulate the grill temperature required to attain the preferred taste in the food. 

Check the Featured Technology 

These controllers come in different types with touch screens, android apps, and wifi connectivity perks. It’s up to you what you’ll choose as all of these features will make your work easy peasy by letting you manage the grill through mobile phones. 

Just remember one point, you’ve to select a grill that can provide consistent heat in all seasons. You can’t say where you will use the grill outside the house. And what the weather will be like there, so make sure it works even in the cold winter winds. 

The Pellet Hopper Capacity

How can we forget about the capacity of the hopper? 

Don’t underestimate the importance of hoppers; one of the biggest mistakes people make is that they usually forget to buy a small pellet grill. And pellet is the grill food; you’ve to fill the hopper with the pellet after a specific time. A small hopper means you need to restock it frequently. 

On the other hand, a big hopper can hold many pellets that will work for a long duration. 

Cooking Chamber Capacity 

Next, you think about the grill’s cooking chamber’s capacity.

Forgetting the cooking size and capacity you want means you’re in a big problem. What will happen if the grill has limited cooking space? For sure, this situation will create a problem. 

You should understand that not all portable grills are made for you. You can’t just pick anything without weighing its pros and cons. Besides its storage and cooking space, it’s better to think about how you’ll cook on the grill in-home or during traveling.

Construction Quality 

Travel-friendly grills can be lightweight, but they can be equally troublesome if parts break during the trip. 

So you should check the build quality? For this purpose, pay close attention to the customer’s feedback besides the grill’s material. If you’re shopping at a local market, don’t go for a grill whose parts look defective and could break at any moment. 

Now let’s come to the material. The famous materials known for good quality are stainless steel, cast iron, and porcelain.

Stainless steel, especially 304 stainless steel, is the perfect anti-rust option and is easy to clean. After all, spending a lot of time cleaning the grill will be the last thing anyone wants on the trip. 

Cast iron and porcelain are also good, but they need proper maintenance. 


Have you ever heard the quote “the more, the merrier”? It’s definitely about the product warranty. 

The lifespan of the warranty tells us how much trust we can put in the brand. In short, if you’re purchasing a grill, don’t forget to think about the warranty. 

FAQs about Best Portable Pellet Smokers and Grills

Why do you need a pellet grill? 

Pellet grills are the perfect option for the person who likes the taste of smoke in the food. You can cook anything from BBQ to beef, pork, seafood, etc. Furthermore, temperature control is the best part of pellet grills; they can be used as smokers and BBQs. 

Are pellet grills just for smoking?

Smoking is one of the best features of pellet grills. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use the grill for anything else. You can bake pizza, roast chicken, make seafood like fish, etc. 

Are pellet grills worth the money?

Yes, like having the best charcoal grill, pellet grills are worth the money. You’ll get many options like baking, burgers and seafood, and barbeque anywhere. The only thing that is required is a pellet grill. 

Final Words

We hope the information we’ve shared about the best tabletop pellets has helped you understand the best portable pellets.

If you have any other questions, please contact us anytime! We would love to speak with you. And also, please share with us which portable pellet grill you think is best for you. 

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