3 Brands of Wood Pellets at Costco! Which is the Best?

Specifically sold at Costo, the Traeger Gourmet Wood pellets are a big hit. 

They’ve got that moisture-to-smoke ratio down pat at 5% – that’s the magic number, no weird fillers or binders, just pure, rich flavor. Making 100% food-grade hardwood pellets is like second nature to Traeger. 

Should you believe this all?

Not yet!


There are other competitors of Traeger wood pellets at Costco too. Bear Mountain Wood Pellets with equal quality but less price, and the cheapest Kirkland Signature Wood Pellets are cheaper than Traeger’s.

Deciding between these 3 can be a hard nut to crack.

Don’t worry; it’ll be easier now. We’ve reviewed all the best wood pellets sold at Costco.

Let’s get into the detailed review.

Costco’s Traeger Vs Bear Mountain Vs Kirkland Signature Wood Pellets: Quick Comparison

Sure! Here’s a quick comparison table between Traeger Wood Pellets and Bear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Wood Pellets.

AspectTraeger Wood PelletsBear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Wood PelletsKirkland Signature BBQ Wood Pellets
Wood Type100% All-natural Hardwoods100% All-natural Hardwoods100% All-natural Hardwoods
Flavor ProfileA sweet mild to bold flavorMild smoky with hints of bourbon–Kinda sweet vanilla flavorMild to bold, sweet flavor
Pellet SizeStandardStandardLarge
Pellet Moisture ContentLowLowLow
Ash ProductionLowLowHigh
Saw dustNoNoYes
Heat OutputConsistentConsistentConsistent
Burn TimeAverageAverageAverage
Ideal for GrillingYesYesYes
Ideal for SmokingYesYesYes
Ideal for BarbecueYesYesYes
Food GradeYesYesYes
Availability at CostcoAvailableAvailableAvailable
Price Range (per bag)$26.99 per 30 lb bag$24.99 per 40 lb bag$24.99 per 40 lb bag
Packaging Size Options30 lb40 lb40 lb
Made inUSAUSAMost likely USA

Traeger Vs Bear Mountain Vs Kirkland Signature Wood Pellets: Detailed Review

1. Costco’s Hottest Selling Traeger Wood Pellets Review

costco wood pellets

First and foremost are the most trustworthy wood Pellets by Traeger. But these Gourmet Blend wood pellets are only available at Costco. 

Should you get them?

Not yet! 

We’ll advise you to read this review first.


The Gourmet Wood Pellets by Traeger aren’t just made from any old wood. They’re made with love and passion, using a combination of hardwoods. 

Traeger takes pride in delivering an authentic American BBQ experience. They source their materials from reliable sources to maintain the highest standards. No additives or fillers mask the natural flavor– it ensures consistent quality across the board. This is why families across the USA rely on Traeger for their consistent temperature range, compatibility with Traeger smokers, and unique flavors. 

In wood pellet grills, excessive moisture is a no-no. 

But guess what? 

Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets have super low moisture levels. Similarly, they have no additives or fillers.

In short, Trager wood pellets are all about quality.

Burn efficiency and heat output

With Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets, you’ll experience minimal ash generation. This means your grill maintains a precise temperature range because of no build-ups. Hence, it allows you to cook and flavor your food with that lovely thin, blue smoke. So,  No more uneven cooking due to temperature fluctuations. 


Get ready for a taste explosion! The 33-pound bag of Traeger Gourmet Blend Pellets combines hickory, maple, cherry, and oak flavors. 

The result? A sweet, smoky flavor with a sweet undertone complements your meat and other tasty treats perfectly. Plus, the low moisture content gives your food perfect thin, blue smoke for delicious flavor –clean smoke doesn’t overpower your food. 

Another thing we’ll love to discuss is that Traeger cares about the environment too! Their product packaging is made from recyclable materials. So, you can enjoy your wood pellets guilt-free, knowing that you’re doing your part in preserving the planet.


  • No fillers, binders, or bark—just pure hardwood goodness.
  • Enjoy consistent flavor with 5 percent moisture content.
  • A wide variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Cost-effective options with different bag sizes.


  • The smoke produced may not be as clear as expected from a premium brand.
  • Different manufacturers supply the Traeger pellets.
  • Wood maple, hickory, and cherry flavor are only 60%, and the rest 40% are base woods–mild flavor.
  • Relatively expensive than other competitors at Costco
  • Consumer’s Traeger pellets preference is owing to brand loyalty.

2. Bear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Wood Pellets

best wood pellets costco

Here comes another best wood pellets brand at Costco. It’s Bear Mountain. 

Bear Mountain is selling two flavors of wood pellets at Costco, one is Bourbon BBQ wood pellets, and the other is Bear Mountain BBQ Gourmet Wood Pellets. With a difference in flavor, both maintain an equal standard for quality. 

Below is a detailed review of Bear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Wood Pellets. Though, you can consider buying the BBQ Gourmet edition as well.


Bear Mountain Wood Pellets have excellent quality. The manufacturers claim that their wood pellets have less than 5% moisture. 

Do they?

Yes, these pellets are properly compressed and have low moisture content, which is crucial for maintaining an even temperature and smoke. So you can trust Bear Mountain Wood Pellets; they won’t cause issues in the auger.

Bear Mountain is all about that pure, natural hardwood goodness. They don’t use any fillers or binders in their pellets. 

Some other brands try to bulk up their pellets with cheaper wood, like oak. It can be frustrating when you want that hickory smoke and end up with a mix that’s only 50% hickory, and with maple, you’ve only 50-60% actual maple. 

But it’s not the case with Bear Mountain’s wood pellets. You’ll find no additives or nasty stuff in Bear Mountain’s pellets. They’re all about quality, which shows in the burn quality and flavor. 

The burn rate and heat output

The Bear Mountain wood pellets burn like a charm! They produce sweet thin blue smoke that just adds to the whole experience. 

While Bear Mountain Wood Pellets are more affordable than other top brands, they do burn a bit faster, especially at higher temperatures. It’s not a huge deal, but if you’re smoking large meat cuts, you might need to fill the hopper over and over— I think that’s pretty anticipated with other pellets too.

And here’s the best part, during the entire cooking process, you’ll have no excessive ash flying around, so your food stays clean with top-notch flavor.


Barbecue is hands down the tastiest food out there, and let me tell you, the wood pellets you use make a huge difference. Bear Mountain’s Bourbon flavor is the real deal, with a pure, strong, sweet taste that stands out. 

When it comes to those fancy “blends” other pellet producers offer, they give you a more versatile smoky flavor, but they tend to be less distinctive in terms of their wood taste. If you’re all about that strong wood flavor, hickory or mesquite is the way to go.


  • They burn fast.
  • No sawdust at all
  • No additives, fillers, or flavorings
  • A budget choice
  • Excellent flavor profile–thanks to more flavor wood ratio than filler e.g oak, etc
  • Made in the USA


  • Sometimes they can produce more ash if the bark has been used in wood pellets.
  • Not packaged properly if ordered online, so it’s better to pick at the Costco store.
  • Being dense, it takes a bit longer to generate the required heat.

3. Kirkland Signature BBQ Wood Pellets

The last and cheapest option of wood pellets at Costco are Kirkland Signature BBQ Wood Pellets. These pellets are a blend of oak, hickory, maple, and cherry. 100% food grade, these wood pellets have also earned good users’ trust. 


You can find out in this review.


Similar to Pitboss wood pellets’ packaging at first glance, the Kirkland Signature Wood Pellets seem to be sourced by Pitboss. It’s a good sign; the pellet looks reliable.

The actual test?

Yes, the wood pellets by Kirkland Signature are made of 100% hardwood. They’re longer than others yet soft and easily breakable. 

Does that mean they’re full of moisture? Nah, don’t worry about it. They’re not super dense or squished together or anything. Yet, their inconsistent size can stress your auger, especially the Traeger grills.

Indeed, they take more space in the auger to make it look filled. Yet, you’ve to fill the auger frequently. Here is a solution–you can break them as they’re not hard to break.

Now, we all know that stuff like additives and extra flavors can mess up the quality of wood pellets. But just because these Kirkland ones are cheaper doesn’t mean they skimp out on quality. 

Believe me; they’re definitely some of the top choice pellets you can get for your smoke sesh or BBQ.

The burn rate and heat output

The Kirkland Signature wood pellets burn super cleanly. They last longer, which is great if you want to cook overnight. However, it’s worth mentioning that they produce the same amount of ash as other pellets, so Kirkland’s claim of being “low ash” doesn’t hold up. Likewise, they also have some sawdust.


These Kirkland Signature Wood Pellets give off a nice, mellow smoke flavor that’s just perfect for things like cheese, chicken, and burgers. But, let’s say you’re tackling a big ol’ brisket or a full rack of ribs; you’ll need something with a bit more punch. That’s when you wanna reach for those special flavored wood pellets.

But, all in all, these Kirkland pellets are a solid choice for your everyday smoke needs.


  • Cheapest
  • Made in USA
  • Perfect for everyday grilling and smoking 
  • They’re made in the USA.
  • They have no fillers, additives, or flavorings.
  • Food grade


  • Sometimes they can produce more ash if the bark has been used in wood pellets.
  • Not packaged properly if ordered online, so it’s better to pick at the Costco store.
  • Being dense, it takes a bit longer to generate the required heat.
  • They’re not low-ash wood pellets as Kirkland Signature claims.
  • Some sawdust was found.
  • They might not pair well with Traeger grills–still, you can give them a try.
  • The bag is not resealable.

How Should You Choose Wood Pellets for Smoking

Smoking food with wood pellets is a popular technique that adds incredible flavor to your dishes. However, with the wide variety of wood pellets available on the market, selecting the right ones for smoking can be overwhelming. 

The type of wood pellets you choose can significantly impact the taste and aroma of your smoked meats, seafood, and vegetables. In this section, we’ll guide you through choosing the perfect wood pellets for smoking, helping you enhance your culinary creations.

Identify your flavor preferences

Different types of wood pellets offer distinct flavors, so it’s essential to identify your flavor preferences. 

Do you prefer a mild, sweet flavor or a stronger, smokier profile? 

Consider the type of food you’ll be smoking and consider complementary flavor profiles. Popular wood pellet flavors include hickory, mesquite, apple, cherry, maple, and oak.

Consider food pairing possibilities

Think about the foods you’ll be smoking and how their flavors can be enhanced with different wood pellets. For example, hickory is known for its strong, bacon-like flavor and pairs well with beef and pork. 

Apple and cherry pellets provide a slightly sweet and fruity aroma, making them suitable for poultry and pork. Consider the compatibility between the wood pellet flavors and the foods you enjoy smoking.

Quality and sourcing

Ensure you choose high-quality wood pellets for optimal results. Look for pellets made from 100% natural hardwood without additives or fillers. 

Avoid pellets made from softwoods, as they can create excessive ash and a resinous taste. Instead, opt for hardwood pellets sourced from reputable manufacturers who prioritize quality and sustainability.

Pellet size and density

Check the size and density of the wood pellets you are considering. The ideal pellet size should be consistent and fit well into your smoker’s pellet hopper. 

Pellets that are too large may cause feeding issues, while those that are too small might burn too quickly. Additionally, denser pellets tend to provide a more consistent and longer-lasting smoke.

Packaging and storage

Consider the packaging and storage options for the wood pellets. Pellets should be tightly sealed to prevent moisture absorption, as this can affect their burning efficiency and flavor. 

Look for pellets that come in sturdy, weather-resistant bags. If possible, choose pellets that come in smaller quantities that you can use within a reasonable timeframe to maintain freshness.

Research and reviews

Research customer reviews and feedback to gain insights into the performance and quality of different wood pellet brands. 

Pay attention to factors such as flavor intensity, ash production, and overall customer satisfaction. Real experiences from other users can be valuable in making an informed decision.

Experiment and mix flavors

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix different wood pellet flavors to create your unique blend. Mixing flavors can add complexity and depth to your smoked dishes. Start with smaller quantities and gradually increase or adjust the ratio until you find the combination that best suits your taste.

Start with small batches

When trying out a new brand or flavor of wood pellets, start with small batches of meat or vegetables. This allows you to gauge the flavor and adjust as needed without wasting a large quantity of food.

Keep notes and refine

Maintain a smoking log or journal to record your experiences with different wood pellets. Note the flavors, aromas, and overall results of each smoking session. Over time, you can refine your technique and develop a repertoire of favorite wood pellet flavors for various dishes.

Enjoy the journey

Choosing the perfect wood pellets for smoking is a journey of exploration and experimentation. Embrace the Process!

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, when it comes to finding the best wood pellets at a competitive price, Costco is your store. You can get 3-4 best options from reliable brands like Traeger to Kirkland Signature. The best part of all these wood pellets is their quality–they burn efficiently, giving your food fantastic flavor. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just enjoy cooking in your backyard, these pellets are worth considering for your next culinary adventure. You can order any among them or try them all to ensure which suits you the best. 

Good Luck!

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