9 Best Flat Top Gas Grills for 2024 – Detailed Reviews

Are you searching for the best flat top grills? You must need a sturdy, easy to use, excellent grill according to your cooking needs.

Is it possible to get any? Yes! By reading this guide on top flat top grills, you’ll come across the top flat top grills by Blackstone and some other brands too. 

Let’s begin with reading the reviews and additional buying guide in our 15 min read. Here we go.

Best Flat Top Gas Grills – Complete Review

Here is our list of the top flat top grills with the reviews. To help you go smoothly, we’ve arranged these grills according to the number of burners.

1. Blackstone Portable Flat Top Grill 1971 


Nothing can go wrong with the trip if you bring your good luck charm with you.

The Blackstone 17.32 x 21.71 x 8.62 inches griddle is the best portable flat top grill that you can bring along on your way for hunting, tailgating, camping, or any next-level adventure.

It’s convenient to bring along because of easy packing. The reason is, the lightweight of 5 pounds makes assembly and handling easy. 

Once assembled, the stability is also exceptional. This flat-top grill can present you with any dish. And, it has heat-regulating knobs that make the heat adjustment airy.

With easy cooking comes easy cleaning! You can drop all the waste in the rear system for disposal and prepare for the next round.

Tell me, how efficient is that? This flat-top gas grill is on the ball!

On the downside, you can find some negative reviews about this best griddle. Yet, the manufacturers have worked hard to improve this grill. Therefore, it has been earning excellent customer satisfaction now.

Simply put, all Blackstone products meet the USA manufacturing standards to comply with the user’s demands in every way possible. Therefore, the ultimate value of this flat top grill is matchless.

Why love this grill?

  • Portable griddle and Lightweight
  • Rear grease management system for easy cleaning
  • Excellent performance through even heat distribution
  • Easy assembly and firm stability 

What are some cons?

  • No considerable drawbacks

2. On the go Blackstone 1939 Flat Top Grill

If you’re one to carry the griddle at the camping site for your solo or small family trip, the Blackstone’s 1939 17 Inch best flat top grill is here to win your heart.

Blackstone 1939 has compact measurements of 28.95 x 30.4 x 42.9, which is favorable for outdoors people who can take the grill with them anywhere.

The gas grill is made of alloy steel, making it durable and an excellent heat regulator spreading every ounce of heat. Still, it creates cold and hot sites, which means you can put your dishes in the corners to warm up while the main dish cooks with intense heat in the middle.

In addition, as a propane griddle with lids, it offers roasting, baking, and even smoking opportunities to enhance your meal’s taste and flavor.

It has long telescoping legs that are adjustable to offer stability for your grilling. The lovely part is, that these legs can also be folded to fit in your vehicle easily. However, there is a limit to how much the legs can carry as they may warp quicker if you put too much burden. Therefore, they’re wobbly.

This flat-top grill knows best how to cook the dishes without burning them. Therefore, every meal comes from the heat controlled through dear controlling knobs.

If you’re far off the kitchen shelf, don’t worry; the grill’s side shelf is right near you. You’ve ample space to put sauces and cutlery on it. Discard all unnecessary waste with the quick and easy rear grease management system to clean up a breeze.

We hope you can have your true satisfaction found in this flat top grill topper within a few days.

Why love this grill?

  • Breezy cleaning through the rear grease management system
  • Even heat supply
  • Piezo ignition
  • Easy assembly

What are some cons?

  • Legs are flimsy.

3.Blackstone 1666 Table Top Grill

If your target is a lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-assemble flat-top grill, then you’re right on the spot! Unlike other top portable grills, you don’t need much effort to lift this Blackstone 1666 grill station.

This gas griddle measures 14 different options of 17-22 inches, with or without a hood for your family-size grilling and cooking, even at windy camping sites.

Besdies this, it’s fully stable with the help of rubber feet, and rest assured as the flat top grill won’t topple over the unstable ground as it has sturdy legs stable on any terrain.

You’ll never run out of gas as this griddle can work under a 1-20lb propane tank.

The propane bottle is connected via a hose to the flat top grill. So, you don’t need to purchase the adaptor hose.

But, you might want to buy small canisters for the start-up of this portable gas grill.

Although it is tiny, it stands first in the line for being extremely powerful. Two powerful burners are instilled, which generate 24,000 BTUs of warmth.

Further heat distribution is managed by built-in ignitors, which permit the heat flow required by the type of food cooked through its durable stainless steel burners.

This flat top griddle is worth the money as the griddle surface is made of rust-resistant and durable carbon steel and the addition of a rare feature makes it twice as worthy.

That reward-gaining feature is the hood custom. This innovative multitasker keeps this portable grill clean as well as retaining heat.

This best flat top grill only needs proper seasoning.  Overall, you’ll have the best flat top grill all in one tiny yet influential Blackstone 1666 issued with a warranty, of course.

Why love this grill?

  • Outstanding heat distribution
  • Incredible performance under heavy usage
  • Extensive cleanup system
  • Portable

What are some cons?

  • Expensive propane canister
  • The grill needs seasoning with no delay.

4. Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 Stainless Steel Flat Top Grill 

With the changing trends in cooking, Royal gourmet has come up with its new flat top grill Regal GB2000 in 58.7 x 24.4 x 38.2 compact form, making it an easy carriage anywhere.

The grill measures 22.44” L x 21.46” W, making 482 square inches of cooking area. Hence, you can get your hands on a wide range of dishes cooked in the cooking space of this gas griddle.

This griddle top is coated with thick ceramic. Therefore,  you don’t need to waste oil or butter to reduce stickiness when cooking food.

For an eassy usage, a single push of an integrated ignition system can spark two controllable stainless steel burners. Resultantly, quick and instant heat under the cooking surfaces spreads uniformly over every corner of the cooking space. 

The Royal Gourmet’s flat top grill features include a fixed side table for dish preparation and four hooks where your appliances could hang at a shorter distance from the arm.

The grease doesn’t remain hanging on this best flat top grill. You can wipe it out effortlessly using a large grease cup. Thus, cleaning without a glitch. You can also move your new flat top grill around with the help of two lockable castor wheels.

On the downside, I would love to see the underneath shelf, which could be efficiently designed with this open cart-style grill. Still, the added hooks and side shelf assist well in taking care of your essentials.

It can be disappointing to find broken and bent parts of this flat top gas grill, but you have the accessibility to switch pieces by contacting customer services. Overall, you can experience optimal enjoyment with this gas grill griddle station. 

Why love this grill?

  • Perfect heat outcome and distribution
  • Extra durability because of stainless steel burners
  • Easy assembly
  • Integrated ignition button

What are some cons?

  • The shipment can cause dents and bent parts

5. Blackstone 1517, 28 Inch Flat Top Grill  

It’s time for you to stop struggling with flat charcoal grills and all the hurdles ruining outdoor cooking and disturbing fun time and memory.

So do yourself a favor and replace your old charcoal grill or BBQ with one of the best flat top grills manufactured by Blackstone. Among Balkcstoen 28 and 36, we’ve reviewed the Blackstone 28 only. For a detailed comparison, click here.

A single push on the ignite button can start the grill. Then comes performance. This gas grill offers two separate cooking zones. So if you’re cooking fish on one side, you can choose to cook vegetables on the other side.

The heat generated by the integrated steel cooktop makes it the most efficient heat-regulating grill, capable of cooking two different categories of food on the gas grill and warming up cooked food in the corners.

Are you scared that too much variety of food will corrode your griddle? Not a chance!

The griddle is made of stainless steel, which is rust-resistant and can last longer than any other material. 

Cleaning? For the oily grease residue, simply let it flow into the garbage bag holder provided with the grill.

If you need to cook giant lumps of meat, then you may need to cut them first. This grill offers its users a built-in cutting board for such tasks.

A shelf is on the left side of the grill. To your surprise, another lower and more enormous rack is present beneath the grill where you can put all the essential cooking appliances.

Secure your table from toppling over by locking the two caster wheels. 

Unpleasantly, the service quality has complaints because of shipping management. However, you get benefits from a warranty and product return policy.

Why love this grill?

  •     Cook a variety of meats
  •     Easy to clean
  •     Easy to put
  •     Product return policy

What are some cons?

  •     Shipping damage is expected.
  •     Replacement can take a few days.

6. Royal Gourmet PD1301S  


Cooking outdoors for your family can be pretty strenuous, especially when loading and unloading all the heavy materials; also, carrying it can be challenging.

Indeed, it would be the case with 50 pounds flat top grills, but the Royal Gourmet PD1301S flat top grill has pulled up this situation.

This lightweight grill has a compact design, perfect for fitting under the car’s trunk, and doesn’t involve tedious assembly.

This flat top griddle will cook various dishes in one 316 square inches of cooking surface. Even though the griddle is nonstick, it appears it’s not the case. But, the addition of oil can help you overcome the issue.

Show off this outstanding grill master to your friends, which has not 1 but 3 burners, each emitting 8,800 BTU cooking power to give off instant heat, and a piezo igniter, perfect for camping and outdoor cooking.

Still, you can control the temperature as per requirement using the knobs. Just make sure not to rotate the knobs powerfully. It might affect their flexibility.

The grill assembly only demands a few minutes. Royal Gourmet PD1301S is also highly efficient for cleaning up any mess. Yes, you got correct!  

The griddle top is detachable; that means you can wash it thoroughly anytime. The griddle top is detachable; that means you can wash it thoroughly anytime.

This item brings along a relief box and grill cover for extensive protection.

The relief valve protects the propane tank from rupturing, while a layer of thick waterproof PVC grill cover protects the griddle top.

Hence, buying this grill is like killing two birds with one stone.

Why love this grill?

  • Incredible performance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Piezo ignitor
  • Ease of cleaning through detachable griddle top and grease collector

What are some cons?

  • Heating knobs are not flexible

7. Cuisinart CGG-999 Round Flat Top Grill 

Among many top grills, here comes the Cuisinart 360° XL Griddle, designed to impress larger audiences no matter where on the Earth you’re. You can move this gas griddle from place to place and lock up the four caster wheels to heat the area.

First, let’s look at its unique features, starting with the 30” griddle top enveloped by a reservoir to run the grease, and oil drizzles directly into the grease tray. It creates the opportunity for you to cook and clean at the same time. 

You can cook a list of dishes to perfection with the help of three separate heating knobs. In addition, the lid is super-durable thanks to stainless steel and alone can intensify cooking speed and taste. In addition, it saves you time to start the next batch of cooking immediately.

You have ample cooking space to prepare your dish by placing it on either of the two fold-away side tables before you enjoy the culinary art.

Of course, you have even more room under the cabinet to store propane bottles and tanks. The added paper towel holder allows you to do clean cooking by making your paper towel handy.

The grease management system for cleaning is on the mark! In addition, the paper towel handler comes in handy to wipe all the waste.

So, advance your culinary techniques using this flat top griddle, and in case of replacement of any impaired part, use the 3-year warranty insurance.

This item from our list of propane flat-top grills has won great appreciation for its conduct for years. 

So, start chit-chatting with your family and entertain them with the best flat-top gas grill featured by Cuisinart.

Why love this grill?

  • Excellent heat retention through added lid
  • Added storage through cabinet and hooks
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy assembly

What are some cons?

  • Shipment can be uncareful.
  • Learning curve about the hot and cold zones

8. Camp Chef 36 , 4 Burner, Large Flat Top Grill 

Are you looking for a flat-top grill that can feed 50-100 people every hour? This Camp Chef FTG 600 grill, among top flat top grills, can feed hundreds of people together by working fast, and not an inch is useless.

It has a cooking space of 600 square inches, which is significantly higher than an average flattop grill. Less effort, less time taken. To your surprise, beneath the griddle, it features ceramic grill grates for grilling or searing your steaks.

The cooking surface is nonstick and already seasoned for you. So, save your money on oil and seasonings and just drop your dish on the gas grill and let it sizzle.

Don’t stress over cleaning up the mess. This Camp Chef flat top grill has handled it all. It can save you the hassle with grease cups, trays, catch buckets, and an adjustable griddle leveler.

You get enough space to put cooking appliances on both the right and left fold-down side shelves and lower rack. 

How sturdy and stable is this grill? Four sturdy legs are enough to hold its heavy load. And two lockable wheels are used to wheel the gas grill around and locked to keep it in place.

So, then hurry up, light up the ignition knob, and work on these propane gas grills. For your convenience, an after-sales warranty is also available.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can choose between Blackstone 36 vs Campchef 36.

Why love this grill?

  • Effortless assembly is done in 45 minutes
  • Breezy cleanup
  • Grill grate for a BBQ taste
  • Fantastic heat regulation

What are some cons?

  • Portability is not optimum because of heavy weight.

9. Royal Gourmet GD401C 

Among many top grills, the Royal Gourmet GD401C-4 interchangeable flat top griddle has come up with a fantastic concept of featuring two separate cooking surfaces of flat griddle and gas grill, each of 292 sq. inches.

The grilling rod possesses two burners attached to a tamer flame. It’s a black porcelain coat over burners that helps regulate versatile heat.

The griddle isn’t fashioned with a tamer flame; still, it is a significant piece of this flat top grill station.

Perfect size of 66.1 x 21.7 x 36.6 inches of cooking surfaces, thus making it showy, but assembly is easy and done within only 15 minutes as you have the consent to fold it down with legs closed to fit it in your trunk.

Easy to cook and easy to drive. It has not two but four castor wheels, ideal for outdoors people. Lock all the castors where you want to put up the show.

Since the food cooked can be in a tremendous amount, Royal Gourmet GD401C 4 offers ample space on both sides of the grill grates and griddle.

Cooking appliances rest on the hooks to cook delicious meals swiftly.

Cleaning is quicker than assembly as it takes a few minutes. Use the oil drip tray channeled into the grease cups for removal.

Too many supreme features can lead to adverse effects as well. Don’t overburden the grill station, or it might warp quickly.

Why love this grill?

  • Extra value for money because of the grill and griddle combo
  • Good heat retention with tamer flames
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ample space on shelves for preparation 
  • Effortless mobility 

What are some cons?

  •    The grill can be damaged because of a faulty shipment.

How to Choose the Best Flat top Grill – Buying Guide

On the scaling of 1-10, can you guess how confident you are in picking the best flat top grill? I’m sure those who choose ten would not be so confused, but the bottom ones sure need guidelines on the product.

To make it clear and accessible for all, we’ve sent down a series of guidelines to help your thinking and image crystal clear.

First, start with the most crucial thing needed in a grill, then march towards other essential factors.

  • Material, Size, and Portability

Material size is essential to know how you’re going to place your grill and where in your garden or patio; whether you’re going for vacations or outdoor activities, can it fit in your ride?

Besides compact size, you should also know the cooking space. On average, an excellent flat-top grill should have a 420-500 square inch cooking area. Thus, allowing you to cook a variety of dishes from steak to stir fry.

  • Burners and Heat Retention

The type of burner and number of burners vary in different flat-top grills. Some can even have 2-4 burners. In the case of burners, make sure they are nonstick as it would disallow you extra butter and oil usage. Nonstick grills cook well and provide tenderness to the food.

The number of burners doesn’t matter. What matters is the ability of each burner to regulate heat. It takes effort to control the grill’s temperature and ensure you’ve no cold or hot ends. Therefore, there is no chance of burning dishes or plating cold dishes.

For camping or outdoor cooking, piezo ignitors perform the best heat regulation.

  • Grease Management System

No one wants to clean up the mess created after such a big night. Besides, it’s also tough to remove rust from the griddle plate.

Most new and improved flat-top grills now have a grease management system on their rear, which does all the work in seconds that one human takes minutes to do. All you need is to dispose of oil drizzles and waste using grease cups and trays.

Or make use of paper towels if present. Even better is detaching your griddle top and cleansing it yourself thoroughly.

The stainless steel body of the gas grill is best for rust resistance, likewise is an enamel coating on top.


  • Who makes the best flat top?

Blackstone designs and endeavors innovative and improved methods to create products when it’s about the best flat-top grills.

Yet, other brands like Royal Gourmet or CampChef also make top-of-the-line products.

  • Are flat-top grills good?

Of course! They can cook various dishes that can create moments for you to enjoy with your family and friends.

With easy cooking comes easy cleaning! The materialistic features of the best flat-top grills are made in a way to retain cleanliness.

  • What is the best Camp Chef flat top gill?

Camp Chef Flat Top FTG600 Grill would be the most suitable option. The brand name implements powerful features required in camping.

  • How to increase longevity or cooking griddles?

Cooking grids are made either from porcelain, cast iron, or stainless steel. Each material claims a unique approach to enhancing griddling abilities. However, to increase durability, one must pick stainless steel.

  • How do you season a flat-top grill?

The one with more durability and stability is more rated.

If you have a cast-iron flat-top grill, you should wipe down the grill and turn it on high to remove any added debris. 

Add liberal drops of liquid and carefully wipe up (spread paper towels between tongs). Repeat it until the grill is covered, and the oil will start smoking inside. 

For a stainless steel flat-top grill, clean the area using a scraper for grilling to avoid all possible cleaning products that can cause scratches. From there, you’ll season just as with a cast iron. You can learn more about how to season a flat-top grill here.

  • How do you clean a flattop grill?

Cleaning a flat-top grill involves many methods, like using vinegar, soda, soap, or chemicals. It depends on whether you need to clean your grill for the first time or against rust. You can further learn how to clean a flat top grill.

Final Verdict 

In the end, all products are position holders for the top ten list for best flat top grills.

Picking the best flat-top grill can be challenging, but the situation depends upon your mentality and wise decision; you can also check our article on the best Griddle Grill Combo.

We believe our guidelines can help you choose the best of all.

And once you do, tell us about your experience with your role model grill in the review block. Your feedback can help hundreds of confused minds to change their direction on the right path.

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